Always Something

I ended up not babysitting last night and babysitting today, hence the reason for the entry.

Anyway, I am sick today. I woke up with a sore throat. Last night I had a slight fever, but I don’t have it today. My mom sent Lard to Subway for sandwiches and to Brookshire’s  for a few things – like my Powerade. When sick I only like to drink things I can actually taste, because otherwise it is not satisfying.

I ate chicken noodle soup last night with the broth still in it; I never eat soup with broth unless my throat hurts (the broth soothes my sore throat). Today I ate some stew Mimi brought home yesterday from the intermediate school (she works there). It was alright, but it had so many tomato chunks and diced onions that it was hard to eat around, and my appetite for the stew went away when I had only half left. Todd and Max seemed to enjoy about half of what was left, though (they enjoyed about 1/4 of the total amount of soup originally in the bowl). Then I poured Kix cereal into a red plastic cup, and I ate the cereal from the cup. I have felt better since the Powerade (blue, of course!).

Whilst I work on replying to comments and writing a post, I am accepting my mom’s FarmVille gifts. She had over 100 gift requests to accept, but now she is down to seventy, and it will most likely be down to zero by the time this post is published. 😛

I had to leave for fifteen minutes. Luckily for you, my day can now be considered a productive day.

Aside from my sore throat, I ran around on our road for fifteen minutes chasing donkeys. Though I shut and locked the front gate, I noticed it was open when I was driving down the road to the end of Mimi’s property. Those stupid miniature donkeys obviously opened the front gate themselves!

Thankfully the kids’ friend Megan had come over and knocked on the back door to notify us that the donkeys were out. Otherwise, we would not have known until even more people were involved.

Unfortunately, my throat now hurts as much as it did last night. I think it is drainage.

No matter how hard you try to have a calm, smooth, nothing-to-do, boring day, something is always happening on a farm.

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Comments on this post

That sucks about being sick. Ah, I get what you mean about wanting to drink stuff you can taste. Besides, drinking just water when you are sick somethings hurts my tummy. I like to drink things like gingerale

I hope you feel better really soone!

Thank you! 🙂 I feel a little better. Ginger Ale has too much sugar for me. ._. I don’t really drink things that have a lot of sugar, etc. Sugar makes me feel weak. 🙁 But it’s mostly when I wake up and after nine at night when my throat hurts. :]

I hope you feel better soon! Sore throats are horrible!

I haven’t been to a farm since I was a little kid. Chasing donkeys sounded pretty exhilirating.
I hope you get better soon. Sore throats are a pain.

A lofted bed is like a bunk bed without the lower bunk. Where you’d normally have the lower bunk, there is just empty space.

Get well soon! Chicken soup is always good for the throat! I tend to eat Granny Smith apples (the green ones) too because it always soften my coughing. 😀

Get well soon! Man, sore throats suck… Yes, hot things are awesome…

omfg thats what i do when im sick as well. i ONLY drink not powerade but gatorade, and it has to be blue! ^+^ hope you feel betterr!