100 Facts About Me 57-68

#57 I’m trying to get in shape. If I lose any weight in the process, then that is a plus.

#58 I actually have a lot of insecurities that recently made me extremely depressed. Maybe I do want to lose weight. I just don’t want to lose it in an unhealthy way. #59 A while back I wouldn’t eat a. because I wasn’t hungry and b. because I wasn’t happy with how I looked. I was really scared for myself mostly because I felt really depressed and weak. I didn’t know who to turn to that wouldn’t judge me, and Mimi helped me climb out of that horrible pit.

#60 Working at Walmart is great and all, but the angry customers[1. The ones that get frustrated with me, get mad at me, are sarcastic/rude, etc.] remind me of someone, tend to make me feel like a complete idiot and just flat out bring back memories (which makes me have flashbacks). It isn’t fun when this happens, and it honestly just makes me want to walk out right then and there. For example, if I am in the speedy checkout and I ask if something is Person B’s whilst Person A is doing their credit card thingy, then Person B replies with something similar (if not the exact same thing) to, “Are you blind? I just set this down here. Are you dumb? Are you even old enough to work here?” -.- I am SO sorry that I look young. It isn’t my fault. And that is mostly the guys that come through the lines. The women are usually much nicer. >.>

#61 Working at Walmart has taught me that a lot of what happened at my first job (Sonic, 2007) was not right at all and that I could have spoken out. But I was only a sixteen year old who was raised a sheltered life, so it wasn’t entirely my fault, and everyone around me in the immediate household just acted like it was normal for me to do. No one ever told me working 60 hours per week for an hourly wage of $5.15 was wrong. No one ever told me I shouldn’t mix my personal life with my working life. No one ever told me anything about working. In reality, my life is technically more difficult than learning how to work the register and actually understand how to be a cashier. Yet I am still struggling to figure it out, and I still do not understand why people my age care about clubbing when I care about long-term goals and saving my money and whatnot. If you breaking a nail is the story of your life, then the story of my life is leaving the driveway gate open at night and allowing the donkeys to get onto the road, then having to chase them later.

#62 I am looking at Internet plans so I can have my own Internet here. I am thinking about going with AT&T or Verizon, but I don’t know if either is available out here yet. I have read both positive and negative reviews about both, and I’m kind of leaning more toward AT&T. I need to make sure I have enough money to pay the first four months of it, though, before I actually buy it and have it installed to prevent me not having the money soon after[2. Because I like to be financially stable. Spending money isn’t something I do often, whether I have it or not.].

#63 I am going to make sure I finish these facts as soon as I can β€” whether I have to rush them or not β€” before January 1, 2012 at midnight, and you can hold me to that.

#64 I have barely spent any time on the computer lately. My weeks have mostly been consisting of working, eating, showering, sleeping and talking. My life has literally changed drastically, but I know it has changed for the best. I finally get to be the person who is inside of me and eagerly trying to break out. I really like it.

#65 I’m working on a vlogging series called “Liza vs. Liz”. I’ll be sure to post here when it starts. I think I am going to try to have new videos posted for it biweekly or something. I don’t really care if people watch them or not, but if it’s liked, then I’ll make more. I’m pretty sure I’ll just keep using my YouTube, too β€” sabbystabby.

#66 Because I don’t use the Internet much anymore, 6birds is going to be having some longer posts sometimes. xD Enjoy them. πŸ˜›

#67 I am going to be purchasing a few new domain names soon. Maybe this February or March. 6birds.net will be renewed soon. This time I am going to renew it for two years. As for the other domain names, we will see how that goes. I think I’m renewing ously.me and beefly.me when the time comes along, but not kindlie.info. πŸ˜›

#68 NaNoWriMo quickly became NoMoNaNoWriMo for me. Oh well. I have a job now, and my life is being turned around. My days feel quite long, but that’s okay. I am making money, and things will be stable pretty soon (hopefully/hopefully more hour-wise than anything).

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Honestly, I hate my body and that is why I have gone on a 1,000 calorie diet. I want to lose the weight and so far I am on my third day. So far, so good. (:

I am really sorry to hear about your job. I work as well, and sometimes people are just so rude and it can be horrible. I hope things get better soon! <3

I also quit NaNo due to not having any time. I only got like 7-8,000 words. πŸ™

I’m fortunate that I live in Texas now (when I’m in the U.S. anyway), where I did not attend high school. My sisters complain about sighting their classmates at the local Wal*Mart, and I for one am glad I don’t have that experience. The best part of living in another state from everyone you grew up with is that you never, ever see anyone.


I think I like the long posts. You really fill in what you’ve been up to. It’s hard to work and keep a blog going, especially working at a store. There’s so much happening and so many people; it can exhausting…at least that’s the way I’d feel.

In my first real job, I ended up as a cashier at a pharmacy inside a retail store — they used to have that where I live. At that time the machines didn’t let you know how much change to give back.

I was terrible at math, unlike you, and sometimes people waiting in line had to help me with the change. Needless to say, I didn’t last too long as a cashier:~) I imagine you’ll do a lot better.

Regarding rude people, the best thing you can do is give them a BIG smile. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. It will shut them up:~)

Good luck at WalMart! I try to be nice to the cashiers there, but a lot of the time they’re total assholes to me. :c

NaNoWriMo was basically the same for me. :c I was keeping up until a week ago when school started and I just got lazy and overwhelmed. I think I could try next year. Plus I became uninspired, which basically means I don’t do anything.

I think that these changes are for the best. You’ve definitely learned a lot about the workplace and what to expect now. I never really wanted to work in retail or in customer service because encountering rude people every day would pierce me. I am so sensitive and anxious – like you said in your comment… and if you do get the chance to take antidepressants, it might help you. If you have anxiety it is something that can help. But I really hope people stop being rude to you. I’m sure you will develop a thick skin over time. And when someone is nice to you it really makes your day, don’t you know it! πŸ™‚

It’s a shame you haven’t been able to be online a lot, but at least you are earning money. You’re very mature to be thinking of your future and of your financial situations to come. I think that’s what people around our age should be thinking about. I just don’t understand how people can get so into partying.

I don’t know when I started vlogging, but it was really erratic until a few months ago when I decided to do it regularly. I’m pensnapness. XD

Oh, you’re just starting your working career and you NEED to make mistakes! The more mistakes you make now, the less you have to make when it really counts. And every work place has their problems, believe me, going from placement to placement all the time I learn to deal with jerks and psycothics and patients that want to jump out the window and what-not. It’s all very normal, it isn’t anyone’s fault and once you’ve learned strategies on how to go around or solve those issues, then you’re one competent co-worker to be πŸ˜€

When it comes to Internet service, if you can get Verizon FiOS, I would seriously consider it. However, setting up the FiOS service is very expensive, and I doubt that they’ve expanded past the major cities yet.

What that company did was not only wrong, I believe that it is illegal. $5.15 is the federal minimum wage, and most states have a higher state minimum wage. Also, you’re supposed to get paid more at a higher rate for overtime work (anything above 40 hours a week). I hope that someone chewed them out for what they did!

To me, you seem like a very responsible and grown-up person. Cashiers make mistakes too, and they do have to ask questions – I know from experience! You’ll run into lots of terrible people who are in a hurry – just don’t think much of them. They are angry people in a hurry and nothing more.

I wish you the best! Hope to see you around more!

I’m going to be completely honest with my post… I’ve been dreaming of losing weight for many years. I dislike the shape of my body and many other features, it really makes me angry when I focus in the mirror. I’ve tried putting eyeshadow on to distract people from glaring. If you start to lose weight, maybe that will motivate me to stay away from fatty and sweetening foods! You’ll become my inspiration πŸ™‚

Any who, about the internet deals. I’ll say “nay” to Verizon and AT&T because they don’t offer unlimited web surfing. They only provide customers with 250 GB or something close to that… I’d definitely go over their limit with all the websites that I visit and I download a lot of music too!

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

Thanks. πŸ˜› I want to be happy with my body, too. People always tell me I should be happy with it no matter what, and that annoys me. Then again, it’s better than when people agree with me that I need to change it, you know? Because then that just feels insulting.

AT&T here doesn’t have a limit. I’m trying to compare it all, though. πŸ˜› I think I’m going to go in and actually talk to them in person, since that’s always a lot easier for me than talking to them about it over the phone.

Donkeys? Really?

πŸ˜› Yeah, really donkeys. πŸ˜›