Can’t stand the realtor

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I dislike the Realtor lady.

Or is it that I dislike the fact that Mimi is acting all fake happy and getting even angrier at me because no matter what, I don’t understand (apparently) that my Avon stuff needs to go out in storage? The lady said something about the boxes in my closet, and I said that they’re my Avon things. They’re staying in the closet because that is what Mimi and I had agreed on. They cannot go into the storage building because I AM still trying to sell my Avon stuff. I need to keep all of my Avon things nearby/closest to me because you never know when you’ll be going someplace, and you can grab your books & some samples – and wahlah!

Mimi dislikes the Avon stuff. She thinks it’s 1) a waste of time and 2) a waste of money. She’s pretty old-fashioned; not into that kind of stuff. I’m still waiting for my dang hair dye, oh my gosh. -.-

It may help me later on, anyway. You never know with things like this, and it takes some time to actually get going – as if it’s supposed to be this instant thing and/or she thinks I am expecting to make as much as I made at Walmart. She has no idea what happened there exactly, and I’m not about to blog about it. I don’t want to really get into it because that’s just way too much stress.

Speaking of stress, I realized they were also talking about how I had boxes on the other side of my bed – “She didn’t forget; she was just hiding it.” Seriously? It’s one box, all the way in the corner, on the side of the bed that is literally blocked from any access due to the fact that my bookshelf sits at the end of the bed against the wall. It’s the exact width of that little opening to get to that side of the bed. Since Mimi decided she needed to use my alarm clock again, I don’t have any reason to be anywhere near that side of the bed anymore – so why is it not okay that I forgot? I forget things. I can’t help it. Yelling at me doesn’t help, either, so why in the world waste your time?

She also got mad because I hadn’t taken out some boxes of mine the other day and said I was/am “so helpless”. Maybe I am. However, you try giving birth to an elephant and see how THAT feels. THEN, try bending over and stooping and carrying crap that’s even heavier than how you feel.

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