2010 Wishlist

A few fellow bloggers did this soon after Thanksgiving, but I wanted to stretch mine out until I actually got into the Christmas mood. Here we go. πŸ™‚

For my blog (in general, not necessarily for Christmas!):

  • a custom-made theme by Forever Design Studios
  • better organization throughout the site
  • more link back buttons

For myself:

  • a FarmVille gift card (for FarmVille cash, etc.; it also unlocks some market items sometimes!)
  • a Top-Up card for Virgin Mobile so I can buy the full version of Collapse Chaos, another game and maybe a few ringtones
  • Wal-Mart gift cards
  • money
  • a new purse/tote bag (I have a few in mind that I like)

What is on your wishlist? πŸ˜€

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Comments on this post

My wishlist could be reduced to one item only: FREE TIME. I’m desperate for that… ^^” Recent times have been crazy.

I love your wishlist anyway. =) I hope I could purchase a layout from some skilled artist someday.

~ Ilila J.

Omg, I use to be obsessed with FarmVille. Obsessed. I even bought Farm Cash. I’m so glad my FarmVille days are over, I totally regret wasting my money on a virtual farm. x)

I’m sorry but your post brought back a lot of FarmVille memories. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I hope you get everything on your wishlist! πŸ™‚

@Alice, ahahh, it is alright. πŸ™‚ FarmVille love<3 It is something I do with my mom. ^^


Don’t laugh, but the main item on my wish list is time to RELAX and not have to do anything for awhile. Fortunately, Santa is being very nice to me and we’re planning a few days off and that will be my gift this year:~)

I hope you have a great holiday and get everything on your wish list:~)

Thank you ^__^ The kitten-cats are semi adorable :P! They are too playful :O! and lazyish XD!

If you want I can make you some link buttons. They’ll be awfully simple though; if you give me a bunch of pictures you like I can make a neat button with simple text. It’ll look like the common fanlisting link back buttons… just let me know. πŸ™‚

I hope you get at least a few of the things you want! Organisation on my website is something that I feel like I need… It needs a huge clean!

Most of my wishlist stuff is non-material. I wish our family could be more together… and I wish I had more time, for everything.

That sucks! At least you’re not tempted to buy anything online though. It does get rather addictive. I’ve been sucked in even though shipping fees amount for half the total price!

If you look up the memes like Double Rainbow, you’ll see what they’re about. A man saw two rainbows in the sky and filmed it, and his reaction was hilarious. He was so amazed he sounded like he was drunk. People quoted him and remixed his voice into songs.

Talking about bags I need a new overnight bag, I’m constantly staying over at friends houses and my backpack is just about to collapse πŸ™ haha. What I really would like for Christmas would be $$, it always comes in handy for me seeing as I’m on a low income. Oh and DVD’s! True Blood, Bones and Gossip Girl would be nice hehe. By the way, love the simplicity of this layout. My fav colour too, very nice πŸ™‚

Unlike some wish lists that I’ve seen, that’s a very feasible one to do. Those designs on Forever Design Studio’s site are amazing! It looks like she’s booked for a while though.

On my wishlist? Erm… my parents said they got me a new laptop, which is really nice. I’m saving my own money that I might use to buy a wooden ocarina someday, but that’s for later. Much later.

Argh, farmville. D: it annoys me. I love Zombie Farm xD It’s awesome.
Anywho, nothing really. (: How about you? :love:

Good luck with your site goals and christmas goals :D! It is all plausible, gotta set your mind to it B)! Its not much of blogging etiquette. Or something. Its to be a better blogger/commenter in a way. :O! Can`t blame us for loving the best blogging system evar :P!