I think that no matter how minor, an accomplishment is an accomplishment. Even if it’s something pertaining to the Internet, I still did it. Although I was raised that bragging is “eh” and that bragging about something Internet/computer related is even more “eh”, I think that bragging about something that boosts/boosted my self-esteem in accomplishing such deserves recognition.

1. My WordPress skills have grown.

Three years ago I was barely able to post an entry without screwing the format of my site up. About two years ago I made my first WordPress theme. Last year I learned how to merge WordPress installations into one huge blog.

2. I’ve matured blogging-wise.

Last year I realized how annoying blogs about online drama actually are. It’s okay to vent, but to vent to the point that your readers are given the impression that that is all your life is about is simply giving the impression that all you do all day long is focus on your online relationships. To find something to blog about other than online doings, you have to get offline and go out.

3. I learned that I have self-awareness, and that such is a good thing to have at my age.

At the Joyous Living Retreat, I did take away more than merely the realization that said lifestyle is not for me. I learned that I have self-awareness β€” that knowing and being aware of things that are wrong with me (mentally or not) is actually good, because not everyone is able to have this. Some people go years without knowing, so I’m thankful for having been diagnosed and having the ability to know that being aware of my mental health is a good thing rather than something I should be ashamed of or feel embarrassed by. Self-awareness is good, because it allows me to look at my environment in a different perspective. Self-awareness doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to be aware of my hair being out of place or my tics acting up[1. They’ve been acting up more so here recently; I am aware of that. It’s not something I can control.].

Ugh. I really hope that I’m making sense.

4. I followed a tutorial and made an update hack for MyTCG that I call Flight.

I was actually really nervous about what others would think, because actually releasing said hack put me in a vulnerable position. Fortunately, thus far people like it. I even made cute, transparent pixel emoticons to go with it, since emoticons are included in it. :3 It can work alone as a blogging script, but it’s mostly for the TCG community. πŸ˜‰ You can also download them separately.

5. I don’t let everything get to me like I used to.

With this, I mean that I don’t feel as much guilt as I have in the past. To some, this is me being a heartless bitch, but to me it’s me finally thinking of myself. I also don’t fall for every sob story every single time, or take certain people as seriously as I used to.

6. I finally redid

Although a lot of people seemed to like its original look, I wanted to make something that was my own, have only a few files, and work in all browsers. I did that. πŸ™‚

7. I bought & set up, a domain/site I’ve been meaning to have and set up for at least two years.

When I bought, I was originally going to simply have it at, but I decided that I wanted an actual domain name for it β€” that way, I can make sure no one else creates something with the same name using a .org TLD.

Now that I have my main projects (HF & AA) that I’ve wanted to get up and running, I can work more on (and hopefully I’ll think of a domain name soon that appeases me that ISN’T, because that annoys me). πŸ™‚ 

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I don’t think this is bragging at all. Especially since it’s not materialistic and it’s something you enjoy doing. I feel so good when I finally out of a coding error when I’m working on a website. Kudos to you!

Well an internet accomplishment is still an accomplishment so good for you! I’ve accomplished nothing lately and even less than that on the internet.

– I think I’m still at you three years ago with WordPress. I feel like my blogs are just boring haha.
– Self awareness is very good and way to mature in real life.
– I try not to let things get to me but it doesnt always work out. Unfortunately I fall for sob stories. I dont think you’re a heartless bitch.
– Abuse aloud sound really great project. Both your projects are really inspirational.

I think that accomplishments should be recognized and we should all recognize our accomplishments. It’s not bragging as long as you don’t repeatedly say it over and over! πŸ™‚

You’ve achieved quite a bit over the years, especially with WordPress. I think that I have matured as a blogger as well over the years, but I’m not really any better with coding WordPress stuff than I was before. I really like the layout for Hope Fades, though I can’t really remember the one before.

I have been wanting to make an awareness site that’s quite similar to Abuse Aloud! That’s quite an accomplishment, by the way. More power to you and AA. πŸ™‚

Thanks! I’m so happy I knew exactly what I wanted to do with (or similar) it as well, because it’s finally up. πŸ™‚

This is my first time on your site. First of all you are amazing for stepping out of the boat and into the waters of blogging. Yes a great accomplishment. You should always write about what you achieved in life. It does help others.
You did not bored me and I found your site to be really down to earth. I am 61 years younger but I can find amazing things in everything and everyone.
I was bullied as a child and this week I am going to write an article.

Thank you again
Gladys…posted From depression to HOPE

Thank you

We talked about accomplishments at work today and how it is so easy to focus solely on the negative rather than the positive as well. Personally, I think it’s good to celebrate the accomplishments. Accomplishments should be valued and oftentimes it’s not easy at all to achieve some of them!

That’s awesome! I finally did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while and added the Abuse Aloud and Stop Abuse of AC pictures to my links page.

For someone who is self-taught, you’ve learned quite a lot! And I mean that. πŸ˜€ You’ve published code, which is something that I, a professional engineer in training, have never done.

(Sorry if this comment got submitted twice. I think something wonky happened with the Internet and it looked like the comment didn’t go through as usual.)

“I think that no matter how minor, an accomplishment is an accomplishment. I think that no matter how minor, an accomplishment is an accomplishment. I think that no matter how minor, an accomplishment is an accomplishment. I think that no matter how minor, an accomplishment is an accomplishment. I think that no matter how minor, an accomplishment is an accomplishment. ”

I just needed to say that a few times!

Good for you! Yay! (cheering loudly with pom-poms and everything)

You are totally correct too. It is so important to pat yourself on the back for every accomplishment, great or small. It isn’t easy changing or learning things/life lessons. So when we do see an accomplishment, we should definitely celebrate!

(loud cheering again)

You’ve definitely grown a lot over the years of blogging! Congrats on these accomplishments, I think they’re all q

*quite impressive. Me, on the other hand, I have not improved at all on my WordPress skills, I still can’t make a theme out of scratch. My brain isn’t wired for these kind of things. πŸ™

They are some awesome accomplishments! πŸ™‚

I think that the whole “blogging more maturely” is one that really hits a lot of people that have been in the online world their whole life – when I was younger, I look back on my blog entries and just die of embarrassment!