50 Shades of Facts

So Darnielle did this. And this is gonna be long (obviously), but I like to procrastinate, too. xD (Plus, I need to do some more memes, so technically this is productivity at its finest.) I tried to be original with these, so hopefully not too many are repeated facts about me.

  1. I love day-old popcorn, especially after its been in the fridge over night and super buttery.
  2. I used to train myself to write like the “cool kids” because it was the only way they’d talk to me.
  3. My cousin, Bri, and I used to pretend like we were twins. We’d wear matching clothes. At one point, we had matching dresses.
  4. We also pretended to be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. She was Mary-Kate, and I was Ashley.
  5. It takes me, on average, a straight two hours maximum to learn a dance routine. Provided I can do the moves, of course.
  6. In fifth grade, a school nurse got in trouble for accusing me of faking an asthma attack and not giving me access to my inhaler.
  7. I always feel embarrassed about having to use my inhaler in front of people because they stare.
  8. My hair appears dark brown to black in dull lighting and chestnut brown in great to normal lighting. I have natural red highlights that show more often in the winter, but lately my entire head of hair has been taking on that color. Maybe I’ll get the look of red hair without having to dye it after all!
  9. I have Indian in me on both sides. Two years ago, I officially declared that this is the reason people mistake me for being Mexican.
  10. Before Facebook became popular, I joined it because all of my family was on MySpace.
  11. There are multiple abandoned Facebook accounts with my info because I kept being accused of impersonating people elsewhere. When I tried to do the proof (take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with the email associated with your account on said paper), it always took them forever to get back to me. So I made a new one. There are about 4 other people in the world who look like me. And probably more.
  12. My mom let me skip school to go to a Six Flags Over Texas photoshoot in October 2006. Season passes were our compensation.
  13. Chlorine gives me ear infections.
  14. I’m prone to ear infections.
  15. I’ve had to go to the ER due to ear infections twice.
  16. I’ve temporarily lost my hearing due to ear infections twice.
  17. I grind my teeth in my sleep.
  18. I place my stray eyelashes on my right index finger, make a wish and then close my eyes and blow it off.
  19. When I was really little, I loved Dill Pickles. On two separate occasions, I dropped the giant jar on my big toe. Both times, I screamed. Both times, I had to grow back those big toenails. It was disgusting, and just thinking about it makes me cringe.
  20. I can’t stand watching TLC’s ER shows, but Grey’s Anatomy I can stand.
  21. The school I attended in sixth grade had fights literally every single day in the cafeteria, halls and/or on the buses. Highlight of those days. 😉
  22. I used to read books. A lot.
  23. Contrary to the color scheme of my current theme, my favorite color is not blue.
  24. My favorite color is grey, because it goes with practically everything.
  25. I love masquerade-themed things; I love mystery.
  26. October is the only time of the year I can usually watch scary movies and not stay scared for days. Sometimes it’s September instead.
  27. I used to want to be a marketing major.
  28. I really love the art of interior design.
  29. Money depresses me.
  30. Makeup bores me.
  31. My mom accidentally cut my earlobe once whilst trying to remove an earring stud. Because it was stuck. Because it wouldn’t come out and it hurt like hell. Because I’m allergic to earrings.
  32. After that, I pierced my ears again with some earrings I had and used silver instead of gold. The original holes were still there from the first time, but it still hurt.
  33. I can’t wear earrings at all because my ears just get really red. I’ve tried twice, maybe even three times.
  34. I once almost killed my oldest brother (I’m the oldest) with a rake at Mimi’s farm. We were little, and he just pissed me off that much. He was being such a brat. Shane pulled me away and held me back. In my defense, he tried to kill me by stabbing my arm with a freshly sharpened pencil because I wouldn’t let him watch Degrassi before this happened. Sibling rivalry, you know.[1. If you’re wondering: no, he didn’t get into trouble. -.- I did, for screaming and crying over it. I have this white spot on my skin from where it happened. It turned into a bad bruise. Or infection. Only I really seemed to care.]
  35. I have bad experience with fish. I forget about them completely.
  36. I also have bad experience with plants. I can raise succulent plants, though.
  37. The first-ever “real” roller coaster I have ridden is the Titan. I’ve refused to get on another adult one since. If you don’t scream, you will basically die.
  38. My younger cousin, Shane, is the closest I’ve ever had to an older brother. Even though he’s younger. In fact, he and I are closer than Bri and I were. He’s on my mom’s side of the family. We grew up together. Bri and Shane are the only cousins I am closest to.
  39. My dad wanted to name me after a car brand. Two car brands, actually.
  40. There’s a secret page on this site that holds a special list. I’ve never linked to it, but it is actually public. No, it’s not this one.
  41. I’ve recently discovered that I like to type in fragments and run-ons. A lot.
  42. I’m right handed.
  43. I can’t paint my right hand’s fingernails.
  44. At my first optometrist appointment, my mom and lard didn’t think I really needed glasses. They thought I wanted them because my BFF at the time had them.
  45. After I got my glasses, I hated how they felt so much that I’d take them off and set them down to “rest my head”. And then I’d always forget about them.
  46. I used to have a contest with myself to see how far I could spit. Not ladylike at all, but I really couldn’t care less. It was on a farm. Who cares.
  47. Wearing short shorts gives me a slight confidence boost.
  48. My mom always used to just snap pictures of me at random times, and I never had a choice. Now, I really hate it when people snap photos of me. I hate it because they continue even after I say no. No one ever asks me, so I feel like I have to.
  49. I hate feeling like I have to do things.
  50. I didn’t grow up in one city or spend the majority of my life in one city, so I say the city of the high school I graduated from is my hometown. It’s just easier that way.

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This was so much fun. I love reading these memes. There so much to learn about you and it was very interesting and funny. Well, not the nurse incident, but other things made laugh. I also can’t paint my nails on my right hand. As a matter of fact, I have trouble doing anything with my left hand that doesn’t dorky:~)
Like others said, I’m impressed you managed to complete the list to 50. I’ve tried these before and I run out of interesting things to say pretty rapidly. You did well.

I have no words about the pencil incident. 🙁 I’m glad that school nurse got in trouble for accusing you of faking the asthma attack.

Apparently more people are flocking to Twitter and Instagram because of family members being on Facebook now. For that very reason, I am surprised that Google Plus didn’t catch on.

@Robin, Google+ was popular for a short while, but now not so much.

@Liz, I guess the hype centered around the ability to make circles/groups and share certain things with certain groups. Facebook ended up making the exact same feature (shortly after Plus was released, if I remember correctly).

@Robin, Yeah, Facebook keeps adding these features that other social networks are getting. I think that’s why someone needs to release something with ALL of Facebook’s features, and then some new features. If they marketed it right, they could put an end to the Facebook era.

This was so cool to read. I am really impressed that you were able to finish this. I usually have trouble just coming up with six or seven.
I can’t get over the nurse who denied you your asthma inhaler. That’s cruel. And irresponsible as hell. I hope he/she got in BIG trouble. That’s not right at all.
For some reason, I am really curious to know what car brands your dad was considering naming you after. I am guessing Mercedes and… the second one is trickier. Or am I way off?

@Sofie, I think Mercedes came into mind, but Porsche Alexis.

I loved reading these. 😀

I had a problem with the back of an earring getting stuck in my ear. It was a plastic end and got sucked into my ear. :S I have never used the plastic end bits again. -.-

“In fifth grade, a school nurse got in trouble for accusing me of faking an asthma attack and not giving me access to my inhaler.”
Comforting to know this nurse was very well trained in figuring out signs of an asthma attack. =_=

@Hiro, I’d told her I needed my inhaler because I was having an asthma attack beforehand.

Yay! You finished it.

I hear you on the not being able to paint the nails on your right hand. This is why I only ever paint my toenails!