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I recently joined a message board Christine told me about. It’s Twist MB[1. If you join, please say Christine referred you? ;)], and it’s TCG-based. I’ve considered opening a forum that’s TCG-based, but I’m not exactly up for that at the moment considering I have a total of three online trading card games: Spree, Capture and Zest. I posted a thread for 6birds in the Site Plugs forum, and I received the following reply:

how did you come up with 6birds for a name?

Of course, I struggled to think of a response. It wasn’t easy, because I literally didn’t think too much into it. Here’s what I coughed up:

I at first wanted, but it was taken. 9 is my favorite number, like 8. As a kid, I always liked the way 9 sounds, and I still do today. Birds are pretty, and I want to fly and soar the sky, following my dreams. Thus, birds.

I’m also into symbolism. Each bird symbolizes its own thing, but the common symbolism is freedom. I’m a victim of abuse, so freedom is important to me.

Since what I wanted was taken, I resulted to this:

9birds = 6 characters
#birds = 6 characters
6birds = 6 characters

Long story short: It’s symbolic.

I really hope this makes sense. 😡

To this day, is still taken. I still think it has quite a nice ring to it, but because I’ve been with for so long, it feels more homey.

In case you didn’t understand why it’s always written as “6birds” for me rather than any other way, it’s because of the 6 characters thing. 😉

…3 years down, 2 more to go until 6birds is 5!

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[…] please people, I came up with a story behind 6birds in late 2010. There’s actually no interesting story aside from being taken. […]

6birds might sound a little strange at first as a name for a blog, but with your explanation it does make sense. The most important thing is that you feel the name reflects you and/or your feelings, after all, is a personal blog isn’t it? I can understand you since the same happens with the name of my blog. It’ll require a long explanation to make other people understand (if they understand), but the meaning goes very deep in one’s feelings.


I love that your site name is symbolic. It makes it so much more significant when you look back on it someday and realize how meaningful it was. 🙂 I remember when I used to name my sites just about anything ’cause I just wanted it to sound cool, ahah. Not a great choice. 😛

I agree sometimes that is the hardest questions.
I think it’s great that you came up with a way to get a domain that you wanted and make it special to you. I also think it’s important to have a bit of symbolism in our site names. We pour out our lives into these sites sometimes so it just fits.

I think that is nice the thought and symbolism you put behind naming your blog. It might not be important to those reading your blog but it should mean something to the person writing it! 9birds does have a nice ring to it too bad it was taken! although 6 is like an upside 9 and that’s not too bad! 🙂

Good point! :p

I remember you mentioning this some time ago. It might have been on your blog, or elsewhere. A blog name is actually a very personal thing. Mine certainly is, even though it doesn’t look it. It’s strange how someone can interpret “6birds” as probably just, frankly, six birds, but to you, the meaning goes far deeper than that.