Introducing 6sticks

So, if you dislike this one, fine. However, the little icons are actually text. I used Fontfabric and Raphaël Icon-Set. Although it’s colorful, I listened to rock music whilst creating this, mostly Family Force 5 and Sixx:AM. Zombie, My Favorite Things, Skin and This Is Gonna Hurt greatly inspired it. :p All of the colors in the logo are used. They’re the colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. It took some time to figure out what indigo actually looks like.

It’s not what I really had in mind, though. It was supposed to look totally different than this. 😡 Someone had offered to make me a theme for free so they could have something for their portfolio that they were building, and I figured there wouldn’t be any harm. Unfortunately, after I mentioned it was for 6birds[1. I understand to an extent that during that time 6birds was practically a graveyard, but still. :L I have been planning this merge for a long while (since about June/July); I just was trying to keep it secret for as long as possible.], I’ve not received a reply. The background for this was supposed to be white, but #fff was hurting my eyes. I’m also not really able to tolerate plain backgrounds for myself anymore. I think I’ve gotten too used to using patterns and such now that I can’t easily go back. #oops

It’s challenging to have this theme and actually use it. It was more challenging to make it. Lately I’ve been experimenting with different fonts. I’m tired of having Arial all of the time. Hopefully later on I’ll be able to get away from using Georgia for the italics! Already did that! 😛 It takes time for big changes. I just want/needed something a little different. I think I’ll make a new theme in another few months. …I’m trying different things now. I want to see what I can make look like what I want and what I can’t make look like what I want. I struggle with recreating my imagination. Oddly Effy & Cassie look exactly the way I had intended for them to look. This one doesn’t, but it works for me and for now.

Also, I think that 6 tally marks + “birds” is going to be the logo of 6birds from now on. I think it’s different, creative, more unique and standout-ish than just a “6″, and overall more fun to look at. 😉

It’s taken me three years to find a different way to write 6birds that doesn’t seem so predictable and generic, but I’ve finally done it.

As for the birdie in the right hand corner, that may go later on; I’m not yet sure. I’m also not sure of where I found it originally, as it was in a file folder on my lappy. :p

Next, I hope to learn how to do the onClick textarea stuff (with “Name” in it and disappearing when it’s clicked, etc.). :p

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I mean, it’s not just the layout that I love. It’s the beautiful fonts that you used. So pretty. <3

@V, Thank you. ♥

Hi Liza! I’m really sorry I was never able to finish what I starteded. Life just got a little too hectic and I just couldn’t. I shouldn’t have offered if I wasn’t 100% sure I’d have the time and resources but life snuck up on me. I’m really really sorry and I hope you’ll forgive me. This design looks wonderful by the way (:


No worries, hun. 😉

I absolutely love this theme! As soon as I came onto your website, I browsed around because of how pretty is was! The category section of the sidebar is my favorite and that fact that you used 6 tally marks is really creative. It’s simple but unique at the same time.. love it!


At first I thought “Gosh, this is like being in a fog!” Then, I managed to move my clicker and discovered a whole world of colors, faces and FUN. I’m old enough to not automatically realize the what shading meant, BUT I think you did a great job with this new design. I love that you are so creative with your theme designs.

I read your responses to the list of things that happened in 2012. I imagine things feel tough at times, but you’re a strong person. I think I’ve told you. I went through a period of depression when I was younger. I learned more about my strength during that time than any other. So hang in there:~)

I really love the new layout 🙂

Omg. I didn’t think your theme could get any better but IT DID. 🙂

Congrats on doing so well on your theme.

Wish I could use CommentLuv but for the time being I am using FanUpdate. I think you inspired me to upgrade back to WordPress though. 🙂 I’m just so used to it. hahaha.

If your name is Elizabeth why do you have your online persona named “Sara”….I’ve never really gotten the point of being named something else online that isn’t your real name. I mean I know about those sex offenders and such but idk….I still don’t understand.

This font in the textarea….how is this not Georgia? Lol. I love my italicized Georgia and this has got to be it but you said it wasn’t….so…how? Lol
They have the new Samsung Galaxy S3 so not as outdated as you think. Yes, they still use sim cards and yes they don’t have the iPhone but I am not an Apple person and personally I don’t think that the iPhone could run off of T-Mobile because they are just THAT weak of a service. Lol So, they don’t need it.
I recently called T-Mobile and Verizon to see what it would take to switch from T-Mobile to Verizon. It would only cost me $200 + startup costs from Verizon. The $200 is an early termination fee with T-Mobile. Getting my phone unlocked is free but Verizon told me that 95% chance that my phone will not work with them because of the sim/non-sim card difference between the carriers. I am going to be in Florida before I switch (since I am now forced to wait out my contract since I just got this phone and I am not willing to purchase a new one outright when there isn’t anything better than my phone currently) so maybe T-Mobile will be better in Florida. Who knows?

Yeah, Sprint always seemed awful to me. 😛

My name is Sarah Elizabeth Lawson. I’m confused by what you mean by “online persona named ‘Sara'”. There’s Sara Healy, but she is not me…

The font is Lora, from Google Webfonts.

And thanks. :] I think this one is pretty grand, too. 🙂

What a fun layout! I love how the monochrome is subtly highlighted by the colors (if that makes any sense, haha). Thanks for visiting my blog!

Hehe I love how music can inspire and influence is to create things in a certain way. I think this new layout is great. I really, really love how the comment form is colorful. It’s really cute 😀 The little icon fonts is a great idea, and the logo I think really suits your blog. Excellent work!!

Oh by the way, we’re getting a jewelry web shop, forgot to say!

Wow, I really love your theme! It’s so simple, clean, beautiful and colorful! I absolutely love it. Can’t you make a theme for my site? haha 😛

I can’t wait for your next theme, haha!

Oh wow I love what you did with the 6birds logo. 6 sticks, that’s brilliant! I also love this layout, and can’t believe the icons are fonts! That is so cool!

This is cute! And I like how it is very simple and minimalistic; it makes reading more enjoyable.

Pretty. 🙂

I know white is not your favorite color choice for your blog but it looks great around here! I love all the different colors that you implemented into the design! Great job girl! ♥

Omg~! All those colours! It’s making me happy seeing it 😀 I’m addicted to patterns for background too. Maybe I need to switch to an one colored background too. I’m always scared the layout turns really boring without a pattern.

But I love the layout 😀

The layout looks great! I do not understand how you managed to contain it until now. I would have literally had it up the moment I declared it done, even if that was weeks before I planned on releasing it!

Personally, I also dislike #fff as a background, yet somehow, a lot of sites seem to make it work all right. I like what you’ve done here. I think that the trend is to use some sort of grainy background that looks like a plain color at first, but isn’t when you look at it closely, but I wouldn’t actually know.

Thanks! 🙂
I just used a hexcode for a background… No image. :p The only images are those used in the logo — one for the hover, and one for the regular view. :p