20 Things About Me

It’s been a while since I’ve given people a list of random facts and opinions pertaining to myself, so I figured I’d try to dig up something new for you all to know, especially if you happened to have read my attempt at the 100 facts about me meme way back when.

  1. I like green grapes, and I can’t handle the sweetness of other grapes.
  2. I tend to wear a lot of greys and blues.
  3. I love wearing shorts and flip flops the most.
  4. Sleeping is fun.
  5. I host people. I don’t understand why people are always so surprised upon finding out, as I have been hosting people for a few years now. Oh, they’re even more surprised when they learn it’s free. IDK. Maybe it’s because I don’t constantly advertise it? Oops.
  6. I am guilty of using Twitter like an instant messaging service. Luckily for my followers, myself and the rest of the world, I don’t get too personal with it!
  7. Sugar-free peppermints lack sugar and, therefore, taste like dirt.
  8. Lately I’ve been blog hopping more and discovering other blogs. This is kind of bad, because I’m already swamped with comments. I recently caught up, but it’s so easy to fall behind again. I do like reading new blogs, too, though… It’s quite fun! πŸ™‚
  9. Kya’s cow emoticons make using emoticons again tempting.
  10. I export my WordPress stuff via the Dashboard > Tools > Export sometimes thrice weekly, and I download a copy of my plugins and themes at least once weekly (but only if something was changed). I do this because that way, if something ever happens, I’ll have something to back it up to. Just in case. I don’t know… I’m paranoid. P:
  11. Sometimes it saddens me that, if I had just kept all my previous blogs and merged them all into 6birds rather than creating my “archive”, I could have had almost 500 posts. I also would have had that many anyway if I could have figured out a way to get them from the database on My Melodies and Sum Pi, and if I had never started over on 6birds again, and then even if back in about 2010 No Limits Host had never just… disappeared. I could possibly get back a few of my old posts, as I have some backup files still saved in my Gmail account.
  12. I do admit that starting over is nice. 6birds is nice and clean now, and I have somewhat of a fresh start. I can use my archive as a reference, but unless people read posts that link to my archive, chances of them finding it are rather slim. Also, my archive is kind of “old news”. Starting anew on my blog is similar to a restart for myself.
  13. I don’t enjoy being wrong. It’s very difficult for me to admit to being wrong at any point in time.
  14. I don’t really get along with many people, and I don’t exactly like a lot of people, either. This is usually because oftentimes they’re ignorant and closed-minded.
  15. I believe that all people should be allowed to be happy and spend the rest of their lives with the person they love the most if they wish to do so. Laws restricting that are as ignorant as the Westboro Baptist Church. I’ve never voiced my opinions on my blog before so bluntly (except for one time last year), but I am doing so now. It’s risky for me, but I feel as though it needs to be said. If you feel the need to rant to me about how I’m wrong and “it’s wrong”, then email me instead. If needed, I will try to find a video of a sermon that talked about The Christian Bubble for you.
  16. I also don’t believe that suicide is a sin, probably for obvious reasons if you’ve ever read my old blogs on depression.
  17. I’m really not a Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber fan, but some of Justin’s songs are oddly staying in my head, and Taylor’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” song I have found to somehow love. This does not mean that I am a fan of either of them as a person or that I like all of their music. -.-
  18. I’m a Larry shipper[1. Oh, it’s a bromance? Sorry, nope.]. Oops. I don’t believe girls have a chance with Harry/Louis. Sorry. It’s a fandom/ship you get into and go down with, because escaping is impossible.
  19. I really hate giving speeches – with a passion.
  20. Eating white cheddar popcorn is a guilty pleasure of mine.

I’m not going to fully commit to this, but perhaps I’ll be able to do twenty or so each month? Maybe. Something like that. Until I reach 100, or until I find better things to blog about.


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4. Yeah, sleeping is hella fun! I look forward to it every night and get said everytime I have to wake up early.

10. Holy crap you are thurough! Which is good because, I, on the other hand, never backup any of my stuff in my blog. I just don’t want to and one of these days, I’m probably going to regret it.

11. Ya, I dunno why some people want to start anew (blog) and start all over again. It’s like, no!!! You have sooo many memories from your past blog! Don’t abondon them!

17. I very much agree with you on this one. Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and the Beat” is my current guilty pleasure atm. ><

19. I hate giving speeches too because I suck at talking. I really want to be better at it though. πŸ™

I can feel you on #4 — I can’t stand when people tell me that I’m wrong, and I’ll do everything to prove that I’m right.
This was fun to read though, I’ve always liked reading these on people’s blogs. πŸ™‚

I agree with some of these, especially the sleeping is fun. Can’t go without my precious, precious sleep. πŸ™‚

I’m really excited to have found your blog! I feel like it’s one I’ll be coming back to a lot.

I am exactly the same about “I Knew You Were Trouble”; I kind of wish someone else had done that song so I’d feel better about liking it so much. And I, too, use Twitter like it’s an IM tool.

Oh, who doesn’t hate giving speeches!! I’m going to give some lessons for the nursing assistants about palliative care in March. That will actually be quite fun though, but scary, as it’s the very first time I do it. At least it’s a topic I’m passionate about, otherwise I couldn’t do it.
And yes, backing up…. I’ve done that too little in the past but now have started to export my blog before any major event, you know upgrades and stuff. And I keep a copy of the themes. It’s way too much work to re-do them! That reminds me that I haven’t copied the newest one..

I have been blogging about 12 years ago and I would totally have a massive archive if I just saved and exported all my old blogs! -sigh- It’s too late to do that now, but it would have been nice to have that huge collection to look back on. I definitely agree with number 12! I seemed to want to start all over again with my blogs for a clean slate, but I didn’t do that two years ago when I changed domain names.

I also agree with 14 – that’s pretty much how I am too!

And Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are just jokes to me. I will never ever consider them talented. And don’t get me started about why Taylor Swift sucks…

And who exactly loves giving speeches? Not me, either.

I, too, am not a Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift fan but I am really liking the “I Knew You Were Trouble” song as well and I bought the last JB CD… hm. :

It’s nice reading these things about you! You should post it more often and maybe I should too. Lol!

#13 describes me a lot. I hate being wrong and I hate admitting that I am wrong even though I know I’m wrong. πŸ™ Sometimes it’s just too difficult to admit it. πŸ™

I really like the 20 things about me. I think I want to do something like this one day…100 things is just too much for me to think about…haha. πŸ™‚

Read these were great! I love these ‘getting to know you’ memes because there are so many great, simple similarities between people that are so insignificant but so amazing, as well! πŸ™‚

I’m with you on hating speeches! I get so nervous.
This was fun to read!

I think everyone has a hard time admitting their wrong. I’d be surprised if someone said they didn’t. I think ultimately what’s important is being able to recognize when you are wrong and after you’ve calmed down have an honest discussion with that individual and let them know you see where they are coming from.

I also 100% agree that anyone should be allowed to spend their lives with the person they love.

I hear ya on #11. I recently found my a copy of my database from my first two years of blogging and imported it into my current database. Sure, probably no one else cares about my archives besides me, but I wanted it to be merged with what I’ve got going now all the same. I like looking back and seeing what I was doing (or thinking or writing) three, four years ago.

Since I’m a fairly new visitor to your blog Liza these are all new things about you that I’m learning. I think it’s good to give away a little about ourselves because it helps with the “getting to know you stages”. I’ve done a post like this in the past but sometimes I can’t think of 100 things to say about myself. Okay, I could come up with them but you’d probably get bored. I’m so not interesting at all.


I always like to read those “things about me”, it’s like getting to know the person better in some way. I must admit that I didn’t knew some of those things you listed. πŸ™‚ I do like #4, I love sleeping too! XD

You’re a brave girl for voicing differing opinions in a bubble! And I hope that voicing them will help you find peace in yourself. And white cheddar popcorn is awesome!

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift (and Lady Gaga and many other popular singers) both have very “catchy” songs that stick. Even though I am not one to call “Baby” great art, I’ll admit that it gets stuck in my head sometimes. Maybe that’s why they become popular.

I love wearing flip flops too! I want this winter weather to pass, so I can wear them again.

I don’t advertise my hosting either, so most people don’t know. I think I do that because I don’t want people to apply. I offer it to friends when they need it though.

It’s good to have back ups of your site! That’s better than not backing up at all. I have a calendar alert to remind myself to make database back-ups every other week.

I agree with your #15 and #16 actually. And white cheddar popcorn is so good. Kettle corn is my favorite type of popcorn though πŸ™‚

I like these type of memes because I like learning about other people. I think 20 at a time is a good idea!

I’m a Larry shipper too! πŸ˜€ But that doesn’t mean I hate Lou&El. I think they’re perfect for each other! In other words, I ship both. Lalala. :3

Haha, I’m not for the Eleanour. :p

White cheddar popcorn…oh man! I love that stuff! I can totally sympathize with the archiving/starting over concept. I STILL have my livejournal from high school (and early college) that I just can’t bear to delete even though I’ve said goodbye to it. Old posts are such a nice way to reflect and remember!

I pretty much love #1 #4 and #17
I cant eat a grape if it isn’t green. I love sleeping even though i don’t get much of it & I can’t stand Taylor Swift.. I don’t hate Justin Bieber but i’m not a huge fan of him.

I have a hard time admitting I’m wrong too. I’m really trying to get better about it, because obviously no one is right all of the time, but I just really love being right and I’m insanely stubborn about it.
Also, white cheddar popcorn is the best. I can’t keep it around because I will eat nothing else.