4 Things About Me

These four things are going to detailed, yet simple. Hopefully they will give you a wider insight as to who I am! πŸ™‚

1. I don’t like thinking “what if ___?”

I’m happy with the way I have lived, grown up, etc. Thinking about what I would be like, where I would be now – and so on – if my mom had given me up for adoption literally scares me. I’m happy she kept me even though she had me young. I’m thankful I have her as a mother. I know she isn’t perfect, but who is? We have had our rough times, but even with all that has happened, my mom is the best mom I could ever have. I’m very careful as to what I wish for – you never know when it just might come true!

2. I prefer talking on the phone/e-mailing over text messaging, and I prefer talking in person over talking on the phone.

It’s just so much easier. Especially if you live in the boondocks[1. Okay, not literally. It’s more like a rural area in northeast Texas that technically isn’t considered ____, Texas; it’s just called that for postal service purposes. Yep.] like I do. Dealing with dropped calls, loss of service, etc. is no fun. That doesn’t mean I’m not social – it just means that it’s so complicated I dislike doing it anymore. Plus, talking on the phone gives me raging headaches. Supposedly cellular phones can cause this, so it’s not like I’m making up some excuse to not chat with ____ on the phone. -.-

3. I really don’t blog about everything, but people think I do.

Though it may seem like I do, there’s a bundle of information I keep all to myself and probably, most likely, will never share with anyone (okay, maybe my husband when I get married and actually have a husband), but chances of that happening are very slim, too. There are just some things that I believe should be kept to myself. That doesn’t make me a horrible person, and the things I keep to myself doesn’t make me out to be a secretive, mysterious being. Or, it shouldn’t, anyway.

4. I’m an extremely picky blog reader.

If you wrote an entry that makes my scrollbar really small, if your theme aggravates me (because of small text, light colors – yellow on white/white on yellow/etc. – flashing images,…), if your post doesn’t interest me within the first nine, long paragraphs – I won’t read your blog. I also strongly dislike huge blocks of text, grammar errors and/or spelling and punctuation errors. I know everyone’s not perfect, but you could still test drive the spell check, no? WordPress has one. Try it out. >.> There are other things that bother me, but I’m too lazy to list ’em all.

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[…] know an entry posted on the fourth, but it was scheduled. I actually wrote that in April. Funny, […]

[…] know an entry posted on the fourth, but it was scheduled. I actually wrote that in April. Funny, […]

Hey, Liz…
I’m Rebecca! Just stumbled on your blog! Love the layout! πŸ™‚
Yeah, I don’t like thinking of ‘what if’ questions. One thing just leads to another and I end up confused and half-scared.
I agree, it’s so much better to talk to people in person. Technology is taking over and people are becoming more lazier (aka me) and it’s just not the same anymore.

@Rebecca, Haha, thank you! πŸ™‚

Yes, it’s kind of similar to these techno books people are buying more often these days. πŸ™ I don’t want my future kids to not know what a library is! >.>

I guess it makes sense to not be thinking “what ifs” especially for the past events since you can’t really do anything about it. However I think I like doing it while making a decision so that I know variable outcomes and can pick the best one out.

Talking on the phone for an extended time is uncomfortable…the phone gets sweaty too lol ^_^; Very understandable XD.

I think everyone has certain secrets (or rather facts) that no one else knows of besides themselves. I guess that’s very normal and you shouldn’t have to tell everyone everything….including your spouse (unless it relates to him somehow).

Hmm I guess I am picky in some ways but if I like the content I will make-do with some theming malfunctions. But yeah I agree…it can be annoying if there are way too many grammar or spelling errors.

@Dipika, Haha, it does get sweaty, and that’s even more annoying! >.>
I also avoid reading blogs whose fonts are horribly complicated for me to read, haha.

Haha, I actually prefer to text than speak over the phone. I’m pretty succinct and always get to the point, so conversations with me is incredibly short, haha. I text A LOT, I even had to change my phone plan to unlimited so I’d send several texts per month. Yikes about the phone research! I always use my earphone things anyway, lol.

I’m a picky blog reader too. I just don’t bother with websites that have tinnnyyyy fonts. Bloggers that do not use paragraphs and centre their text are the worst, lol.

I use to think “what if” a lot but not as much anymore. I just take life as it is. If I do think What if I do not take it really regret what I did. I can’t change the past, I can only change the future πŸ˜€ lol It’s good that you don’t think what if about your mom giving you up for adoption. It didn’t happen so you don’t have to worry about it πŸ™‚ And I rather talk on the phone too. I always call my friends if I have something important to tell them (if I can’t see them of course) because I get nervous while texting, like will they get it or will they not. I am not a picky blog reader but I judge kinda fast. I’ll read any blogs, but the ones I am interested in I read faster and read every word. If I am not interested in it, i only read part of it or skim it. That is probably horrible to do, but its hard to be engaged in a blog post that I feel no connection or desire to read.

Thank you for your support and kind words. I know it will turn out for the better. It was probably the best choice for me to go do the other play. It will help me with my friendships.

@Tiffany, You’re welcome for the support! πŸ™‚

I find that asking “what if” is a good way to reflect on decisions that you’ve recently made. Other than that, it is indeed a scary question to ask.

Another random fact that I find is that cleanness and tidyness of blog layout is directly correlated to the well-written-ness of the blog. Being picky is probably the correct way to go.

@Stephanie, I do suppose asking “What if?” for what could have been often times serves an interesting conversation, but I’m very cautious as to what I wish for. My life would be completely different from what it is like now. Haha. And I like my life… Perhaps that’s why I dislike questioning the “What if?” to if my mom had given me up for adoption and where I would be now.