100 Facts About Me 41-48

I still owe all of you a Raving Roundup. I know, I know…

#41 I cannot stand having to clip my toenails. I wish I could just have them already done. Having to clip my toenails is like having to get my teeth cleaned: I’d rather postpone it. And then there’s the two toes (one on each foot) next to each of my big toes that don’t grow ever. I don’t understand why my other toenails can’t give into peer pressure and follow the route Tweedledee and Tweedledum have. It’s going great for them so far. -.-

#42 I don’t like reading my past entries (especially those from September) because I notice I made a lot of typos! D: /tear I don’t enjoy reading back at my entries and seeing typos. It’s really embarrassing. 🙁

#43 I don’t favor people who try/want to bring me down. It isn’t nice, and it doesn’t make me want to treat them nicely at all. Therefore, chances are I won’t even pay attention to you if you try to bring me down or act like you want to.

#44 Nature and I have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes I’ll blog about it being great, and other times I’ll blog about not liking it at all.

#45 Next year I’d like to do a 200 Facts About Me challenge. It would require more time, but I want to try to challenge myself with some long-term projects for 6birds. Maybe then I won’t feel like I can’t do blog challenges at all without failing them.

#46 Sometimes I wish I was deaf. Deaf culture is amazing, and I have always had a love for it. It seems like people who are deaf have a much different perspective of the world than those who can hear, and I would love to have that perspective. However, I would not want to be blind. I don’t have anything against those who are, but at least if I was deaf I could still blog.

#47 I love my style clothing-wise. I’m different. I even have my own signatures – like mismatching socks, layering and straight hair. I don’t like going out in public without straight hair and layers. I feel naked without those two. Mismatching socks is necessary with shoes other than flip flops provided they’re not white. If they’re white, they have to match. If they’re one of those long, stocking-like socks like for Halloween or Christmas, they have to match[1. Because they’re just too cute!].

#48 It hurts my feelings when people tell me I don’t care about something. What’s worse is when they say it behind my back. It’s rude and disrespectful in my opinion. Unless I say “I don’t care” or “I care”, then I neither care or don’t care. Only I think for me. I am my own person. I’m different. I’m not going to change, and I’m not going to respect anyone who disrespects me no matter the age. When I respect those who disrespect me – especially those that are older than I – I’m taken advantage of and treated badly. I just don’t like it, so I don’t do it anymore. It made me feel like nothing; it made me feel worthless. I’m not an animal[2. Science is stupid; I don’t care what it says. I’d rather be called an organism than a mammal/animal. Oh, and I also don’t believe humans came from monkeys], and I won’t be treated like one.

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Wow, I should make a list like that! It’s just i probably wouldn’t have the time. 😛 Thanks, my site should be open soon! 🙂

I just did a 10 facts about myself entry! Yay! I hate looking back as well. I try not too. I also edit my entries if I do find an error. Sigh.

I also think I am turbo boring so looking back reminds me of how boring I am, lol.

I hate clipping my toenails too – mainly because I have a phobia of feet haha, I’m weird. That’s weird that two of your nails don’t ever grow though. :S

I was reading through some of my past entries the other day and noticed a few typos. /dies I hate it, hate it, hate it. It annoys me even more that people don’t even point them out for me to correct, you know?

I find that about deaf people too. I wouldn’t wish that I was deaf myself, although, I would much rather prefer being deaf than blind. One of my old teachers had a baby a while ago now (like 10 years?) and he was born blind AND deaf. :X

I wouldn’t say I loved my clothing style but I just wear what I feel comfortable in – I never “follow the fashion”. It’s good to have your own style and love it. 😀

It’s horrible to think that people treat you in that way. Ignore them though, you’re your own person and can make your own decisions, what the fuck do they know?! xD People shouldn’t make assumptions though; that’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves, it drives me insane.

I absolutely LOVE this layout by the way, Liz! It’s awesome and it’s definitely the best you’ve made. 😀 The colours are so soft on my eyes.. reminds me of chocolate. :B

Haha. It’s funny, because I was kind of thinking of a coffee shop and a frappuccino whilst making it. Color-wise, that is. ^^ Thank you. 😀

But but but! Music! Deafness bad!

I think that science and evolution and Pluto is something that you and I will always disagree with, and that’s okay. I just feel compelled to say that scientists use the world “animal” because it’s a convenient classification term that has been around for a while. Outside of our work, most of us, including me, will separate humans from all other animals. I would never treat any human being like an animal unless they behaved like one.

But I get your feeling about people who tell you whether you care about something or not. It’s too bad that we can’t just ignore those people most of the time. But if someone disrespects you, then you’ve got no reason to respect them. Respect has to be mutual in order to work.

I hate having to clip my toe-nails, too, especially around the big toe. I actually have to sort of dig in the clipper so I can reach the end of the nail. Sometimes I accidentally clip off some of the cuticles.

When a person is lacking something “normal,” like the blind, deaf, or even when they have a mental abnormality, they can see and hear things that we don’t. When you’re missing something that people usually have, you make the most out of your other characteristics and you might not even know it.