I’m in love with changelogs. I don’t know what it is that fascinates me, but I love reading about minor changes to blogs. No one straight up dedicates a whole post to that anymore (and why would I want to?), but I wanted a way to track how my blog changes in-house.

It’s public because maybe you’re one of the types of people who loves to read these, too (and if you like spoilers, we should def start talking).


  • September
    • moved blog to my hosting on DreamHost to save $$
    • merged into
    • updated AboutFAQ, Media and Contact pages
    • started rebranding to Autistic Jane + @autisticjane
    • moved from to
  • April — July
    • merged into
  • March
    • removed rel="nofollow" from comments because why not?
    • removed posts categorized under “The Before” from homepage; still findable via category and yearly archives, and googleable I’m sure, but this is definitely a load off
      • these posts also no longer appear in frontend search results
      • this means showing 595 posts less in the most popular places — that’s the point
  • February
    • completed manual UBB → BD conversion
    • updated “logo” area in navigation to contain blog name
    • deleted UBB plugin, changed /book-reviews/ to /book-meta/ to fix several now-broken links without having to change them
    • started adding Goodreads logs into BD
    • changed default graphic when there is no assigned featured post or first image fallback (view) + the Twitter/FB version (view)
  • January
    • started adding books to Book Database from Ultimate Book Blogger plugin
    • decided to use only Book Database and converted book reviews page to manually updated lists