Blah, blah, blah. This is possibly my ‘last hurrah’ [of the year].

I went to the doctor yesterday. I have strep throat – great, right? The PA prescribed to me a “z-pack”, and let’s just say that it has kicked in and started working already.

My bed is not made, there are used tissues all over my bed (including in between the sheets, etc.) and on the floor, there are cough drop wrappers (at least three bags worth since that’s how many I’ve went through) and yet I’m still feeling under the weather. I have a doctor’s note, though, so I am hoping that that will make things “okay”… I didn’t really have the option of not going to the doctor. This medicine is working much better than the over-the-counter crap I was taking. I feel like it doesn’t matter if I am sick, though – with a fever, with a sore throat, unable to speak much without choking over my own words, with eyes constantly watering, with a runny nose that’s all stopped up – as long as I show up to work. But if I’m sick with a fever and such flu-like symptoms, why must I have to feel like it’s my fault? It’s not my fault some lady with the flu didn’t wait twenty-four hours since her last fever to go Christmas shopping for her grandchildren. It’s not my fault she decided to go out and do this last minute and/or after merely six hours of her last fever. I’m honestly afraid I’m going to get penalized for missing work to go to the doctor, even though I’ve a doctor’s note.

Anyway, regarding the new look on My Melodies, I can’t seem to stay away from grey when it comes to the looks and feels of things. I really love the color grey, and I love being able to add a splash of color to greys. I can’t do that a lot with other colors.

Besides, I still don’t know exactly what kind of layout I want to have on here. Also, I’m a bit burnt out on making my own for now. I think I get tired of them so quickly because I spen(d/t) a lot of time on them.


I watched Avatar today. I’d never seen it before (honestly, I thought it was some ridiculously stupid movie with a stupid concept and whatnot). I love it.

As far as telling the time goes (at work and on WordPress), military time isn’t difficult for me anymore. I don’t understand why so many people have to use it, though – especially where it is not necessarily necessary.

I don’t know. I’m still sick, and I’m still feelin’ it. >.>

I have a bean and cheese burrito in the freezer at home calling my name simultaneously.

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[…] people cannot talk to each other like the adults that they are without the other getting mad and blah, blah, blah. It isn’t my problem, and all it does to me is just make me want to scream and put me under […]

awww, sad to hear you’re sick in the holidays! :/ i hate it when that happens.
over the christmas days, i had some kind of a sore throat, too, but it went away quickly, fortunately. <3

i've seen avatar in cinema, it was alright, but i guess i like silly romcoms or good science fiction more. 😀 since all animated movies have to be "realistic as life itself" or in 3D, i don't like them anymore… i miss the good, old Disney days. :/

anyway, take care!

xo, tina

I hope you feel better!

I think Avatar is exactly what you said a ridiculously stupid movie with a stupid concept. I’ve never actually saw it but I watched the cartoon episodes and that was enough to make me stay away from the movie. LOL

Good Luck with making a layout and feeling better. <3

Don't worry about work, if they yell at you for this, they really didn't need you in the first place. 🙂 Trust me, I know how it feels. I hated it. With my new job I don't have to worry about that though. 🙂

I understand where you were coming from when you posted your comment from me but I never said that I thought I was the best, I admitted that my diet isn't that good. So, idk where you are getting the fact that I think I am better than my boyfriend cuz I don't. I'm pretty much at the same level stating things that I see that I believe he is doing that is worse than me. EVERYONE agrees that he is lazier than me and that is sad because I am REALLY lazy. So, please, if you don't have something nice to say then SHUT UP.

I never asked about what you thought my boyfriend would like to hear. You don't know EVERYTHING about guys. You may know more than me but you don't know EVERYTHING and you are currently acting like you do, which is pretty hypocritical because you are telling me not to act like I know everything about something yet you are doing the same thing….Doesn't that seem a bit odd to you?

I'm not bitchy and I resent being called that. You don't even know me that well. I am whiny and I admit that. I am one of those gfs that admits their faults and moves on and tries to do better next time.

That isn't necessarily true. Guys will be guys yes (duh?). But that doesn't mean that they all act THE EXACT SAME WAY, no way. Some guys eat extremely healthy, some are vegans, some are vegetarians, and some are just really lazy and don't care about their health and those are the ones you see on the couch playing video games for 18 hours a day unless they are working. Dante is in the lazy group. I am trying to make him realize that what he is doing is getting out of hand but I have no idea how to make him realize this. I mean, I know I am on the computer a lot but I am doing my best to change that. I realize I have a bad habit and I am trying to change it.
Basically all I was saying in this previous paragraph and my previous blog is this:
I know I have something wrong and it is similar to what he has wrong but I REALIZE that I have an issue and I am trying to change it. He doesn't realize he has any kind of issue and when I try to tell him how I really feel he thinks I am just over reacting about something or just nagging him. And just tries to shut me up and says things to make me happy…which do and I am stupidly believing him…I am just wanting to know HOW I would go about talking to him about this. Not what you think of me…I never asked for that.

I'm definitely not trying to sound bitchy, whiny or anything like that, but even though you didn't want your comment to come off as rude, it did and it hurt my feelings.

I like what you did with the theme. 🙂 I like grey, and it’s such a classy colour as well. It looks pretty awesome with the pink. I’m glad you liked it enough to use it, I really appreciate it. <3

I'm so sorry you have strep throat though, that sounds horrible. 🙁 huuuugs What a horrid way to end the year. I hope to hear from you in the new year that you're better though – I wish you a quick recovery. 🙂

I spend a lot of time on my layouts too and sometimes I haven't been pleased with it, and I've thought, "I don't want to ever put this up". But I don't want my hard work to go to waste so even if I don't like the layout 100%, I still put it up. That happened a couple of years ago and I actually got some good feedback, haha.

I haven't seen Avatar either, but I don't really care about the hype. I suppose I'm curious to know what it's like… but that's all. I'm not a movie-watcher, really.

I kind of like military time, but I use it on my phone and not on WordPress. 😛

Have a good new year and get well soon! <3

Avatar is basically Pocahontas. I like Avatar as a romance, not as an action.

It sucks when people don’t look after themselves properly and it effects you health wise. I feel like poking them when I am sick and asking for compensation.

Don’t worry about work, you have your sick note, they can’t do shit apart from warn you if that.

Actually military time is prevalent in Europe so that’s why a lot of people use it! My bf changed my phone to military time and eventually got used to it but I had no use for it til I went on vacation to London and Paris.

hey! Thank-you, you too! 😀
by the way, I saw your maintenance mode thing on your other site and it’s so cool! better than the normal wordpress ones, where did you get it? 🙂

@becca, The credit to the plugin is located on the plugin’s footer…