Four years and pushing it

Sunday afternoon to Wednesday around 3 in the afternoon, I was home alone. 😀

I mostly slept on Sunday, and when I awoke I watched Heroes, made a pizza and just chilled. Monday I attempted various mug cake recipes — which are really messed up these days and aren’t as great as they once were[1. I assume it’s because people just find and post them without making sure they work multiple times — or even making them at all.] — and eventually found my mug recipe book. I also watched more Heroes and made Sunella. Tuesday I had therapy and allergy shots to do (Charlise took me); I fell asleep when I got home and awoke around 4:42. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I deep cleaned my bathroom and cleaned my room whilst laundry was going in the wash.

I also found a digital scale in Grandmama’s bathroom and weighed myself. I’m 134.2, but I’m not exactly proud of it or upset with it or anything considering the way I’ve gotten myself to that weight.

My tooth’s filling broke last week. It was from a root canal procedure in early 2009. They had to stop because they became so involved in their conversation that they didn’t realize what they were doing to me until the drilled down the side of my tooth and called out “Oops”, plus a few curses, as they quickly tried to fix it. Realizing they couldn’t without causing more damage for the day, they put in a filling that would “only last up to a year” and said to “try to come back tomorrow.” “Tomorrow”. “Tomorrow”. It was that day that I was first introduced to hydrocodone. Grandmama says they should have been sued; in my defense, I told my dad what had happened, but nothing was really listened to (in my opinion). It started to break out last year. I didn’t think it was too bad. I guess four and a half years with a temporary filling is pushing it, huh?

But my problem is that I don’t judge well when it comes to determining when I really do need help. I never went to the doctor until I was coughing up blood (acid reflux) or couldn’t hear anything (ear infections). When I lived with my dad, anytime I was any bit of sick he’d rush me to Care Now, a quick clinic, ASAP and, to me, that was extreme.

Anyway, now I have to go to the dentist. In the midst of all the holidays.


If you need me, I’ll be popping Ibuprofen, cranky and chewing like a cow.[2. Farm life & cattle references: I STILL GOT IT.]

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I honestly believed that if you sued them, you’d win. However, filing lawsuits takes an extraordinary amount of effort and time and suing is probably not worth it.

I hope that the pain is all gone by now! Hopefully, none of this will happen to you again.

Ouch. That sucks. I, knock on wood, have never had issues with my teeth. Granted, I haven’t been to a dentist in…… I have no idea how long. Probably four years. I’m gonna take this entry as a warning and get myself to a dentist, stat.

Oh my god D: That’s terrible! A kid at karate training once told me her mum had gotten the wrong tooth removed at the dentist’s – twice! Don’t know if she was fibbing, but seriously, I’m not surprised people are scared of the dentist.

I’m glad I’ve always had good healthy teeth (knock on wood), and haven’t had any bad experiences at the dentist except once, and the condescending bitch who massacred my gums that day isn’t allowed to treat my family anymore. She now keeps a low profile.

I had a hilarious cupmuffin disaster the other day – it was practically an inside-out cup-muffin… I’ll have to show you a picture!

PS: Your new blog design is so cute <3

Yikes, your temporary filling lasted you 4 yrs? Do you have to pay when you get it sorted out, because it was their fault?

I hope it goes well and they can do it soon for you.

It’s a different dentist, so yeah, there is a bill.