7 things to do this week or this weekend

Did I mention they’ll be simple? Robin did a twist on this, and I decided to respond via a blog post because it’s what I do best.

Take pictures this weekend!

1. Set up the living room so that you can walk around on the furniture (and blankets, books, etc.) as if the floor is lava.

I played this a lot as a kid with Cody (and later on Chris and Mary) when my mom and lard went out (which was a lot of times). As you get older, it kind of gets harder, but having longer legs also helps. It’s really fun to play, and it brings out the inner kid in you! Try to add some twists of your own to the game — standing on the books? Better move fast! They’re gonna dissolve in 5…4…3…2…1…!

2. If you love photography, make a list of random things to find and photograph. Bonus points if you capture 6 birds!

And yes, I do mean SIX BIRDS. In fact, if you do this one, I want to know! But really, not only would you have conducted a scavenger hunt for fun, you would have also given yourself something to blog about — which you could type up and save for later and/or schedule; posts like these are great for blogger’s block and/or when you’re going to be away from the Internet.

Need a list?

3. Look online to see if there are Big Foot myths set in your area.

And visit the place(s) [if they allow it]. I lived in Wills Point, and decades ago Big Foot sightings were reported. What about your area? It could be interesting. If not, then research ancient Indian grounds. Perhaps it’s the Cherokee in me that has a fascination for Indian-related things, but it seems like such could be fun. There are also dinosaur parks with fossils and dinosaur footprints.

4. Spend the day playing board games with some friends and/or your partner.

Monopoly can last for hours. It’s one of my favorite games, but because it takes so long, no one has ever actually finished a game with me. You’ve got the whole day. Make sure you have paper and something to write with in case you get inspired!

5. Visit a wildlife preserve.

Perhaps your state will have some wildlife preserve/refugee parks like mine has Tiger Creek and many others. I’ve not been to any, but it’s a dream to go to one.

6. Check your local Hobby Lobby (if you have one) for weekend skill classes.

Why? They offer a wide range of classes — knitting, crocheting, sketching, painting, etc. Take the one you keep thinking about or write them on strips of paper and draw from the pile. If you have a partner, best friend and/or a roommate to entertain, take them along! The classes didn’t seem too expensive the last time I looked at them.

7. Clean.

I promise I will be able to check this one off by the end of today. My room needs to be cleaned. I’m sure you have something that needs to be cleaned. No? Okay, a deep cleaning, then. Still no? Fine. Then make a mess.


They’re just ideas. Which do you think would be something that you’d enjoy the most?

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Comments on this post

Hey Liz,

Well those sound fun but I’ve been traveling for the past 2 weeks and I’m worn out. I intend to sleep my whole weekend away. Not that I’ll be able to accomplish that but I’m going to give it my best. I’m beat!


Is it weird that I love cleaning? Like, I mean, not cleaning out a toilet bowl kind of cleaning, in a clearing out your wardrobe and re-organising it based on the new season kind of way. It’s definitely the least interesting on your list but definitely the thing I’d enjoy most!

I like Monopoly too! But it does last a very long time and handling the money can get tedious. The last time I played, my friends and I did the electronic banking version, but it still took a while (cause my friends and I are stubborn) and one of them eventually gave up all his property.

I didn’t know Hobby Lobby had classes on the weekends, I will have to check it out. I’ve never been there, and I think the one time I tried, it was on a Sunday and it was closed. Thanks for the tip! 😀

I LOOOOOOVE the idea for this post! And all of your creative ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Great list! I didn’t think of Bigfoot (or other unexplained/mythical creatures). Some areas have other legend animals as well.

I want to try the “six birds picture” challenge someday, and the one that you posted on Tumblr. 🙂