Christmas Wishlist

It seems as though others already have their Christmas wishlist posted and ready to be seen on their blog(s). I’ve never been one to have a “proper” wishlist. If you asked me what I wanted, it would simply consist of things that I would need. If you asked me what I wanted no matter the issue, it would consist of things I’ve wanted for years.

I’m not really a materialistic person. A lot of people who surround me see that I have a blog/website, and they automatically start assuming complete shit – I’m a computer/Internet addict, I can’t live without it, I’m antisocial[1. Correction: I strongly dislike people in general/as a whole, but some are okay.], I’m an introvert[2. What’s the problem? Also, I don’t trust many people.], I’m weird[3. Seriously? You’re closed-minded, and I don’t like you. :)], I’m nerdy, I’m strange, I spend all of my time online[4. Because to make a theme/have a website, it takes a ton of time, and that supposedly means I work on it all at once. Um, no. I would get too annoyed with it/myself, and I would dump it altogether.], I share my entire life online[5. Not even.]…

I could go on, but the list is long. People see I blog, and they automatically assume it’s because I’ve nothing else better to do. People see I blogged one day, and they assume I was online that day. I often schedule my posts because I just want to. I can do that. People see I blog, and they assume I waste my time when I could be doing something much better and more productive. People see I have domains, and they assume such is materialistic. 6birds is no longer a material item; it lost that label two years ago in 2010. 6birds is now a sentimental thing. It means a lot to me.

I don’t know what practical materialistic thing I want for Christmas unless you consider money a materialistic gift. This simple, paper/cloth thing is something everyone wants, thus many people refuse to give it as a gift. Every penny adds up. Thus, I need money for Christmas. That’s my major thing on my wishlist. I also want a friend – one who will understand me and not judge me, assuming I’m lazy and whatnot. Not a friend online like that. I have friends online like that. I want one offline that I can confide in – one who will understand that I spazz out and whatnot all of the time. One that will understand I freak out and sometimes am giddy about the most random and little things possible. One that will understand I completely freeze around guys. One that will understand I never say what I want to say at the time because I have no idea how to answer something until later. One that will understand I used to not be like this. One that will understand I can’t concentrate like I used to be able to concentrate. I just need someone who isn’t family, because I am so sick of feeling so alone. One who is preferably a guy, because I find them to be more comforting than girls.[6. I don’t do well with crying…]

If you want me to get materialistic on you, I want a DSLR. I’ve been looking at a certain one for a while. I also want a new phone, preferably one that allows me to have actual apps and not sucky ones that I’m only able to have now. I’d also like to have my own place. I’m a pretty independent person. And last but not least, I’d like a college degree/to have enough talent that I can make money off of it.

If you want me to get wish-like, I want there to be a cure for depression/PTSD/every single mental illness/disorder out there.

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Well, I, despite being a blogger, is critical to certain bloggers. The so-called pinkbloggers who top the blogging lists by writing about materialistic things, exercise, diet, fashion, plastic surgery, tanning studio etc and claim that they are not role models and cannot be responsible for influencing young girls into depression, anorexia, bulimia and orthorexia. I wish they would just go away.

It’s a shame that the “public” perceive blogs negatively because there are some good things about it (this blogosphere we have for example, meeting new people etc). You gain great skills, you make connections, these connections and those skills MATTER.

I think you have a good wish list. I just want some socks.

I don’t feel like people judge as harshly for having a blog as they did say, back in 2005. It’s becoming more commonplace, especially as Tumblr and such get more and more popular.

Money is always the easiest to ask for when it comes to holidays, because everyone has a use for it! Personally, any cash I might receive this holidays is going to go straight into my travel fund.

But Tumblr isn’t blogging. o.o

I consider myself materialistic.. But I don’t bother posting my Christmas wishlist because I don’t see the point. I won’t get them anyway. =n=

I think it’s very shallow how society judges people just because they blog. I hate narrow-minded assuming people. It’s like we need to give excuses why we do what we do when it really should not be anyone’s business but ours if we blog or not.

I’m glad some people around me have a different reaction. When they heard I have a blog they thought it was ‘cool’ that I have my own site. Oh well. Maybe I’m just surrounded by geeks. XD
Aww…I’m sure one day you can find a friend just like that. I believe everyone’s entitled for one. Though I admit sometimes I prefer my online friends too. It’s just easier to pour my entire heart out to them. 🙂

It’s perfectly okay to not have a materialistic wish-list, and it’s okay to have one too, as long as you don’t let your materialism and your desires dominate your thoughts all the time. As someone who just got a smartphone, I have to say that it’s come in handy because it means that I don’t need to carry a camera around.

I don’t think that there’s a magic pill that will cure mental disorders, but there are lots of people working on the problem. For now, those of us online will just keep on sticking with you until you’ve overcome your issues.

As a suggestion, have you thought of taking a class of some sort once a week? Like a dance class or a yoga class where you can meet new people. It’d be some new avenues to learning new things too.

Next time someone judges you for having a blog, you have every right to chew them out for wasting time watching TV and wasting time of Facebook. Plus, there are a lot of jobs out there that could use someone who knows HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and knowing how to write a web page is a useful skill.

I agree with you, there are some negative assumptions about people who blog. That’s one reason why I don’t like for in-real-life friends/associates/co-workers to read mine.
I am also an introvert. 🙂