6 Things I’m Really Bad At

I’m almost always thinking about the negative things about me, especially the things that I am bad at. I’m still sharing them, however, because perhaps there is good in them in some way or another. I first saw this on Manda’s site, but I always enjoy going to the original source of the meme.[1. I mean, I assume this will start a trend, so…]

I’m really bad at…

  • continuing something I started. You’re probably thinking that this can’t possibly be true because I have a blog (this one) and a collection of over 400 posts on a blog I use for an archive, but if you look at the memes I’ve attempted to do and start, you’ll see that I’m not so great at doing such. I was going to do this as a 6 Sticks post, but it didn’t feel right.
  • keeping my room clean. I’m one of those people who literally do better with organized messes. I don’t mind a little organization for myself, but as long as I can have something on the floor where it clearly doesn’t belong, then I’ll be okay. Sometimes, however, it gets out of hand and before I know it my laundry is backed up. Although cleaning it and seeing it finally clean again makes me feel refreshed, it’s not necessarily how I like it. Sometimes an organized mess and a freshly cleaned room helps me get inspired. Thus, I often go back and forth between the two merely for that reason.
  • saying what I feel — especially here lately. I tend to step down and go with the flow a lot. This is a super bad thing, because when I finally do stand up for myself, people think there is something wrong with me. I say “okay” a lot, or I just stay silent instead. Sometimes it’s because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, and other times it’s because I don’t want to have to explain myself.
  • returning emails. A number of things happen, including but not limiting to: I forget, I can’t think of the right words to say, I’m sidetracked, I decide to reply later. It’s complicated. I mean, at least it’s not a phone call (I never answer those!).
  • not buying domains. I suppose the addiction still stands. I mean, I have 9 domain names now.
  • telling people what they want to hear. I’m that friend that always tells you like it is. No sugarcoating involved. Apparently a lot of people hate that. I’ll admit I hate that at time, but I just don’t do well with all of the cliché crap.

What are you really bad at?

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Comments on this post

You’re right in thinking you’re going to start a trend! I will be posting my Worst soon ;D But we must be long-lost-mind-twins because I have three of those bad habits! (okay, the twins thing was a stretch) and I agree with Jessica on bad habit #6, just give it to them straight, well, as long as you really thought about it before saying it. LOL

This sounds fun though. I’m going to try this 😀

Like you said, I think some of them have good points. Being straightforward with people is awesome, I prefer that over like passive-aggressive hints any day. And as for organizing and cleaning rooms, as long as it’s hygienically clean, it’s all good. I know some people that have organized messes and they just know where everything is within the mess. It’s really interesting actually haha

I also have trouble continuing what I started. If it’s not something I am crazy about or something that’s not literally in my field of vision (i.e. under my bed), I just totally forget about it @.@ But it helps me evaluate what I truly like to do, cause if it’s not something I am passionate about and want to continue, maybe I shouldn’t be using my precious time to do it

[…] saw Liza did a post on this and I like the idea for this post! I always spend some time every now and then […]

I do find it hard to believe that you’re bad at continuing something that you started. Though… Being bad at it? Is it a work in progress? If it is, then you’re fine. Sometimes, there are things that we started that aren’t meant to be finished.

Everyone has their own definition of keeping their room clean. You seem to be able to recognize what’s what in a mess. I usually come up with some neat-o ideas while cleaning my room for some reason. I totally understand you on the inspiration part.

Saying what you truly feel can be hard.. But it’s really your call in the situation itself. I feel you on the returning e-mails part. Hopefully you haven’t forgotten to return any super important e-mails yet :o!

9 domains isn’t that bad. I’ve gotten so addicted to buying domains that I ran out of ideas for sites and end up tossing them on the side because of the lack of time. At least you have a good operational use for all of them!

It all depends on the situation and event where people hate not being told what they want to hear… That’s life and society.

Myself… I am really bad at studying and taking tests. It’s just those two that screws me over a lot.

Take care!

those are all me too except about buying domains – I have given up on having my own domain plus I have a bad habit of switching urls, so staying at blogger helps.

thanks for stopping by blog. I hope you have a sweet day.

I’m with you on the top four things. I’m so bad at those, too – especially cleaning my room. I quite like to live in an organized mess. I always get flustered and forget where things are after I move them. I guess that shows how long they’ve been in the wrong place, heh. Emails – I’m bad at too. I always mean to reply but then I forget. It always slips my mind. I never answer phone calls either! Talking on the phone is meh for me.

You assume right about the trend! This gives me an idea for my next post 🙂

I believe knowing what we’re not good at keeps us levelled and grounded, but there need to be a balance cos focusing on things we don’t excel in is also not a good thing.

To answer your question, I’m not particularly good at giving a shit. I have this terrible “oh well, whatever, let’s move on” attitude that can be a massive fault in some situations, haha. It’s like I’m too laidback or something.

I think it’s good to have things we’re “bad” at. It keeps us humble and keeps us driven to continuously improve ourselves. If we were good at everything we’d be boring, no? PS – I have the problem with finishing things too. Typically “extra” projects like my scrapbook for Keith and I, my quote journal, and writing in my real journal every day. I definitely can relate to this!

And I’m sure your friends appreciate the fact that you tell it like it is! I would!