Breaking Dawn

I decided to take part in Georgina’s “I Love” project.

I have contemplated creating a set on Polyvore and/or taking pictures. However, I honestly am really exhausted, and I just want to write. I’m babysitting the kids this week whilst my mom and Lard are in Houston. I went to Brookshire’s with them to buy dog food, kitty litter and sodas.[1. Bribery. I’m sad, I know. I had no choice. I was desperate then, and I am still desperate now.] The way they acted? I’m just going to say that I am quite appalled with the clashing between A and B or A and C or A, B and C because A and C wouldn’t stay close by. According to A, I’m not supposed to make him walk nearby in a store that is slightly more busy than usual simply because it – and I quote – “embarrasses [him] and makes [him] look like [he’s] three and can’t be trusted.”

…I’m not sorry I won’t let whomever I am watching at the time wander around throughout the store playing with and touching everything they come across as other customers are literally eyeing me with disappointment or disapproving stares. In all honesty, I am terrified of going back to that store literally because I am so embarrassed of how they acted. A wouldn’t leave anything alone! If he wasn’t touching _, he was undoing the basket and pulling the end of it down[2. I cannot find a picture of this online; I am sorry.]. When I stopped him and asked him why he did that, he simply laughed and replied with, “What?” …IN A GOOFY, “WHAT DID I DO” MANNER.

On the phone with our mom, A gave such hyperbolic descriptions about what happened when _ and how he acted. He twists it a lot. He even lied.

This week is all about choosing my own battles to fight and when to fight them. I’ll participate in Georgina’s project when I have a clear mind because at the moment, I’m [obviously] literally drained.

…And A told Mimi that he “listened to everything [I] said”, and she replied with, “Good!” Then she told me that the kids are such angels. Pft. She doesn’t even know the half of it.

Yay for the horrible (severe) that happened this morning. The same storm that caused all of the cats to run in and just … just never mind. It was a #badday. Here’s to Thursday (today).

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Polyvore is quite amusing; I went on it once or twice in the past. I didn’t really take it seriously though, just kind of mucked around.

I’ve babysat before but thankfully didn’t have to go out: that would have been absolutely awful… I’m not great with kids to be honest, especially ones who act like they’re all that.

Look on the bright side – at least you now have a clear picture as to how you want your children to not be raised as!

“Angels”? splutters

Take care! xx

Wow, your day certainly didn’t sound very nice at all, I’m sorry. 🙁 I hate when things just seem to go from bad to worse when you’re already in a shit mood. Life sucks sometimes, but hey, things couldn’t get any worse, right?

I can’t stand it when kids misbehave like that, it drives me nuts. I rarely look after any kids but when I do, they’re usually well behaved for me or I never take them anywhere because I’m too embarrassed of what they might do. hides

It’s really appalling that he lied to Mimi, though and it’s even worse that she believed him! Kids lie all the time, you can never trust what they say. I hope she finds out the trust one day, because he probably won’t know what’s hit him!

I hope you feel better soon. hugs

i love your font in your “in this entry” hehe. good luck on taking the part og Georgina’s project. i know you can do it! i like kids xD but not so. haha! i like my boyfriends nephew they are so sweet. xD

I’m sorry you aren’t having such a good day. I hope it does get better!

I had to read this 2x before I understood that A, B, and C were the kids you babysat. A sounds like he’s 8 or something because that’s when they’re most afraid of being called a baby. You know, babysitting kids, they are never angels. But in front of adults they always pretend to be. I’ve never had a great babysitting experience.

You live in Texas shouldn’t the storm be good? Please take some of our rain? haha.

Yeah but Mexican and Canadian have their own terms, and we can’t exactly say United States of Americans. United Staters maybe? Haha. I’m not saying Americans are disrespectul for not accepting males with eyeliner and skinny jeans being straight but it’s ridiculous the way we (urgh, we) assume every culture to be the same and openly speak against it.

Considering Jason is my brother he’s had the same upbringing as me he should be a little bit more accepting to Asian things even if he’s not an Asian fanatic like me.

I understood what you meant. You analyzed it very deeply and I agree it’s just a slang term. But imagine if straight was used as stupid? Hmm that’s not a good comparison but I just don’t think something that can describe an already discriminated group should also mean stupid.

Sometimes, little kids have the strangest thoughts and fears sometimes. ‘Cause if you’re more than 4 feet tall, you’re not going to look like a three year old! At least he’ll probably grow out of this one? I hope that your mom figures out the truth.

I am SO sorry that the kids that you are babysitting are not listening to you and are giving you a hard time. I applaud you for not losing your head on the job, though. I know if it were me I would have just walked out of the store, haha. I hope that things improve as the week goes on!

Have a good day.