14 in 2014

I’m seeing a lot of people doing “14 Before 2014”, but there isn’t really anything I’d like to accomplish before 2014 hits aside from continuing my self-harm sobriety and not going absolutely insane, so I figured having an “in” version would be best for me.

  1. Cook at least once a month. Whether it’s chicken enchiladas or baked french toast sticks, I want to cook an actual dish at least once monthly that isn’t straight from a can. I want to, because I need to learn how to cook if I’m ever going to come up with some allergy-free recipes for myself and [possibly] others.
  2. Stop comparing my blog to other blogs; stop comparing myself to others. I used to be fine with it as it is and whatnot, but this year I really put a lot of care into what a lot of people thought, even some redundant people. I like it how it is, and I need to stop being bothered by others’ negative opinions of it.
  3. Clean out my friend lists. I did this on Facebook in September to remove any and all people that had a connection of some sort to my mom or lard to keep nosy pests out of my life. I didn’t, however, clean out the rest of it. Although many people I’d like to remove consists of family, I’d still like to at least clean out some of the people.
  4. Make a stand on Facebook. Mostly family is on the social network I despise the most, and they patronize my invisible illnesses[1. Depression, etc.] and converse with me as if I’m a child. I really need to be done with that for 2014. The number 13 is literally my most unlucky number in the world, so I’m quite excited it’s almost over.
  5. Go by “Liz” offline. This just needs to happen, okay? I’ll eventually legally change my first name, and last year they knew it was coming, so they need to get into the habit now.
  6. Crafts! Every year I intend to take advantage of my craftsy moods and actually do some DIY project, but I never end up doing it. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to DIY junk that I want to do but never end up doing. I also want to make some ATCs. I’ve never made any, but it seems like a fun and really cool idea.
  7. Stop pressuring myself so much. It’s to the point that I can’t tell whether it’s basically peer pressure or because I actually feel ready to do it. It makes me have panic attacks.
  8. Capture stuff. Snapping scenes in the city isn’t the same as snapping scenes in the country.
  9. Q & A a Day: 5-Year Journal. I received one last year from Charan, but I haven’t actually used it in full.
  10. Participate in snail mail swaps. I recently discovered Swap Bot, an awesome site that has tons of snail mail swaps, and I love snail mail and penpals.
  11. Become a better penpal. Because if you’re my penpal, you know I suck at replying back. Average reply time: 2-3 months. 😡
  12. Take a photo of myself that I’m happy with. Because that hasn’t happened in a while (a year, at least).
  13. Write an ‘about me’ page that I don’t hate five minutes after writing it. Because this also hasn’t happened in a year.
  14. Hate myself a little less.

It’s a little early, but at least if I post it now I won’t have a chance to rethink anything on it. :p

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I really wish you the best in being able to complete these. <3

Hey Liz,

I’m never heard about this but maybe it’s something I should do. So these are things we should accomplish before 2014 arrives? Huh, I’ll have to give this more thought but some of your ideas really resonated with me, things I should do more of. I have one major thing I’d like to complete before 2014 but I know that’s not possible. It’s not just my stuff, I have to depend on a few other people too so that’s okay, at least I’m on the right road.

Hey, good luck with that girl. I have faith in ya!


Yeah, it’s originally from a business plan from like a 2014 business book I heard about. The original idea is 14 Before 2014 but as your personal business. I just put a personal touch on mine. xp

I would have linked to the book, but I can’t find it. 😡

Those are all great goals. I love the one about possibly changing your name. For me, that seems so daring and so badass. You’re claiming a new identity for yourself that you’ve lived online for so long and I just think it makes your progress as a person and as an activist (because that’s how I see you–you do great things towards raising awareness for mental health and abuse) and it seems to just come full circle. 🙂

PS – I love writing letters. E-mail me and I’d love to be your penpal!

I rarely ever come across comments I wish I could “like” or “heart” or “love” or something. SO I guess a comment will do. I really love your comment.<3

I totally know how you feel in regards to your invisible illness and it involving your family and such on Facebook. I actually made a separate Facebook account from my family one for friends only (I only go on the family account every so often, not as much as my friends only one). They also know about my blog but that’s why I am thankful for WordPress’s password protection feature 😉

Also, it is so very easy to pressure ourselves and either feel bad about it, or be so used to it that it just doesn’t effect us anymore. I know I pressure myself a lot as well… it’s better than it used to be and not so much nowadays. But I know how that is. It’s a hard habit to break.

But yeah, best of luck with your list of 14!! 🙂 Setting goals isn’t always a bad idea, I want to do so many things before 2014 and accomplish many other things next year, too.

Ah, I don’t set goals; I just make lists of things I want to do. That way, it’s not a lot of pressure only for me to be disappointed after. :p

Good luck with the fourteen points in 2014! All of these sounds doable in one way or another. Cooking is fun whether the final product tastes ~gourmet status~ or not. It’s a hands-on sort of thing and you learn as you go along. Also a plus since you know what is being put into the food you’re making. A lot of those DIY pins look neat-o; especially the crayon candles.

Cleaning out your FB list and making a stand is the way to go~ Who needs pests when you’re enjoying your life? And within time, people will be calling you Liz, especially with those nametags people give once in a while for whatever events or something.

A lot of these points are related to each other like 13 and 14. Getting one down can lead to getting the rest down in the nearby future. You can do it c: