25 Before 25

Sarah’s “34 New Things” series has been tempting me lately, and Manda’s apparently doing something like it. Do you ever make a decision to not do something, then see what you’re trying not to give into around every corner you turn? Thanks, guys.

I know I don’t make goals, but what if a small part of me wants to know that I can get simple things like these done? I’ll be 25 March 2016, so I have a little under three years. A lot can change/happen in three years. I’ll blog about each of them as I complete them, then link them here.

  1. Publish an allergy-free recipe book specifically for people who have a list of allergies similar to mine.
  2. Learn CSS3 and HTML5. (As in learn the rules, etc. None of this pick and choose stuff.)
  3. Go on a road trip.
  4. Meet an online friend in person.
  5. (It’s a secret.)
  6. Make an Aloe Vera terrarium.[1. Like Tiffany’s.]
  7. Eat a meal without feeling guilty.
  8. Eat a funnel cake.
  9. Go to First Monday and enjoy it.
  10. Buy/Own a DSLR.
  11. Get a new wardrobe. Dress how I want. Stop worrying about how others see me.[2. Whatever I wear, I’m seen as about 14-16 years old.]
  12. Make a homemade pizza.
  13. Take a dance class.
  14. Have my secret project up and running successfully.
  15. Write and publish a book [excludes recipe book].
  16. Take some photography classes; learn new skills.
  17. Become a full-time photographer.
  18. Get highlights/somehow enhance/emphasize my natural red highlights.
  19. Meet C & C (two separate people, two separate places).
  20. Continue to learn how to crochet even though I prefer thread over yarn no matter how better yarn is for beginners. Make 10 coasters.
  21. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies.
  22. Play and win an offline game of Monopoly.
  23. See my siblings on my mom’s side of the family.
  24. Take a skyrobics class.
  25. Have at least $500 in my bank account after bills have been paid.

None are in any order. All are things starting now and things I’ve never actually done OR things that happen rarely, things that have somewhat seemed impossible due to various changes (i.e. number twenty-three), etc.

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Comments on this post

Love the list. It seems to me some of these could be lots of fun to do. I was interested in number 19. Do you have to meet around the same time?

Also, what’s a skyrobics class? I have vision robots jumping out of planes. LOL

Hope you having a good summer:~)

@Sara, No; I just want to meet them. :3

Skyrobics is trampoline aerobics. 😉

I really love the list that you have there and they are very interesting. :* Lets both run away and become full time travelling photographers please. ^^;

@Kya, 😀 YES.

Good luck with your goals, Liz! The homemade pizza will probably be your favorite, because realistically everyone loves pizza and homemade pizza is gratifying. I also want to make a terrarium, or buy a beautiful one for my desk, but I need to do some desk cleaning before I get there. Too much clutter. 🙁

It looks like you’ve got a busy few years ahead of you! Even if you don’t accomplish everything, I know that you’ll be happy with whatever you manage to accomplish.

If your family comes to LA (or wherever I happen to be next year, which is probably not LA), I’ll be happy to meet up with you in person! And since the Harry Potter movies have all been out for a while, the DVDs are probably not too hard to grab if your local library has them! 😛 (Yay free stuff1)

Good luck completing all of 25 of these! Also, I have a great funnel cake recipe if you would like it (though I’m not sure if you would have to substitute some things because of the allergies).

I completed your survey, btw 🙂

I’m on my second “101 Things in 1001 Days” list. I had watch all Harry Potter movies on my list too, and just finished it last month. 🙂 Good luck with your list!

Best of luck! I have been debating doing a 33 before turning 33, but that’s in October. Yikes! I think it might make more sense to do a 35 before 35, no? 😀

Good luck with your goals! Making a pizza is really easy. I made one last night actually lol. Just buy some pizza yeast, follow the directions on the package, spread on some canned pizza sauce, put on your toppings and put it in the oven! Voila! Pizza ready in about 15 minutes.

@Deanna, I’m not really calling them goals. 😡 I’m actually gonna try making it ALL handmade… I have major food allergies.

@Liz, Ok, then the only other step would be the pizza sauce which is still easy to make on your own. I do that sometimes but got lazy last night haha.