160 chars or less. Never mind, you’re suspended.

I was just about to tweet something for a mini rant (which consisted of 1 tweet) when a message popped up:

Your account (@prettysweetly) is currently suspended. For more information, please visit Suspended Accounts.

Of all of the accounts Twitter could put into Twitter jail, they chose mine. WHY did they choose mine? I haven’t any clue at all, but they did.

I mean, there are people who tweet literally five times a minute and 100+ in an hour!

WHY couldn’t Twitter have suspended someone else?

I mean, I do block a lot of other accounts, but they’re the ones that have 489284904 tweets, 0 followers, 0 following AND ONLY TWEET @REPLIES TO PEOPLE CONTAINING VARIOUS LINKS YOU REALLY SHOULD NEVER CLICK, so I block them because I don’t want them contacting me.

…You guys, I had, like, 20 tweets from 20 different people like that who sent me all of these links – usually some advert/sponsored link and/or pornography.

Ugh. Whatever. Just another thing I can’t be bothered to handle, and now I’ve no way to talk to myself on Twitter tonight when I try to fall asleep.

Well, this sucks.

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