100 Facts About Me #25

Something even my offline friends and family do not know about me is that I would love to be able to sort of “live” in England one day.

Based on what I see on Twitter and read on various travel and/or personal blogs pertaining to England, the people there seem to love life way more than they do here in the United States. Here, it feels like everything is always about the money, and nothing can’t revolve about something not requiring money for a change – even if this means a conversation about money is not brought up, but the event still costs money.

There’s so much culture in Europe I’d love to experience… I love learning about different cultures.

I would also like browse around in different parts of England and explore other things – like the restaurants, like the food.

If you are wondering why I chose England “of all of the places in the world”, it’s because…

  1. It’s on a different continent.
  2. They speak English.
  3. I took Spanish II freshman year, and I haven’t taken a Spanish class since. I should have, though, because I was really great at it. If I want to learn Spanish again, I’ll have to take a class and literally learn it all over again. -.- I don’t know any other language except for some Spanish.
  4. It’s in Europe.

I’m not saying I want to become a citizen or anything like that – I think I would miss home too much! No. Even something like The Holiday would be cool – just not during the holidays!

However, if I were to meet a guy that I liked, and we fell into like with each other – or even in love – I don’t think I could move to England like Caity moved to New Zealand with her husband. I would miss home/my family too much. :/

This post is continued from two Fridays ago.

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[…] 100 Facts About Me #25 – My love for the country/continent I’ve never met but would love to meet someday… This entry doesn’t do justice for my love and desire… But it sums it up to the best that it can, you know? […]

I totally want to go and “live” in England too. Except that i think I would be able to permanently live there if I ever decided to build my life up there. Maybe thats because I’ve already immigrated once in my life? It’s funny hearing an American saying that they want to move to England though. Well, maybe not funny but a little ironic. Because here in NZ a lot of people are more pro-UK and anti-US in terms of culture and stuff, so i think its interesting you sort of feel that way too. Another ironic thing is, a friend i used to have moved here from England, but she had lived in America for a couple of years in her childhood – she said she far preferred both NZ and US over England.

Okay, that paragraph made very little sense, I’m sorry. I should go to bed now :/


Haha, actually it made more sense you’re letting yourself let on! 😉

I know I’m American and everything, but I don’t feel like I mesh well with the politician’s ideas – which pretty much creates the ideas of the other Americans here, and if I were to speak up and speak out, it’s just … I’d pretty much be shunned for life, you know? It’s as if I’m living in an Amish community, striving to experience the outside world more after Rumspringa.

I live in England, and really don’t think it’s all that great, haha. A lot of things still revolve around money here, and everyone complains about how much things cost. I guess everyone just wants more money wherever they are, hardly anyone’s fully happy with what they have. I guess we do have some money-saving factors like free health care, some students get thirty pounds a week for school supplies (though most of my friends just spend it on going out and drinking, I’m one of the few people who didn’t qualify for the money, typical lol) and people who don’t have a job, or physically can’t work get benefits.

I’ve actually always wanted to visit the US, as well as Italy and Hong Kong. TV makes the US seem a lot bigger and more extravagant and interesting then the things here in England. And I think the US looks beautiful.

I don’t think I’d ever be able to move so far away for love either. Even though I complain about the area where I live I don’t think I’d ever want to leave it. Plus I’d really miss my family and friends.

I think people’s opinions vary on the places and whatnot because they live there, or something like that. 😛 Haha.

That makes two of us! I would love love love love to live in Europe for a while but never for good I guess. I would most definitely miss my family and friends if I did. 🙂

I’d love to visit England too, the place is just amazing <3

Ontario isn’t in the United States (99% sure that you know that), but it’s close enough that it’s very easy to get to compared to any other country.

I went to Niagara Falls last summer. It’s gorgeous there. If you ever go, cross the US-Canada border and go to the Canadian side. You can see so much more from Canada than from the US.

@Stephanie, This, I know! 😛

I watch Degrassi, a Canadian show that appears on Much Music in Canada, and on Teen Nick in the USA. :3

Canada and Europe are the two places I’d really love to visit! ^^

Sorry – off topic and I hate when people do this too, but I have to say, I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT! I really noticed that wood textured backgrounds are really in trend now and that type or style, LOL. I love it, it’s like new and exciting. And these smilies are cute.

Back on topic, I’d love to live somewhere else like in Europe also, that would cost a lot though so I’d probably have to build up some money then move away for my mid-life crisis and pursue a new career, haha. 😛 I’ve never been on a different continent, other than North America, or over seas before, one day, one day.

Same, but i guess that’s so adjusting that you’d need to do. By the way- the favicon is really cute! 😀

Take caree.

This is why I love my country.

I see people blogging and posting in forums and stuff about how hard high school is in the states and how all the girls are being bitchy and how they’re all so afraid of being single at 14 (not a big deal at all), and everything over here just seems so uncomplicated compared to it.

I can honestly say that’s there’s basically no drama here in the Philippines, at least in my batch in school. Our batch might have gone through that phase in Grade 5 or 6 or something, but we sort of mellowed out already. People are nice here in high school.

I would hate to live in the U.S.A., out of all the countries. I’m fine going there for vacation, but that’s it.

I’ve never went to Europe and I want to go somewhere in Europe, but it seems that my family’s summer schedule the next few years won’t allow it. But I don’t think I’d want to live there.

I actually don’t wanna live anywhere but here. Like you, I’d get homesick. I don’t actually like traveling, you know.

I’m pretty sure that the whole first world is pretty obsessed with money. It could vary by region and location, and that obsession is probably not something that you see unless you live there for a while.

If you get an opportunity to travel, but Europe doesn’t seem to be working out, then you can always try somewhere else in the Untied States. The US is huge enough that different regions can pass off culturally for different English-speaking countries.

@Stephanie, If I get the opportunity to travel somewhere that’s still in the USA, I’ll choose Ontario, Canada – or even Niagara Falls. <3 Haha. 😛

I guess it’s because of what has happened with my grandmother (Mimi) lately, and all of that drama. D:

Oooh i love the new layout!! 😀 What up these smiles? /fish /abu haha /abu from Alladin. 😛
I know how you feel about England, i can totally see myself living there some day also. 😀 U.S has too much issues going on with the crimes, economy crap and so on. It just won’t end. -.-

Even though it rains a lot on England, I could totally handle it. /abu

🙁 Im sorry hon.

I’m sorry to hear it hon. Hope you feel better. btw your comment form saves the info but upon revisiting the name field says like nameAlice the email says emailalice@alicethetic.com and the website says https://https://alicethetic.com/ just sayin’
I like the background, Looks really cool how there is a wooden texture to it while the colour is so dark 🙂

@Alice, Yeah, IDK how to fix that whole “Name” problem so that it goes away whenever it’s clicked; I’ll just take that part away, I suppose. Because it annoys me when that happens, so yeah… I’ll just do that later today.

Are you sick or something?

I would love to visit England/Europe one day. It just seems so beautiful. I’m not sure if I could ever actually move there though, I’d be way too scared. Though, moving to get married..I think that’s pretty brave. I mean in most cases, you’re leaving your ENTIRE life behind and starting all over with just one person. You’re risking it all for that person, so it’s kind of awesome.. as long as nothing goes wrong, some dies, etc… then you’d be left all alone. But I still think it’s awesome 😛

I really want to learn Spanish! Was it easy when you started learning it before? I’m thinking of taking it as a night class one semester at school but I’m not sure…

Man I’d love to go to England one day, but like you, only on holidays. Apparently it’s super cold with drowsy weather everyday, I would never be able to stand that for everyday!
I’ve never noticed how people seem more optimistic in England than USA before!