Blogging Turn Ons & Turn Offs

There are many articles on the web telling you, the/a blogger, how you should/shouldn’t blog because you’ve searched for advice and want to know how to receive more hits and how to have unique blah, blah and blah. WELL, THIS AIN’T ONE OF ‘EM.

New to blogging/been ‘a’ blogging and don’t know how to up up your blog’s attractiveness? I’m just going to list my turn ons and turn offs. Do with them what you please. The way you perceive what I wrote is entirely between you and your mind, but feel free to ask some questions if you don’t understand something/wish to question me.

Turn Ons

  • Blogger put heart and soul into blog posts, page(s), look & feel (theme/layout/design)
  • Blogger doesn’t follow blogging “rules”/”etiquette” just to “belong” and/or “fit in”
  • Blogger has a unique style of writing (their own) and puts their own touch to their work
  • Blogger uses correct grammar, spelling and punctuation – or at least tries to
  • If blogger was wrong, blogger admits to being wrong. This shows courage
  • Blogger writes quality posts – I’d rather read a long, detailed blog than read a blog that just “cuts to the chase” and lasts only 300-400 words

Turn Offs

  • Blogger puts down or talks bad about other bloggers/websites
  • Blogger cyber bullies
  • Blogger’s text is all in CAPS and really small
  • Blogger’s blog’s look & feel hurts my eyes
  • Blogger uses excessive profanity
  • Blogger is too vulgar on blog

Of course, there are others, but these are just some main points.

Maybe I’ll write an article with some of my advice, or something like that, for bloggers who want it. Bloggers meaning in general, obviously.

I’ve been feeling like writing these kinds of articles lately. I can’t really explain why.

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Comments on this post

I agree, I feel like these things should be common sense but it’s crazy how many blogs I see with horrible designs and obvious typos. Although I do write extremely short posts, I guess that’s just my style.

Blogs are a persons personal corner in the internet however I agree that there are some blogs I simply can’t keep up with because the layout is too much. A layout has a very big effect on readers. Layouts that are too cluttered and have waaay too many images, advertisements, etc. make me click the exit button even quicker. The content is probably great, heck, the blog posts could be great, however because of the layout I just couldn’t focus on the blog.

This theme is so cute!

I wrote an article on blogging recently – it’s changed a surprising amount over the years. I agree that bloggers need to care about how their sites look. I’m seeing the default WordPress themes everywhere at the moment.

I like the default WordPress themes. 😛 I’ve no problem with those.

I have to agree on the blogging turn off. It is just so frustrating having to squint your eyes trying to read what they have written. Mind you, I have poor eyesight.

I do like bloggers who wrote a chunk of meaningful words. It simply shows how much you have been thinking all these while.