All Around the World

I want to do something fun and different this summer for 6birds.

I figured postcards would be the best option – people could mail them to a P.O. Box, and I could scan/take pictures of them as they come in and publish them in a blog on 6birds (or something of the sort).

After thinking about it for a while, though, I wondered whether people would actually send postcards. The postcards wouldn’t have to be from a vacation spot – a postcard from the city one lives/lived in would be fine, and then a sentence or two explaining what it was like there.

I might do this. If I do, more information will be given on this later, and I will have a goal. It won’t be anything extravagent – like to receive 100 postcards. Maybe a goal to receive fifty would be logical/more reasonable? 🙂

Feedback? 😀

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Comments on this post

This would be pretty cool. I’d actually prefer that the postcards not be from vacation spots so that people would have a more “accurate” perception of what it’s like in a place.

This idea sounds great! Definitely something new and interesting. I would send you one if I could … I live in near New York sooo…

Ohhh does it? That’s new to me haha. I’ve never heard it snow in Florida so didn’t think much about Texas. I wouldn’t expect it to snow where palm trees are.

Haha sounds like a fun idea, and it’s clever to use PO Box coz it’s best not to reveal where you live on the internet.

I think I might join if you do the project. 😀

Sounds like a good idea, if people sign up. I think for me to sign up, I’d want something more creative than just to see them on a blog. I can use google for that 😀


But the purpose of it will be to have postcards on here from various places in the world. Kind of like a quilt. 😛

Sounds like a great idea! I would totally send you one. 🙂

Merry Belated Christmas! 😀