2/3 Through Christmas Holiday

Saturday my dad informed me that I hadn’t given him my wishlist this year, to which I replied that he didn’t ask. I didn’t know he’d want one, so I just didn’t think it’d really be all that important. Sunday he took me to Target and told me I had $50 to spend, so I found a pay of black fuzzy slippers for about $9.99 or so, and he bought me a Visa Gift Card as well ($50). Gifts are kind of weird for me, mostly because I don’t always know how I’m supposed to react or how I really feel until after the fact and the time for reacting is already over.

At first I wasn’t really sure what I was going to spend the gift card on. On Christmas day, I ended up making an account with Origin and linked it to The Sims 3 website, then purchased my own game so I could register the game on the site and download some of the custom content. Luckily for me, they had bundles going on! First I purchased The Sims 3 Starter Pack, which included The Sims 3, plus two expansion packs (The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff and The Sims 3 Late Night) and bonus content (Date Night Clothing) for $19.47. Next, I bought The Sims 3 Expansion Bundle, which included The Sims 3 Generations and The Sims 3 World Adventures, plus bonus content (Jet Set pack). I also had in the cart The Sims 3 Worlds Bundle, which included the worlds Monte Vista and Hidden Springs, and a chocolate fountain for bonus content. The last checkout price was $25.96, which I’m considering to be considered good since I only spent a total of $45.43 on The Sims 3, which included two worlds, four expansion packs and the base game itself — all of which are currently on a 40% off sale. I’ll slowly purchase the other expansion packs as I can so I’ll technically be able to say that I fully own my own game. 😀

I probably figured out the best way to spend his gift card considering I play The Sims 3 when I’m at Mimi’s house, when I lack Internet and when I just need to chill and lose myself and don’t feel like watching a movie. ^^ I also needed the house shoes, as well as wanted them, even more so after stepping on tiny shards of glass whilst making macaroni and cheese a few weeks ago. I’m so attached to them, and they’re so comfortable. ^^;

Sunday my dad bought Grandmama a new sink (stainless steel) and some new burner plates (correct term?), and he also installed her new faucet that she had into her new sink. She was wanting her faucet to be fixed and wasn’t expecting a nice, new sink, too! /santahat It makes the kitchen look slightly updated, and the depth of it is a bit greater than her old sink. It’s also much nicer, or maybe I just think so because I think stainless steel looks neater than porcelain, or whatever old-fashioned sinks are made of. The sink holds more at once, and they can also fit her bigger dishes without sticking out too much. She keeps talking about it, so I’m assuming she really likes it. /hmm

I still haven’t done the gingerbread house. /gingerbread I did open it, however, and I apparently chose one of the pre-assembled houses, but I’m not sure if there were any that needed assembling either, so I just get to decorate it. And then eat it eventually.

Yesterday I “worked puzzle”[1. Grandmama and her family have always said ‘work puzzle’, etc. probably because a means a puzzle, like one, and s means puzzles, like more than one, and no one knows how many they’re gonna solve until they decide they’re finished.] with Grandmama, although we worked two separate ones. Mine was quite an impossible oval-shaped jigsaw puzzle — probably the most annoying jigsaw puzzle I have ever seen — and I’m really wanting to just scratch it altogether because of how frustrating it is. It’s too hard for me with all its dark and light and white tree outlines that are skinny, fat and lanky and going at every direction possible all at once. x.x /wtf

Grandmama also made a miniature Christmas dinner for her, Papa and I. She’d bought a Cornish hen, which was cooked in the middle of her homemade stuffing. I think I enjoyed it baked because the skin of it wasn’t crunchy like fried chicken and had a little bit of the same flavoring to it. There were also homemade noodles (my favorite 😎 :* 😀 :crown: ), wheat rolls, carrots, green beans and cauliflower with cheese sauce. She also made cranberry salad, which I didn’t touch because 1) berries (allergic), 2) cranberries and 3) not a fan.

Anyway, I really enjoyed spending time with my dad on Sunday, even though we just went to Target and Home Depot and didn’t really talk much. And hopefully I get around to the gingerbread house today because otherwise I won’t be able to do it until when I return from Mimi’s, which depends on when I go over there in the first place. /cow /horseshoe /chicken /bird

Does she have ducks? I think they got rid of ’em. Oh well. /ducky (I mean, they also don’t have cows, so.)

So far I’ve shared 2/3 of my Christmas. The third part has yet to happen. :p How was yours?

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Nice deal on the Sims! I wish I wasn’t so obsessive and would wait until they go on sale but nope, I have this thing where I have to have it when it comes out. Bane of my existence, lol. Luckily me, there will be no more expansions since Sims 4 is coming out and I don’t intend on getting that game because my favorite modder won’t be moding for it. Plus it’s $80. RIDICULOUS.

Anyway, it sounds like you had a pretty good Christmas. We choose to skip it this year to save money so mine was pretty low key. We went to dinner at a friend’s house and that was it. 😀

I’m glad you’ve been having a good Christmas so far! I’m so jealous of all the Sims games you’ve bought, and so cheaply too! I must have spent over $400 on my game and I have less than that!

I hope the rest of your holiday season goes well!

Good choice with Sims! I’m still playing Sims 2. I could never get into Sims 3 but all the new expansion packs for it look so good. It’s so tempting, but then again I don’t think my laptop could run it.

My Christmas was great. I really didn’t get up to much exciting though. It was just nice to spend some time being lazy, eating and watching TV.

I think it’s nice to receive a gift card, that way you can just choose what you want. Also, the gingerbread house is a cute idea!!

Anyways, I’m glad you enjoyed your time with your dad. Me and my dad don’t really talk much either, haha. The car rides are always super quiet when it’s just me and my dad. But it is always nice to spend time with the family around the holidays!

Sounds like you had a nice small dinner with your grandparents. Cornish hens are soooo delicious! Enjoy all of your games. I’m not familiar with Sims, but Keith loves Simcity. Merry Christmas!

Nice presents! I think you chose wisely. I would have spent mine on video games too. 🙂

I love The Sims! I bought Late Night, too. But I kind of like the game all by itself without the expansion packs, because the expansions really slowed down the game for me 🙁

But it’s nice of your dad to let you pick out your own gifts. I mean, getting gifts surprisingly is nice too, but I like picking out my own things… 😛

Merry Christmas!

I know what you mean about gifts. I get pretty nervous opening them in front of people because they always expect you to react in a certain way. But yiu never know how you are supposed to look, so its always slightly awkward.

But yesterday I opened all my presents and got some incredible stuff. Its probsbly been the most personal stuff I’ve recieved in any Christmas. I’m really reminded that the people I have in my life know me well. It’s a good feeling! /hehe

Yeah we had christmas just within the household this year on my request, it was so relaxing. But we are going down to the family tomorrow for a few days for a second crimbo dinner. Its going to be awesome. Its like a mini holiday!

Anyways, I hope you had a nice Christmas and play the sims 3 endlessly! I love the game. Happy new year as well! x