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In case this becomes useful for linking to in the future, I’m posting this now. I’m posting this now so that, if anyone comments like this in the future, it won’t seem as if I’m calling anyone out on any of these things. This is my commenting policy, because I am conserving pages, and the guidelines broken down.


  • All comments are moderated, and it may take up to two months for them to be approved. I’m really bad at getting back to comments/staying caught up.
  • If I have a reply for your comment regarding something on my post, then I’ll reply directly to your comment. I may email you your response, but this is usually if I feel like the reply would be better as a one-on-one deal. I may also not have a reply, and then I won’t reply directly to your comment in any way.
  • Make your comment personal and stand out! Get a Gravatar! (No, you don’t have to, but these things are awesome and fun. I think of mine as my own personal signature.)
  • Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. I’ll fix a few, but if it’s to the point that I can’t at all understand your comment, I’ll stop trying to read it and just trash it.
  • I have a contact form now! All inquiries now should be sent via email rather than in the comments. You tagged me in a meme? Email! You need help with something WordPress-y? Email! You want to know if I can help you with something on your blog? Email! You want to use one of my pictures? Email! Anything NOT having to do with the post needs to be sent via email now. I set up 6birds’ own email account, so blog[@] is the address the form will send the mail to. I check it at least once a day, provided I have Internet access.
  • Don’t ask me to “follow for follow”, follow on Bloglovin’, or to follow you via GFC. Ever.
  • Don’t link to your blog directly in the comments’ text box. Use the the designated URL field.
    • “Jane @” or “Jane @ Jane’s Blog”, etc. is NOT allowed. It’s really unnecessary.
  • Your name isn’t your blog, it’s the name you go by. This is a personal blog, so we are on a first name basis (or nickname).
    • In other words, don’t put “Jane @ Jane’s Blog” or “Jane @”, etc. Just so you’re aware: Those comments automatically go into spam, and I don’t always check spam thoroughly; I just give it a quick glance, and maybe a second look if I think I see something that’s not spam.

I’ll fix the small things, but anything else and I just give it up.

I’m working really hard to make 6birds a more friendly and organized place for me, mostly, and my readers, too. If I’m not happy with it, then I won’t want to make it pretty.

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Comments on this post

I came across an article the other day on Popular Science’s website about how they’ve decided to stop having people comment on their posts for scientific reasons. Their basic premise was that one bad comment can not only derail a comments section, but that it can actually make the post less appealing to read. I’ve found that many bloggers (including myself) have instituted comment policies on their blogs, though I will say yours is one of the more detailed ones I’ve seen in some time.

@Tim, Mine has always been this way, people just don’t listen.