Another reason I despise doctors: Weight over overall health

I’m currently bouncing back and forth between hot and cold. Should I pull the necklace of chain beads to lower the turn strength on the fan above this bed, or should I leave it? Decisions, decisions… I am also half in pain on one side… Although this probably doesn’t make any sense. I had a weird dream/nightmare last night again. I really don’t enjoy them, because they make my days run together and my nights feel so long. I remember the dream well – it did wake me up, and it wasn’t over two hours ago, so… And with the way it went, how could anyone forget something that terrible? Everything was backwards, and the present was entirely different, “what if ___” definitely being put into place – a lot of places.

Anyway, somehow I gained something to blog about after I woke up. I can’t remember how I got it, though.

I remember going to the doctor and weighing ~154/155 to ~160 lbs. I also had a cyst, which can cause you to gain weight. Two doctors had asked me if I had any plans to lose weight, and I replied, “No, because I really felt like I was losing weight…” Their reply was some assumption of me simply not eating in order to lose weight, so I mentioned my cysts (they both knew about this, each time). Still, they were very concerned with my weight. It wasn’t like I was overweight or anything, you know? If it was because she thought I was lard’s biological daughter and that I had two overweight parents, she was wrong[1. Statistics show that kids who have overweight parents are more likely to be overweight themselves.]. Anyway, she told me to work out and stretch, even if it hurt to stretch. So I, a twenty year old who wanted to get rid of my painful ovarian cyst, listened to said doctors. I stretched and began walking and working out and doing all of this crazy activity, and I ended up in even more pain. I did this because I seriously thought it would help.

You know, maybe if doctors would take a different approach to peoples’ weights (especially girls’/people who are more sensitive than others) there wouldn’t be so many people out there dieting who look great. On Xanga, there are various blogrings consisting of 10 to 15 year olds who weigh between 100 and 170, look great and have a goal weight of 100/staying at 100 lbs.

Personally, I don’t see the need to start telling people they need to start losing weight unless they are more than 50 pounds over weight and it’s obvious. There is much more to the weight, though (at least I WOULD HOPE SO): whether they’re eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise (unless some condition prevents them from doing so)…

I don’t know. That’s just my opinion. I’ve been there/through that. I’m really hoping I don’t end up back in that whole I-gotta-have-a-goal-weight-of-130-lbs-or-else-I’m-gonna-wind-up-like-my-mom – not that I’m calling her overweight/trying to insult her or anything, though – because I really don’t enjoy it. It becomes an obsession – an addiction – and it’s really hard to destroy/get over that. Plus, you have people who are all appalled that you would even do that.

No worries, though. I’m not anywhere near it. I just had a thought for a post come to mind and figured I’d write it out before I lose it.[1. Helpful hint: I’m just reminiscing. Watch my tags if you’re ever in doubt.]

I also just wanted to say that I think/believe doctors intentionally try to freak you out before they really should to begin with. I mean, if you’re going to a doctor who knows hardly anything about your self-esteem and s/he asks you about how many sodas you drink in about a week and then lectures you about how “obesity this…” and “obesity that…” – HOW does s/he not know you’re not going to start drinking just water and eating just fruits? Because remember, s/he also mentioned something about sugar. -.-

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I have not been to the doctor for my annual check-up in probably over two years now, and I’ll tell you a secret, it’s because I was afraid to have the doctor weigh me. I gained some weight the last couple years, not much but probably about 15 pounds, and I was afraid and embarrassed to hear it from the doctor. Plus I was worried I would get a lecture, even though at 5’7″ and 145lbs I was nowhere near overweight.

I’ve been eating healthy and exercising regularly and I am finally back down to 130lbs, which is what I weighed during middle school and at the start of high school. (Now I’m just too lazy to go to the doctor. :P) I don’t even look as skinny now as I did then because back then I was super toned then from being a competitive figure skater.

Doctors really can be ridiculous about weight. They focus on it soooo much. I remember when I was 11 or 12, I went for my check-up and I weighed 130lbs. My doctor was legitimately concerned and my mom had to reassure her that it was “all muscle”. I mean, come on doctor, could you not SEE me? I was a stick!

I hope you won’t let your doctors get to you. They are probably just concerned that you might gain weight and become obese, but as long as you are at a healthy weight like you are now and as long as you are happy, I think that’s all that really matters.

Weight issues are very common. Even me, who am not overweight at all feel like I’m starting to get fat. How did we come to view being skinny as healthier than being a certain weight for your body type?

I’ve also been obsessed with losing weight, to the point where I barely ate at all and weighed around 100 lbs. It’s time consuming, it’s depressing, it’s absolutely horrible to be that obsessed with food. Now I weight a lot more and hate the way I look but I’m not sure I would want to be 100 lbs again if that meant the constant obsessing over food. Overweight or underweight, I hate the way I look either way.

This post reminded me of an experience I had at the doctor’s office when I was 8-9 years old. I was visibly overweight and heavier than most other people, and so were my parents. The doctor asked my parents how often I got sick or tired, and they said that I rarely got sick and that I rarely got very tired. The doctor looked at my parents, and said, “Well, you both are in good health, so I’m not going to worry too much about your daughter, since she seems fine too”. So yes, there is indeed more to health than just weight, and at least one doctor is well aware of that. However, I will also admit that ever since becoming not overweight, I’ve been in much better health than before, and am in much better health than either of my parents. I’ll also admit that I had the fortune of living near one of the country’s top medical schools/doctors at the time.

Perhaps I’m just preaching to the choir here, but if I were your doctor, I’d just worry about the cysts. The pain from the cysts should preclude any concerns about weight. Once the cysts stop bothering you, then you have the time and energy to worry about weight. Are there any plans to get rid of the cysts at all? Have they mentioned surgery, or anything other than birth control pills?

Surgery has been mentioned, but they said that since I get them on both ovaries I’d have to have them both removed. There’s surgery and there’s birth control pills. That’s pretty much all. A cyst may ‘go away’ (or disappear for a while), which is pretty much all BC does, but surgery removes it completely. You can have surgery to remove a cyst, but I’m guessing they might as well test me for PCOS since they keep coming back.

We (Charan, me, Grandmama and sort of Bebe) are all trying to get everything sorted out and such with the cysts. I don’t know, it’s a huge mess to be honest. I’m trying to take it one step at a time.