Crazy Eights #1

Because yesterday’s post is pretty much outdated now considering the fact that I’m connected to the home’s Internet (and it is fast, seriously), I’m just gonna post some random goodies about me.

So enjoy these. I’m writing them whilst my stomach is growling.

  1. If you ask me what my favorite ___ is, I will most likely want to just bite your head off. I really dislike choosing favorites, especially on the spot. I do that on my own terms because I can still change it. “It varies” will be my answer, and you just need to go with that and not expect anything else as a response. In fact, you’re reading this right now, so if you ask me about my favorite(s) anytime soon, expect me to get ticked off quickly.
  2. I used to be crafty with foods when I was bored. If I wanted something sweet and we only had a few things, then I would create mock desserts – like a miniature banana cream pie on a graham cracker, using a graham cracker, whipped cream and a banana. Of course, other things and seasonings (like coconut or cinnamon) could be added, but we didn’t have that. I prefer honey graham crackers, by the way. 😉 The chocolate ones are good, too.
  3. I miss my pillow top mattress a whole bunch right now. This bed is so hard; I feel like I am sleeping on the floor! It’s only been one night, too. I could barely sleep. :L Tomorrow I’ll pull off the sheets and such and put a blanket or two of mine from “home”[1. Yes, I’m still considering and referring to it as home.] on the bare mattress, then I’ll dress it back up. I’m really hoping it will make it softer!
  4. Honey + wheat bread = one of the best snacks ever.
  5. I really hate that I have Tourette’s Syndrome, because during times like these, it’s the worst. It’s like this curse or something: I can’t stop moving, I have all of these tics, I can’t get comfortable, I can’t quit doing any of it. I’ve noticed this happens when I hold it all in for long amounts of time. This mess should be gone within about two weeks or so, then. 🙁 I need to suppress it, and I can’t, because I have no control over it, and it sucks, one hundred percent.
  6. 8 is my favorite and lucky number. That doesn’t change. I have to end on 8, because numbers 5-7 are my bad luck numbers, I dislike 1 and 2, and 3 is “a few”, rhymes with 2 – and I dislike 2.
  7. I started my Wreck This Journal today. It is kind of making me feel better. I have something to take my feelings, emotions, etc. out on.
  8. I take my College Algebra (math) book with me everywhere I travel to. I use it as a hard surface when I need it. Also, doing math problems brings me comfort.

Time for that honey + wheat bread snack now. Yessss.

This is sorta one of the shortest posts I’ve written on here in a while.

If you’re a mom, happy mother’s day! 😉

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Comments on this post

I hate choosing favorites, too. Mainly because I have so many things that I like to really have a favorite. I mean, I may have temporary favorites, like right now my favorite color is aqua, and maybe tomorrow I will change my mind and green will be my favorite color. Eight is my favorite number, most definitely, though. I like it because when you turn it over onto its side it becomes the infinity symbol.

I got a ‘Wreck this Journal’ not too long ago, but I haven’t started on it. Maybe I will do that soon!

@Kerri, Infinity symbol? Hm, I guess it does! I never thought of that! xD Woohoo, MATH! <3

It takes a while to start calling a new place “home” for some odd reason or another. I find that I still consider my parents’ house home even though I am there for only about 1/6 of the year. But that could just be because my location will be transient for quite a long time.

But I don’t really “live” here, or I do. I don’t know. It’s complicated. P:

Is it where you spent the majority of your life?

@Liza, so far I have spend the majority of my life living with my parents. But that won’t be true forever. I don’t think that my parents think of Taiwan as home anymore, even though at this point, they still have spent more than half their lives there.

Haha I hate choosing a favorite too. But I was actually able to choose a favorite song! It’s still my favorite now after a year!

I didn’t know that you have Tourettes, I’m sorry. Is there some sort of medication that can control it?

Lol that is interesting you don’t like 1,2,3 just because they are few and rhymes with 2!

I wish I had your math skills! Im terrible at math.

They pay me $5 for the roundtrip bus fare. If my mom is mean enough to not drive me to the bus station, I’d have to take the train and then pay the rest myself.

There is, but I really don’t favor taking medication. Also, the less anxiety I have, the less tics. Thankfully they’ve cooled down a bit and my tics aren’t so drastic now.

Hi! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog earlier today. 🙂 …I find it funny that someone else enjoys doing math problems. How weird! I sometimes do math (add finances and what not) just for the heck of it. It helps with stress too… haha, always thought I was just weird. 🙂 Good to know I’m not alone!

P.s. I would even bring out my college Algebra book randomly (years after I graduated) just to do some math problems in it… lol to see how much I still remembered.

Yep, it’s when even doing the math doesn’t help that I know I have a real problem. :L