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Little does pretty much everyone know, the layouts I’m working on for my sites are being named after Skins characters. Each layout kind of portrays/represents a character from Skins personality at one time. This one represents Cassie and what Maxxie (or Anwar, I can’t tell) says about her – “I bet she bangs like a fairy on acid”. Some people say that it’s “I bet she bangs like a ferret on acid,” but I’m not sure. But she’s colorful and bubbly.

Video is a little peak at Cassie. “Oh, wow…”

I’ve introduced Effy, and now I’m introducing Cassie. ๐Ÿ˜‰ …I’m just not gonna do the spoilers. ~

Each page has a different color background. I worked on this for about three months off and on total. I try to not work on things all at once because I’ll get tired of it. I have to take breaks. I’m glad I did with Effy, because otherwise I’d be begging myself to change it already.

cassieprev1.png (550ร—259)

It’s supposed to represent bubbly clouds. Marshmallow made the cloud transparent for me. I had created it in ColourLovers, but I wanted it transparent. I’d tried making it transparent myself, but I kept failing. Twitter is lovely when you need help quick. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m super thankful for everyone who tried to help me get it to work! The font is Bubblegum. I think I went through about 30 different bubbly fonts, all downloaded and installed onto my computer. I didn’t rush it, and I wrote them down. It takes time to find the perfect font, and it can’t really be rushed. You have to find something you’ll be happy with. I spent about two weeks just drawing this theme and how I wanted it to look on paper before I opened Paint and started drawing it out there. And you know what? It wasn’t great.


Obviously I changed my mind as I actually started working on it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

cassieprev2.png (600ร—282)

Moving on, I needed bold colors, and it’s hard to find bold colors that work well with what you want to do that you haven’t used in the header. I decided to put a face on my name. Sigh.

I also changed the way I displayed my projects/domains page list and contact page.
cassieprev3.png (600ร—436)

cassieprev4.png (500ร—236)

I used my photography for the icons. I figured it would 1) be best, 2) be a way to show off more of my skills, 3) appear to be more professional (if it’s possible with a layout like that) and/or 4) be less to mess with/worry about as far as copyright shit goes.

What do you think? It’s not compatible with phones/iPads/etc., and I don’t plan on making it compatible. I’m sorry. Is it bad that I’m not sorry?

I bet you can’t guess what week I worked on my contact page. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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[…] I canโ€™t make look like what I want. I struggle with recreating my imagination. Oddly Effy & Cassie look exactly the way I had intended for them to look. This one doesnโ€™t, but it works for me and […]

I love the theme! Your web design skills have come a long way.

As for making the theme compatible with mobile browsers, it’s certainly not required that you do. Mobile browsers have software that can make a web page readable even when it was designed for a laptop screen or even a large monitor. Unless a significant chunk (I dunno 20-30%) of your readers read your blog on mobile browsers, it’s not worth bothering, and you shouldn’t be sorry.

And even if a chunk of my users did use mobile browsers, I wouldn’t have bothered because I don’t have the time and energy to make a responsive theme. So don’t be sorry, and don’t make a mobile theme unless you genuinely want to do it.