Better is Ambiguous

I’m so tired of people
telling me I am getting
better when I definitely
do not feel any better.

There is a difference in
looking one way and feeling
another. Just because I
look as though I am better
doesn’t necessarily
mean I feel any better.

Feelings take over the way
a person perceives things, and
if said person does not feel
as though they are any bit
of better, then it is not
another person’s place to
just continue pushing them.

Society’s perception
of the word “better” is that
“better” means as such to its
full potential. The problem
with this is that we use this
ambiguous term always.

Sucks, but I couldn’t care less. Kudos to you if you figure out what I did here.

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Comments on this post

I feel as though if you’re told you’re better, it’s almost as if the way you feel gets identified and classified. Like you didn’t know how you were was “better” until someone said it, and then maybe it’s that which convinces you you’re on a “better” path. I’ve always been surprised when people tell me I’m better, and I’ve only ever felt “better” if I said it first.

The word “better” can get stuffed. Also what means better to me may mean something entirely to someone else.

You know, I have never thought about how the word “better” could be use and cause frustration to the person that it is being used upon. You’re right, the fact that you could look better doesn’t mean that you could be feeling better. I think that is the biggest thing we all misconceive about a word. Funny how, if you look at all the people going through mental stress and struggles in their personal life, they would look better but no one would actually ask them if they feel better. Well some of them anyways, these words were true. I like this post, it made me think.

Not sure if I just read a poem or a post just formatted weirdly, haha.

Society’s perception aside, I think people just care for you, and I think that’s nice.

Better IS ambiguous and I couldn’t agree more. Society’s perception of how things “should” be and how people “ought” to feel, unfortunately, has taken control. As individuals, we can only push on and persevere to make our own way in the world and hopefully leave a mark that will be remembered. Forget what others think and do; it’s more important what YOU think and do and how you perceive things…more important to YOU, not them.

I am not well versed in poetry and I can’t figure out what you did, but I think it’s cool that you are telling your thoughts and combining them with such a creativity expression. I hope that people stop disregarding what you are telling them and try to understand what you are going through. Sometimes, people only really understand when they themselves have gone through the same situation, but I think that’s a habit of people that only think of themselves 🙁

@Jessica, It’s a poem with merely seven syllables per line. 😉

Sometimes people who love us try to encourage us with words like better. Sometimes we don’t feel like encouragement. Feelings are transitory so who knows what tomorrow may bring!