👋 Hi, I'm Jane.

Hand on side of face, glasses on head, looking up diagonally

I share about my life as as autistic cat mom, so my posts typically relate to current special interests and life experiences.

When life gives me lemons, I’m going to cuddle my cat, Galaxy, and binge-watch Camp Cretaceous or the second generation of Skins.

The content I create is a grab bag of my current special interests and cat tax. You never know what you’re going to get, and neither do I. ✨

I don’t aim to fit into the high-masking autistic crowd anymore. I don’t care for your internalized ableism, as I actively work on mine. It’s not my responsibility to save everyone. My job is to take care of myself and create content that helps other autistic people avoid struggling similarly.

Tortie kitten playing with yellow ball picks up yellow ball in mouth and runs

Galaxy is my emotional support animal, which basically means she’s my lifeline/literal child and I will never stop talking about her. If you don’t like cats, just say that — but perhaps my blog just isn’t the one for you. 🤔

If you wish to support my blog, I currently only have a Kofi on which you can buy me pretzels. 🥨

About “Autistic Jane”

I wanted something memorable, searchable and trustworthy. Dot-com domains are trusted more than dot-blog, and I want to grow my site so it dominates anti-autism sites in search.

Also, if I’m gonna be a content creator, I def need an immediately identifiable name. ✨

Autistic Jane does just that.