Candy Run

I’m not exactly the kind of person who eats candy year ’round. Chocolate tastes like dirt, so I rarely eat it (I only eat it when it doesn’t gross me out), white chocolate is either hit-or-miss (Godiva’s is the best), and sugar makes me weak — so eating it year ’round will only make me exhausted. I go through candy phases, though, which usually happen when I’m lacking in sugar. During that time, I can’t get enough.

Valentine’s Day candies are my absolute favorite, hands down. Sweethearts are literally the way to my heart candy-wise (and Godiva’s white chocolate truffles with white chocolate inside… ugh. That’s a candygasm), and they’re only sold once a year. This year, I discovered they came in 7-ounce packages and not just in 1-ounce boxes. #win

I like the strawberry, blue raspberry, orange and grape flavors — in that order. I eat them in that order. I purchased 28 ounces (four bags) from the Dollar Tree (where everything is a dollar), separated the flavors I wanted from the flavors I gave to Grandmama to give to the kids, and eventually ate all the ones I was left with. The problem with the way that looks is that I had only about ten ounces of candy whereas she had about eighteen ounces of candy — which isn’t really a lot of candy. I also didn’t keep all of the orange, blue raspberry or grape. Thus, I didn’t eat as much candy during five days as one would think. Plus, I don’t eat it often, so it should be okay for me to splurge.

Yesterday, though, I bought four more bags of Sweethearts. I also bought Muddy Bears and Sour Patch Kids’ “Watermelons”. From Walmart (we have the ‘Neighborhood Market’ version), I bought Pocky — one box of strawberry and one box of chocolate. My dad always asks what I want for my birthday and for Christmas… This year, it’s going to be Pocky (but not chocolate unless it’s white chocolate, and definitely none with nuts) with emphasis on some strawberry flavors, those Danish Wedding Cookies in the pink box (UGH #cookiegasm) and some Home Free Treats (allergy free cookies, minus the use of soy). That way he 1) knows what I’m interested in and 2) gets me something I’ll put to good use!

Just because I have food allergies doesn’t mean I don’t have cravings for ‘unhealthy’ things. :p

Anyways, Tuesday I’m going in to see the doctor about getting tested for hypoglycemia. I figured it’s better to find out if I have it sooner or later.

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I’ve grown to be very picky with candy. While I like chocolate, I don’t like all chocolate. I LOVE almond nougat. I can like sour stuff, but only cola bottles. I love gummi candy, but mostly gummi bears.

I’ve only admired Godiva from a display, they never sell it close to where I live!

Have you gotten a have to try green tea Pocky? Those are my favorite. Then chocolate is next because I love all kinds of chocolate less sweet than milk chocolate.

Since you’re not that great with sugar and you seem to enjoy milder favored candies, I think that you should try more Asian candies and snacks. They’re a lot less sweet than American candies (and probably not much healthier).

I haven’t yet, but I plan to. 🙂 We have a small selection of Asian candies, but I figured I’d have a go at some more. They’re not at all as expensive as everyone told me they would be.

I feel the same way about candy, sugar usually makes my tongue hurt, but there are certain candies that I absolutely love (Lindt Lindor Chocolate xD) I didn’t know Sweethearts were only sold once a year. I guess it’s time to stock up ^^

Reading the rest of your post makes me want some sweets D: The words “Danish Wedding Cookies” just blew my mind… and clicking on the link didn’t help much either :X

I’ll be honest and say that you are the only person I know that likes the candy hearts! No problem though because obviously they make them because people like them, haha.

I love twizzlers. I think they have to be my favorite

A lot of people don’t like them because they have a chalky taste to them, but a lot of the people who dislike the chalky candy hearts like the fake chalk candy (which lacks in an actual flavor, unlike the chalky candy hearts), so it doesn’t make sense to me. :p