Almost There

Yesterday my mom and I went to TVCC and enrolled. We received our degree plan, which I think is pretty cool. My major is in education (Secondary Specializations 8-12). Afterward we went to the financial aid office for FAFSA paperwork. We ate lunch at Applebee’s. ^^

Today we went back to TVCC to give the FAFSA paperwork back to the people at the financial office and settled everything out. The councelor’s office was busy, so we opted to come back another day to give them my TAKS scores. We ate at Carmona’s, and we decided that we could have shared a meal instead of ordering two separate ones. LOL.

I enjoy hanging out with my mom. I think that after you graduate high school the relationship with you and your mother either grows or dies. Your environment changes from a teenage world to a world full of adults – where you are treated they way you look. By that, I mean if you look like you are older than nineteen, you will be treated with more respect. If you have a “baby face” (as Mimi calls it) like me, then other adults are going to treat you like you are still in high school, and they will not take you seriously unless you have finished college and have a steady job! …In other words, just stick it out; it is not possible for you to be taken seriously if you are in my position, no matter what you try.

I will get the SOTM contest figured out tomorrow sometime, then I will work on the details to the coloring contest. ๐Ÿ™‚

I worked on my about page yesterday. It felt unorganized, and now it is organized. ๐Ÿ˜€ Unfortunately, I still have other pages I need to update and fix and such. Blahh. -.-

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You lost me.

I did my FAFSA online too. It was so much faster. I did it with the paperwork the first year. Glad you got it all sorted out though! That is so exciting!

I’m glad that you like to hang out with your mom. My mom and I have become a lot closer in recent years but I wish it hadn’t taken this long.

I know what you mean to an extent about people not really taking you as seriously as older women. It’s such a shame how people stereotype like that. I have quite a young face too.

Good luck with school applications!

And you’re right; the relationship you have with your parents inevitably has to change once you’re an adult. I know that my mother and I relate more as adults now than we do as parent-child.

It’s kind of cool.

I dressed up my ‘about me’ page a few weeks ago, I love what I did to it haha. I feel like the rest of my site is a mess too though. I really need to clean out a lot of pages and add some things I’ve had ideas for for a long time.

I think I’m closer with my mum than I was in high school. I can’t see much of a difference since we’ve never really been close or bonded… but I think we talk a lot more and get along a bit better! We still have fights and she still gets angry at me a lot though. I think especially as a daughter, you do feel closer to your parents when you reach the ‘adult’ stage.

Speaking of that, though, and your blog, my mum told me to dress maturely, otherwise people will just really treat me like a kid. :/ I can’t prove her wrong or anything but I actually feel much better if I don’t dress up in coloured t-shirts and sneakers all the time. It’s a shame that people sort of judge you by how you dress or how you look.

On the phone people have this stupid tendency to treat me like a kid, asking things like ‘aww sweetie, when’s mum home?’ My voice isn’t even high. I have a really deep voice, LOL.

I used to be really obsessed with Tumblr, then I realised I was just posting stuff in the hopes that people would reblog it and read it and stuff. ._. I started fresh because I wanted it to be more of a personal thing, now I don’t really care for the pretty pictures. ๐Ÿ˜›

It’s one I wrote hon. You did really bother to read around im assuming.

I hate how appearances make such a huge impression on people! There are people who finish college with baby faces and they deserve at least as much respect as someone like me, who looks like an adult, gets. It kind of sucks.

Good luck with your education! It’ll be worth it!

Oooh :D! Good job on the enrollment (:! Good luck with your major plan! You can do it!! :D! And Applebees is amazingly delicious. I ate there a few weeks ago and doubted their food sizes. :P!

I agree with you. Relationships with your mom after high school either grows or dies. I wouldnt totally count on it yet. But I bet it would semi-die because of our differences :X!! But Im hoping for the best ^__^

You could do the FAFSA online. I think it’s easier and faster to process and you don’t have to go anywhere. But at least you get to spend the day with your mom and improve your relationship. ๐Ÿ™‚