Back. :p

I have a bundle of books that I don’t read – all of which are written by V.C. Andrews. If I hosted a giveaway/contest for a book (or even two), would you be interested in joining it? I’m wanting to do it between August and October, and if all goes well, then I will do again in 2012. Each contest/giveaway would feature a different book. The giveaways would merely require entering, and the contests would be creative and focus on mostly writing.

6birds is now hosted by I must say that everything really is faster, and Harrison is quite nice. :3

I decided to move my domain collective to my cPanel with HC, mostly because I don’t plan to host anyone else but myself on subdomains at the domain. Also, I decided to have it as an addon domain because it’s pointless for it to have a cPanel. I don’t want to have to have two cPanels to log onto.

I gave up on updating my current WordPress to WordPress 3.1.2. I have already had too many errors/failures, and I just want to blog already. >.> After all, I have at least eleven comments. So. I will most likely reply directly on my blog this time. If you don’t like that, I’m sorry. It’s just much easier for me.

I’m hosting a new giveaway – one $30 gift card to You may see all of the details by clicking the link in my navigation.

I feel really dumb. Last night before getting off my laptop and going home, I installed a few plugins for Google Chrome. One of them was SocialPlus!, which includes a “Dislike” button, the ability to change your Facebook skin and more. It took me a really long time to figure out why only I have these features. Now I know why. Haha. 😛

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:love: Your theme brings me back to the trend from 5 years ago, and I love it! I have been wanting to see something old school that actually works! You really brought that out in this theme! The font, plus the colors, and the splash style layout just makes me want to go back to my little homepage site where I began from. 😀

How are you doing? Will you be out for summer soon?

I love Munro Chambers, I think he’s such a great actor! (: And he’s a cutiepie! /blush

Blah, your domain has expired, and I miss you. 🙁