20 Things About Me (Again)

(Yes, so many of these are from my about page. I’m trying to completely change them from being on it.)

  1. I like to listen to a lot of Christian rap and Christian rock. I’m not talking about that slow and soft Christian rock that shows up a lot in Pandora; I can SLEEP to that; I’m talking about the Christian rock that actually has a beat. I like it. I really like rock music. I can’t stand worship music that lacks a beat that I can feel through my heart.
  2. Lately I haven’t been leaving as many comments as I used to. I’ve stopped saying “I’m sorry ___” and “I hope ___” because a lot of times I have said those things in comments, they weren’t really true. But people get mad at others for being honest. Honesty is brutal. People don’t really like the truth.
  3. Granny Smith apples are my favorite apples. I don’t really like any other apple, either. I love them because they’re sour. Sweets are things I rarely ever eat because sweets make me weak.
  4. I hate wearing glasses, but ever since being put on birth control I haven’t been able to wear contacts because they just irritate my eyes. I’m stuck.
  5. I think owls are beautiful. I like to collect owl things.
  6. I like grey because it goes with most things.
  7. Cars is my weakness.
  8. I have a girl crush on Ariana Grande and Rachel McAdams. Both women are beautiful and talented people!
  9. Growing up, I pretended Julianne Moore was my mom, no offense to my mom. It started after I saw The Forgotten; she portrayed such a good mother, and I saw in her character what I wanted in a mother. Thus, I fell in love with her character and didn’t know at the time that actors and their characters aren’t always exactly alike. Otherwise, I would have pretended her character was my mom instead.
  10. I’m a hoarder. I keep things that have sentimental value — which is practically most of what I own. I also am a part of the onlineTCG community. …actually, I think so many people on this side of the family are hoarders. :p BUT I think it can be a good thing.
  11. I try to be different. I try to do things differently. It doesn’t always work out. I’m quite odd.
  12. I wish people had more tolerance in general. I also wish people were more understanding.
  13. I have more energy at night.
  14. CSS is my favorite part of coding/design.
  15. I’m not a huge fan of people.
  16. I think in puzzles.
  17. I wear socks that don’t match.
  18. I layer my clothes. I feel naked if I don’t layer.
  19. I can only sleep in shorts. I can’t wear socks/pants to bed, because I’ll have nightmares. It just makes me feel like I’m trapped.
  20. I like using bold colors in my designs. I’ve tried to do pastels and such, but it just doesn’t work too well for me.

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So, I think I’m a fellow hoarder. And It’s bad for me since I live in University and have to pack up all my stuff at the end of the year -_- gah. But this also means that I’m able to remember all the awesome and amazing things I’ve done in the past, which is a large part of why I hoard.

I think it’s important to be understanding of people who don’t understand. A strange statement, I know, but still. I feel that a lot of people have been brought up by their parents in a “closed-off” way that doesn’t allow them to understand many things about life, and it’s sad. But it’s not completely their fault. I try to teach them about new things – it’s not always easy though!

I probably sound really ignorant, but I didn’t even know Christian rap existed!

I feel bad about the comments, I’m the same way. I’m just lazy, to be honest. Like, I’ll have their page open, but then I’ll forget to comment. Welp. :c

I used to hoard. A LOT. Not even joking. My Mom would have to yell at me to throw some stuff away.

For #15, you & me both. People irritate me. Well, most people. I feel like I’m anti-social, but I know I’m not because I socialize a lot, especially at work.

Wow, we have a few in common. I love dressing in layers, and I feel so naked wearing only one T^T It sucks during the summer when layering is not a good idea D: And I also hate wearing glasses, I feel like my peripheral vision has been compromised D: I didn’t know birth control can affect wearing contacts. I’m not sure what you are taking them for, but maybe you can ask your doctor to prescribe you a similar one that doesn’t have such a side effect?

I’m a bit of a hoarder too, especially with sentimental things as well, but I like to live in a minimialistic environment so I have to like put all these keepsakes hidden in storage :/

@Jessica, I’m allergic to all birth control; I only took it for medical purposes, though, not exactly because I really wanted it.

I love Grannysmith apples myself. I especially like to bake with them because they add a nice flavor to a pastry crust for pie. I’m the same way with layers. Ever since I was in middle school, my mom used to always complain because there would be so much laundry from all of my layers.

And, yes, Rachel McAdams is lovely!

I hate wearing glasses, too. But I can’t wear contacts for a bit of a different reason. I get really queasy and light-headed about things that make me uncomfortable with my body (that sounds weird but I dunno how to rephrase it, haha) and the last time I tried to get contacts, I got one in my eye and almost passed out. Pretty pathetic…

Granny Smith apples are delicious! I really like any kind of apple, as long as it’s crisp. The soft, mushy apples are gross. 😛

Do you listen to Red? They are my favorite band, and Christian rock that isn’t about worship.

I can’t stand wearing glasses, because they don’t see as well as contacts. How does birth control affect you on this?

I agree Rachel McAdams is beautiful. She’s actually really beautiful. And a great actress that can play a high school girl at her age.

I think you’d tolerate more and be a bigger fan of people IF they were understanding.

@Liv, I don’t listen to Red. I could give it a shot, though.

A side effect of birth control is that it affects your eye sight. I think it’s more common in those who are allergic to it.

I don’t think it’s that people dislike “honesty”. It’s the way that “I’m just being honest” is used as a cover excuse for someone – not necessarily you in particular – to be downright rude, judgemental, or mean. I’ve witnessed people teasing others for being overweight, ugly, etc. Then they boast about how they are “honest” and “tell it like it is”. I have also found that many people who boast about being honest and “telling it like it is” want to be the people to say these things, but don’t want to be the one who has to hear them from others.

@Robin, I agree. I read it now, and I realize I wasn’t being clear enough with what I wanted to say. An example, if I had thought to include one, would be about how a blogger wrote about one day that she partied all night only to blog two days later about how her teacher failed her rather than to blame herself for partying instead of studying.