…and it’s really awesome!

You’ve never really seen much of my goofy side live before, so I’ve made a video to show it to you all. Yesterday was quite a busy day for me – Isaac, Carrie, Pat and I went to Mimi’s to break down my bed and move it over to my mom’s house. I guess I started staying at my mom’s house around May, after school let out and the day I went to the ER. When I’m sick/not feeling well, Mimi is not exactly comforting, and I just couldn’t do that… It seems to always have to be about her, and I couldn’t handle that. At the ER when I found out about the ovarian cyst, I couldn’t help but to freak out and think everything was horrible. After all, I hadn’t a clue as to what it was [at the time].

But that isn’t what this post is about. I missed my bed. It’s a pillow top, and it’s so soft. Carrie’s bed is so rock-solid; it’s outrageous. She likes her bed, though, and that is all that matters.

Yeah, I live with my mom now. Even though I still have my ups and downs, I’m much happier here than I would be at Mimi’s house with her and her boyfriend Tommy. I’d have to fight through the bad-mouthing Isaac, the whining about money (which she obviously has because of her recent house buying thing which reminded me of this) and the talk about their favorite grandchild Patrick. Everyone in the family knows it. Pat gets everything he wants when he’s there, and then we have to deal with his anger and whatnot when he comes home just because we won’t cater to his every beckon, wish and call.

Guess how I slept last night?

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Congratulations on moving to your mom’s house! That must be a relief if you’ve been so unhappy at Mimi’s. Oh, I’m sorry to hear about the ovarian cyst! I have a friend who gets those monthly and I know they are painful. D: Ah, I know what you mean about missing beds. When I was up in the mountains for two months all I missed was the fuzzy blanket I have on my bed.

Aw, I am sorry your grandparents pick favorites. That must be pretty frustrating! It doesn’t sound like Chris deserves it, either.

Haha, I love the video! It’s awesome seeing the goofy side of you live. (:

Haha, thanks! It was bound to happen sooner or later, anyway, you know? We’re just hoping Mimi will come to her senses and realize that Tommy really isn’t for her – even though we understand this most likely will not happen.

It’s okay; the cyst had went away, but I keep thinking it’s back because I have all of the symptoms. It sucks a lot. 🙁

I was a favorite, but my great grandmother (her mom) died, and so Mimi thinks that I’m just jealous of she and Chris. But she always thinks people are jealous of her – even if they’re not even discussing it at all.

Thanks! I don’t know if it’s actually “the goofy side” of me or not, because I’m almost always like that. Like Lilly on Hannah Montana or Cece on Shake It up with their awkward, make-you-laugh lines during a sad part? That’s what it’s like for me, but I usually get eyed because it didn’t make people laugh or I said something wrong, etc.

Haha, you’re very adorable in that video. I’m guessing you had to whisper because either someone was sleeping or you didn’t want anyone to think you were talking to yourself in the room.

Also, it’s good to hear that you’re happier staying in your new place with your mom, though I’m sorry to hear about the ovarian cyst. I’d seriously freak out too, ’cause that doesn’t sound too good.

@Tiff – Mm, it’s actually both! 😛

Thumbs up! grins

Haha, I don’t really know why I even did that. :O