👋 Hi, I'm Jane.

Hand on side of face, glasses on head, looking up diagonally

I’m a 30-something cat mom and multi-passionate autistic entrepreneur. ✨

My blog is a curation of my interests and activities, so my posts typically relate to current special interests and life experiences.

Falling deep into autistic burnout disrupted my life. Unmasking my autism has led to my inability to fully wear the autism mask once again, which has disrupted my relationships and turned my life inside out.

My current focus is on rebuilding my life after losing my independence, without coloring inside the lines or fitting into the neurotypical box of society. I don’t know what my life will look like when all is said and done — but I’ll share about my journey along the way.

Tortie kitten playing with yellow ball picks up yellow ball in mouth and runs

Galaxy is my lifeline and literal child. She’s spoiled, but what is the worst that can happen? She’s a cat, a forever toddler.

At a glance, she looks like a tortoiseshell cat. But underneath, her fur is creamy and white like a calico. Regardless of official coat color naming, Galaxy is my kitty spice latte.

About “Autistic Jane”

I wanted something memorable, searchable and trustworthy. Dot-com domains are trusted more than dot-blog, and I want to grow my site so it dominates anti-autism sites in search.

Also, if I’m gonna be a content creator, I def need an immediately identifiable name. ✨

Autistic Jane does just that.