Blogging, a Memoir and Therapy

Blogging is different for me lately. I once used it as free therapy, meaning I could let everything in one place go and tell people about it, and defined it as my sanctuary, but it isn’t the same anymore. I have a therapist now, and I disclose a lot of information in there that I once did on my blog. I’m also writing a memoir (started last year), which is more personal that I have ever been anywhere online, and I’m trying to save things for that instead so there will be a difference between reading my blog and reading the memoir. I feel like publishing a story about my life in its rawest form will reach more people than my blog alone will.

Because of this, I’m finding I lack things to blog about lately. Or, I find something I want to share here, but then I realize it would do a lot better in the memoir instead and be something that was never discussed (at least not fully) on the blog. It would give background on everything I talk about here, but it would also give more history than I disclose here. I don’t always want feedback per story, but I dislike putting notes at the bottom stating so or simply closing comments on a post altogether.

Not having anything to really blog about is weird to me, though. I never realized how much I talked about here that could just be used for therapy talk instead, since I dislike repeating things/telling two different people (or things) the same story.

Sometimes I consider life updates, but then I realize that I either don’t have much to say or that they’re already over and done with completely. Sometimes I wait to post/write them because I want to have more to include in them, but then either nothing else happens, or it just feels redundant now.

I’m considering writing some tutorials (because of boredom), or maybe just talking #fangirl-wise, and I’m going to probably post more reviews. That way this blog doesn’t go dark completely, or appear abandoned.

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Tutorials, memoir, life updates, whatever you need to write, just write it out. I notice that you don’t settle for dry posts. You enrich them with a so-what component, which is why I love reading your blog. With your genuine writing style, you can’t go wrong. I promise you, some superficial differences won’t change that. 🙂

I think that almost every writer goes through this type of phase where other things are happening or our thoughts and writings fit somewhere else (your memoir) in a more appropriate manner. I’d love to hear more about your progress as you write your memoir. Maybe that would be an idea for blog posts? The processes a writer goes through?

Ah, yes! I do plan on writing about the process, especially with publishing. There is so much people don’t put on the Internet about publishing (and just writing a book in general) that is really the most important part of it all, and so I’ve been keeping a list because not only do I find it utterly interesting, but I think it’s something others could benefit from as well.

Writing a memoir takes guts and effort and I commend you for that. It’s very admirable.

I hope you do find things to blog about because I do enjoy visiting =)

I think it’s great that you’re writing a memoir! I never really thought about writing one or how to initially start one off. Ah well. Maybe some day.

I’m the same way – since I don’t really have that much going on in my life – I intend to stick to books and hang out with my boyfriend most of the days. It’s always been this way. I guess you would call it ‘my in between stage.’ I don’t see any of my old friends (they’re all either married or have busy lives) and I don’t want too either. I haven’t much going on with my life.

So I don’t blame you really. I don’t really post much myself now a days. Unless it’s a review of a book I finished or just something short just to keep my blog updated. Do whatever feels right to you.

I think it’s great that you’re writing a memoir. It’s not a problem to save certain things for it rather than putting it on your blog. You should post whatever you’re comfortable with.

I’d love to read more about fangirl stuff! I don’t talk enough about those either, so I should do the same.