So I tried birth control again…

Just a warning, I’m being my complete self in this LOVELY post. I decided to warn you, though, because I’m even “TALKING” to you like I WOULD if you were actually HERE. If you feel as though you may get sick and/or you’re a guy, you really shouldn’t read this [most likely], and I don’t care if you complain about this entry at all. I wrote this whilst drinking my orange juice; OJ makes me feel SLIGHTLY BETTER, TYVM.

If you prefer, check out the new theme (I made it) on instead. ‘Kay? TOODLES[1. “TOODLES” is freaking sarcasm…]. -.-

This new birth control pill and I have not been getting along. Either a cyst formed and bursted yesterday, or something else is completely wrong with me in said department. To be honest, I’m pretty scared (even though I most likely shouldn’t be) that something is completely wrong with me.

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks (will be two weeks on Wednesday) trying to figure it out, and a certain visitor has. not. gone. away. On 6birds I blogged about what happened with the first kind of birth control I was put on. – and I even listed out all of the symptoms I was suffering from (which was pretty much the entire freaking list).

I have church today, and it’s 5:48am. Oh, believe me – I’d LOVE to SLEEP. But I can’t lay down without feeling like I’m going to puke all of my guts out. -.-

I have spent all night long feeling so nauseous and dizzy – and picture a pregnant person. A pregnant person having stupid contractions (they hurt like HELL), morning sickness, cravings, etc. – THAT’S what happened last time, and that’s what has happened this time. I’ve also gained weight much quicker than usual (and I stretch and dance and whatnot day and night) AND I AM CRAVING CHOCOLATE.

DO YOU KNOW HOW HORRIBLE IT IS TO HATE CHOCOLATE AND CRAVE CHOCOLATE!? It’s like I have these heightened senses as far as chocolate goes or something… So as I am eating the DISGUSTING TASTING CANDY to appease the STUPID CRAVING, my tongue is all like, “CAN WE PLEASE STOP NOW? I AM GOING TO THROW UP.”

As for the contractions, picture yourself giving birth to a freaking elephant with zero pain killers. No, I have never been in labor before. My mom, friend and doctor told me something along the lines of, “Congratulations! If you can survive that now, labor will be a breeze for you!” WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYONE WANT TO FREAKING SURVIVE THAT!? Last time I had taken Hydrocodone with it: still pain. I had tried Vicodin: still pain. THE PAIN KILLERS WOULDN’T WORK.

  • You can’t walk,
  • You can’t think,
  • Crying won’t help, so what’s the point?,
  • Others think you’re crazy because it’s “just a cramp” that will “go away soon”,
  • And then you decide that MAYBE I’M NOT GOOD,
  • And your last resort is that humans should be like seahorses and let the MALES HAVE THE BABIES,
  • Because it would make LIFE MUCH EASIER.

I hope you enjoyed my EMPHASIS. That’s me YELLING and/or RAISING MY VOICE just a tad freaking BIT to get my freaking POINT ACROSS.

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I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this. HUGS My friend had to take pills for PCOS and she had a lot of symptoms but I don’t think she was ever in this much pain.

Sometimes I’ve had PMS symptoms that have been really excruciating and painful. I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone. And no one knows what you’re going through except yourself, so I think it’s a little rude for them to think you’ll be okay in labour.

The rolling cravings are pretty bad. Have you tried taking something sweet like orange juice or maybe even a piece of Vitamin C? It might kill the craving without making you feel crap.


I actually found my frozen fruitcicles! ♥

They’re making me feel better about snacking more, as lame as that probably sounds. :]

You had that much trouble with birth control pills before and the doctor still prescribed more birth control pills? I sense a lack of common sense here, though according to Wikipedia, there isn’t too much more that can be done with ovarian cysts. Yeah, there are different kinds of pills, but at this point, you might just be someone who responds poorly to all forms of hormonal regulation drugs.

My mom says that labor and pregnancy is painful but worth it in the end. Since she’s done it twice, I’ll trust her judgment, even though I’ve had very little experience with stomach cramps. I hope that this all gets better soon, though I think that we can both agree that that’s nearly equivalent to wishing for a miracle.

It was an actual OB/GYN who prescribed them this time. A different doctor. …Who I even TOLD my previous BC problems to. Everyone has been telling me that it’s just said birth control, so the money continues to get wasted. Thankfully these Lo Loestrin Fe’s that I have are from a sample box (long story short, having an aunt who works in insurance in a medical office and has friends who work in other places of the medical field – including the same OB/GYN office – is very helpful when you need a certain medication). I was going to be put on a generic brand since I didn’t have my Women’s Insurance from Medicaid with me at the time, but when we found out we could get the samples… And patients with gastrointestinal problems aren’t supposed to use this kind of BC anyway. I’m also allergic to eggs, dairy and berries – and many other foods – but when I started to get into telling the nurse which foods I was allergic to, she just said that they just needed the medications. Apparently eggs are in yeast or whatever, and that’s in BC or something… I don’t remember what my aunt was saying about it exactly, but all I keep thinking during this is… “I told you so!”

There’s also surgery for the cyst, which I apparently didn’t have when I went into that doctor’s appointment, but I knew I didn’t. I didn’t need to be told I didn’t have one at that very moment. They also wanted to regulate my periods so I’d have it regularly rather than be surprised about eight or nine times a year for anywhere from three to ten days. They were never too painful. And the only reason I had to go to said doctor this time was because of my cyst, which had went away before the dang appointment.

Doctors never listen to me. They always think I know nothing about diagnosis and whatnot, but the only way I got to bond with my mom as a child when things were actually good was via watching medical TV shows. Half of the stuff still disgusts me and grosses me out today, but I know food allergies clearly have to have some sort of connection to certain medical allergies. They always tell me I’m wrong and that “there’s more to it than that, actually,” and I end up being right in the end. I tell them this, and then I tell them I’m going to a different/new doctor because they should have listened to me rather than what others that went with me had said and/or what was on my medical file at the last doctor’s office (because whatever is on there, all their notes and whatnot, just make gives them that impression of me). It’s never a complete new start because they don’t think that what I say will be important later and/or is any bit of relevant to the visit or me seeing that doctor. If I could find one that did/will, then I would stay with them. If I wasn’t so squeamish when it came to even the smallest of things medical-wise, then I would be one.

…Eh, never mind. Doesn’t that take, like, a whole lot of years? That’s a huge chunk out of my life I don’t want. I’d rather be a teacher. (: