6 Sticks: Things I’d like to do I wouldn’t normally do

I may have had the chance to do any of these once before, but I passed it up. I always say I don’t have regrets, and I don’t, but I oftentimes find myself wishing I hadn’t chickened out and decided against it.

These are not goals; they’re just things I wouldn’t mind doing — they’re experiences I’d love to have.

  1. Sing karaoke — No matter how good or bad at singing I may be[1. I’ve had compliments; I’m just not up for singing in front of people. I’ve been put down for it a lot, being told I’m the worst singer ever, etc., so I don’t sing in front of people anymore.], I still want to do this. I think it would be fun. Perhaps it’d be easier in front of drunk people and/or in a town where I know absolutely no one.
  2. Go parasailing — I had a chance to do this a long time ago, but I passed it up. It was right in front of me, and I chose to not do it. I missed my chance. I got my hair braided into tons of small braids from a lady who braided hair the next day. It looked really cute. I just wish I had chosen to go parasailing, too. Hopefully, I’ll have that chance again.
  3. Have $1000 in my bank account at one time — I’ve really tried to do this in the past, like when I worked at Walmart. It never worked in my favor, because I’d always have to spend everything I earned and desperately wait for the next paycheck. It was so difficult. But I would still like to have that much in my account at one time. I think with that much that I’d feel more comfortable and okay — like I wouldn’t be going broke after I paid for my phone and some things I want (sketchbook, sketching pencils, etc.) the next day.
  4. Make a cookbook consisting of my photography and recipes I came up with and actually cooked/made myself — I don’t cook, so this one would probably shock a lot of people if I actually accomplished it. It’d be for people with allergies. My dad brought up the idea last week, causing me to stop thinking it was such a far-fetched idea. Perhaps I can use the recipe books I find that fit some of my allergy needs to come up with some recipes that fit all of my allergy needs. I’ve considered this for Allergic Liza after a year, provided it collected enough recipes, but this item is one that I did myself (and maybe with some help from some family).
  5. Take a skyrobics class — That’s a workout class with a floor built of trampolines. I saw it on the TV at the doctor’s office whilst I was waiting to get my allergy shot Thursday. It looked cool and fun. If I can find a low-priced one, I’ll do it. If Bri’s back is better, she said she’ll attend it with me. 🙂
  6. Own a Nikon DSLR — I have grown to love Nikon more than Cannon. Perhaps it’s because my mom has a Cannon, but I’ve seen the two compared. Nikon takes better pictures, and the color just looks better. I’ve been wanting the same Nikon DSLR since it was released, which was about three years ago.

What are 6 experiences you’d like to have?

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You’ve never sang karaoke? I wouldn’t know if karaoke boxes exist outside of Chinatown, but you can always go on your own if you visit Houston. =) There’s nothing wrong with singing alone.

I love Sarah Palin! I mean parasailing. (Actually no I don’t, but I saw that joke somewhere.)

For me having $1000 would be easy because I don’t like to spend money on non-permanent things. And for now my mom buys me the necessities. But I always put investments in domains or Zelda games.

I think the cookbook is a great idea for Allergic Liza. It’s personal and convenient to others! Kind of like web tutorials to me, because I’m an internet addict.

Skyrobics sounds quite fun, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about crashing into people in mid-air.

And lastly, I’ve always been a Canon fan, probably because I own one, and if I own one then it must be the cheaper option. My friend owns a Nikon and I didn’t notice better quality. But maybe that’s because her photos are butchered by Bookface.

You could always sing karaoke in one of the places with a private room! That way you’re only singing in front of people you know 🙂
I want to try skyrobics! That sounds like SO MUCH FUN!


Ooh, Skyrobics sounds interesting. And I think the cookbook is a great idea!

I hope you’re able to experience them all 🙂

Karaoke is fun when
1. You’re drunk and don’t give a shit about anything.
2. You’re around Asians who don’t give a shit about how bad everyone else sings. Asians LOVE karaoke. (If you ever come visit me in California, I’ll take you!)

And if you come visit California, there are chances to go parasailing over the summer. And given that the things on your list aren’t that far out, I think that you’ll get to do them!

I’d like to go skydiving in New Zealand! The opportunity arose a few years ago but it clashed with my bungee jumping time slot, so I had to miss it. If I were to fly back to New Zealand, skydiving is a must!

I actually own a Canon, and love it. It’s hard to compare brands because it really depends on the model that you purchase as well.

6 experiences I would like to have? This is a good one. I can barely think of 3….
1) Visit Europe & Asia & Georgina in Australia – This is something that I never thought I wanted to do before and it isn’t really a goal. Just something I’d like to do someday.

2) Meet several of my blogging friends – This is definitely something that I am not alone with. It would be awesome to know a fellow blogger in person but it just doesn’t seem like they live anywhere near where I live now/will live (read my blog if you don’t know what I mean by ‘will live’).

3) Going out and getting drunk off my a$$ and not having to worry about being raped/molested – I watch too much SVU/CSI so this is always a worry of mine because I know it is possible. I watched one where the lady that ended up dying was just wrong to the wrong stranger…the stranger was a level 3 sex offender and she was nice and gave him food. SO SAD!

Hence why I would have to be with someone who isn’t drunk and will get me to and from the bar no matter what I say or do if I ever drink outside of the house. I don’t drink yet but I want to!

4) Make $1,000 in one paycheck – This is something that I was ALMOST able to do at my job but I was 10 hours short. I was so mad because it was a whole month in a row (get paid every 2 weeks; so two paychecks in a row) but this would be the most amazing feeling ever. & The whole reason why I am trying (not very hard though) to get a part-time job…I want to be financially stable when I move out in December so I need to work at it now.

5) Be able to afford my dream house + everything I could ever want – I know this will NEVER be possible as even my rich Aunt & Uncle can’t afford EVERYTHING they want but living like The Sims live in the game would be an amazing feeling. <3

6) Feel rested at least once in my life – I haven't felt rested at all for the past few years. I sleep 5-10 hours a night (rarely do I sleep 11-12 hours) but I am still ALWAYS tired. I think (and my mom tells me) it is because I don't really do anything. If that is true why am I tired today when I had a crazy 4 hour shift at work? Makes no sense to me….

She, my mom, also thinks I am iron deficient because I choose not to eat meat or take the iron pills.
I don't like chewing and meat causes me to chew more so I don't eat meat…hence the reason why starches are my favorite foods. Lol
Anyway, I just want to be rested once in my life.

That was a really hard list to come up with. <3
I just read your blog about the ideas and the GA where Christina is with the heart in the box. That was an amazing episode and an inspiring blog. Great job Liza! <3

I would love to see your cookbook come to fruition. I know so many parents who would appreciate something just like that, especially for boxed lunches! The same old “safe foods” can get boring, I suspect! As for the 1,000 bank account…yeah, I can agree with that! Now that we have two incomes (me and Keith’s) it will be at that amount for like…2 days and then we’ll have to pay for something (we’re currently buying a come, so lots of fees). It sucks that as quick as you earn cash it seems to flit away.

@Christine, Lunches are actually a great idea! I think it’d be somewhat easier to come up with some lunch ideas for kids to take to school! Perhaps I can do a series on that, make a small little e-book filled with them, or something similar. I think it’d be easier to ask for requests from families, and then come up with things from that!

😀 Thanks!

I thought this was an interesting idea for a list 🙂 I see the goals-type lists too often.

I missed a chance to go parasailing before too. It was way back in high school, and it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I finally went for it again. It’s actually pretty relaxing if you have a nice view to look at!

I think it’d be cool if you did make a cookbook with your own recipes. I’d be interested in looking at them!

Whoa, I didn’t even know skyrobics existed. Now I want to look into that too, haha. It sounds like a really fun way to exercise.

As for Nikon vs Canon, I’d argue they’re on equal playing fields when it comes to photo quality. Otherwise, they wouldn’t compete so heavily. There are so many factors that go into it, and I think the lens makes a bigger difference than the camera model. The lens is really the one that affects the color, sharpness, bokeh, etc. Some lens actually produce more muted colors on purpose.

I’m still in “cosplay mode”, so an experience I’d like to do is go on stage for a cosplay contest. I’ve chickened out several times, but maybe I’ll finally do it now that I’m making more difficult costumes 🙂

I agreee with number 3, I always wanted to have these kind of numbers in my bank, but then I keep on spend it until it drops to around 100-200 like that.
Well, it Canon actually (: Nikon DSLR is a great camera, only that the settings are quite complicated depend on Canon and the service is expensive.