Break Free

Clementine Oranges are sweet and petite and orange and a sphere; peaches are a combination of pink and orange (AKA pale) and a sphere. They are different in color and flavor, but for a six year old, I suppose I can see how easily it may be to confuse them and to call the Clementines Oranges peaches.

That’s Carrie for you. She is my six year old comedic sister that should have been named Hilary, which comes from hilarious. She’s a nut – almost always laughing and smiling and making everything into a joke. She has her own sense of style, too. I don’t know anyone else that would dress in pink leggings, a black cloth mini skort, a long white tank top (that looks over-sized but really isn’t), a colorful shirt with peace signs all over it and her one and a half inch black heels.

Saturday morning, she was pretending her food was various things. She drank wine (grape juice) in a plastic wine glass, ate two peaches (Clementine Oranges) and four Toostsie rolls that our mom helped her bake (Pigs in the Blanket).

I made a new Facebook for my family and offline friends. My other one had so much junk on it and kept getting hacked by someone from Pasadena, California. I haven’t added everyone onto it yet, but this time it will merely consist of people I really know, and then a few … special people that make me feel happy and bring me up instead of putting me down. 😛 I do still have Sabby Nickels, though, which pretty much anyone may add me on, since the personal information given could lead to anyone – minus the fact that my website is listed on it.

Making a new Twitter account came to mind, however; last year I made so many (okay, just four or five), so I decided to merely clean my current one up.

Friday night – almost the entire past week – I have spent the night at my mom’s house. It has been fun, and I have been helping her out while here. I think she has enjoyed my company. I do live next door, but spending the night is different. It is really odd, but I think she has more fun talking to me than my stepfather, because she and I both play FarmVille (and now, thanks to her, I play FrontierVille…).

I know I said I would not be making any resolutions for the year, but this doesn’t count: I want to be more positive. That doesn’t mean I will censor myself if something negative – but true – comes out, or if a negative feeling – like Isaac hates/doesn’t love/doesn’t want anything to do with me – comes out. If I feel a negative way about something that is making me unhappy, I’m going to come out of the closet and say something! I’m not going to take anybody’s crap, or let myself feel like I’m letting others down. This year is my turn – my year – to be me and all that I want and am meant to be. I don’t want to hide under a cloud anymore. I don’t want to hide under a boulder. I don’t want to suck things up and pretend like they don’t get to me.

Standing up for myself isn’t rude or mean. Whomever puts me down shouldn’t have done so in the first place. It ends this year, and that’s final.

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It’s a new year! Go for and be who you are without apology. In my eyes, you are a very talented woman and your words are perfect for 2011:

“This year is my turn – my year – to be me and all that I want and am meant to be.”

Write them down wherever you will see them on a regular basis so you don’t forget to be YOU:~)

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You go, girl! You can break free. Being able to stand up for yourself makes you a better person, no matter how many people will hate you for it. For ever person that hates you, there will be another 5 that love you more.

Clementines are yummy! I love how their skin is easy to peel off.

Someone from Pasadena, California, eh? (I live in Pasadena, and swear that it’s not me!) Now, how can we track this person down? Hrm… (I actually have no idea how except to report the IP address to facebook)

I know someone just like the person you described in your blog. My friend mixes and matches different things and looks great at the same time. I always love to see what she comes up with next. 😀

New year, new you, huh? Even if you did not make any resolutions, just be cleaning and organizing a little bit never hurts. I need to go through all my photography and word documents.

I really like the promise you made. There is totally and completely nothing wrong with looking on the positive side of things. You know, this is your year to be who you are meant to be without any strings attached. I wish you the best of luck. :]

If you are going to stand, stand strong and don’t give up any ground. -nods-