Blog Comments: A Jar of Hearts

Having blog comments is like collecting a jar of hearts.

You’ve got the people who comment for the hits, the people who comment for friends, the people who comment to complain, and the people who comment just because they’re bored and/or have something to say. Which one of those people are you?

I think I can sometimes be all of those people, but I try not to be the one who comments for the hits or the friends – or even to complain.

I feel as if all I am is a heart who keeps filling up other people’s jars. I feel like my heart isn’t going to be good enough and that it won’t make it to the jar because it isn’t an adequate size.

Part of me – no, the majority of me – is lazy. I’m lazy because I’m tired of feeling like I have to read 17 blogs and reply to them for that stupid, silent “if-you-don’t-reply-to-people-on-their-websites-you’re-rude” rule. Knock it off already.

Hits are fun, but I have to admit: Not blogging for seven days didn’t really make me miss the comments – I merely missed the blogging and receiving feedback.

I’m still going to return comments, just through my Dashboard. And I’ll still read your blogs – just on my own time and whenever I can.

I’m not really a heart collector, and I don’t plan on storing any hearts in any jars.

I might end up doing what Stephanie did for a while. I keep mentioning her and her article… When – and if – this happens, I hope that you remember this post. Please don’t tweet me about closed posts. I don’t want a reply to everything I blog about. Just reply to me on your website, e-mail me OR how about you try going back an entry? 😉 Yeah, that works. Much better than getting 20 tweets from 20 different people about the same thing[1. …No offense.]! >.<

I mean, I wrote an entry similar to this one a while back… And I’m still feeling the same way. 🙁 Not okay. I wrote another entry kind of like this one, too, on my other blog.

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[…] Jar of Hearts – I love the analogy I made in this entry… Or is it comparison/contrast? Either way, it’s still really awesome, and I love the wording and the diction – and the way I released all of my thoughts. I did so well… I wish I could do this for essays! […]

I don’t think commenting of to get hits. I do it only when I have something to say. I don’t necessarily respond to comments or comment on my commentator’s blog. Especially if they have stupid entries or a Taylor Swift layout. Sometimes I might comment on more than 1 entry too. It’s not a 1-to-1 business.

@Liv, A lot of the people I used to comment back and forth with – and considered to be my blogging friends – won’t comment me anymore because I haven’t been commenting as much as I used to. Or it’s because they were offended by something I said in my entries pertaining to commenting. Oh well. 😛

Yeah… I can’t stand the celebrity layouts that much anymore, either. Especially those of Taylor Swift… she just annoys me now. :/

Hey, Liz…

Ah I am commenting because I forgot to add you to my blog list and hence I haven’t visited in a while. I was creating user groups on my blog to divide access to certain posts and found that I had not added you to my visiting list and didn’t visit 6Birds till now ^_^; anyways you are on my list now so I will remember to visit next time XD.

Haha…it’s true…sometimes returning comments can be difficult. I don’t have a lot of visitors so I am able to keep up XD. I will usually just create a list of blogs I like to visit once in a while and when I have time I will visit all of them to see if they have updated. Often times I will post on my blog not for others to read but just to make a note for myself somewhere. Previously I used to write in a diary but storing data online helps to prevent all the physical clutter (especially when you have to move) plus online you can do a lot more than on paper 😀

I hope you keep blogging and don’t worry about returning all those comments…if people leave comments only to receive comments I think that’s just advertising yourself. I would visit their blog once in a while to check on what they are doing but if there is nothing that interests me or if I have nothing to say then there is no need to comment lol.

@Dipika, Haha, it’s okay. :3

I do keep blogging. 🙂 I think it’s something fun for me and a way to relieve stress. I enjoy the comments, too, but I’m more of a conversational commenter, you know? I like to carry on conversations, too, sometimes. I tend to have a hard time saying much about a person’s blog post.

I’ve actually lost blog friends over this whole thing.

People have gotten mad at me because I don’t comment about certain things, or because I’ve gotten really busy and forgotten about their comment a while back. It’s quite ridiculous, if you ask me.

Hey, Liz…

I have till October, so I’ll probably leave it as a redirect until then.. I have two people using it for subdomains, which is one of the reasons i’m contemplating keeping it.. but I don’t want to have to pay $10 every year so that other people can use the domain.. IDK, i’ll have to figure out what to do 🙁 but ya = it will be a redirect for now 😛

pretty much everything on my site is in blog posts or pages in wordpress – the way i’ve set it up, with categories etc, makes it really easy to use it that way 🙂 lol

i’m JOINING IT 🙂 hahaha 🙂 i’m a little confused with how it works.. but it looks cool so far 🙂 i’m sure i’ll figure it all out soon 🙂

and YES YOU CAN 😛 you can either change the settings for your mouse to right click –> go to System Preferences –> Mouse –> on the right side, choose “Secondary Button” or whatever it’s called.. OR you can press control then click normally, and the right click shows up.. if you have the track pad (laptops) then it’s simply using two finers to tap on the trackpad 😛

i think i do the whole commenting thing because I like giving other people my input, and i like getting it from others – it’s not really a hits thing, more making a group of friends that I can talk to.. but i understand why you don’t like the current system 😛 i’ll hopefully remember to check my old comments whenever you reply to them 🙂 x

@Aashni, Couldn’t you always move them to have their subdomains at In my opinion, it’s the sooner the better with things like that. Because then they can change everything and tell all of their friends before it’s too late. I feel the same way about, but the hostees I have on it like the domain name, so I’m all, “Grr.”

A lot of people say that it’s easier. I suppose so, but everyone has their own way of organizing their website! ^^

… -.- I have to remember this comment, because it contains a tutorial on how to right click on a Mac… 😛 I’ll… Just remember the song/blog title! 😀 😉

I enjoy giving input as well… So I have recently sorta caught up on my comments from when I was away! ^^

I’ll comment your blog soon…

…I’m a bit too lazy at the moment! >.<