Curbing My Enthusiam

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I decided to take part in the BlogLovin’ tour for a new book, The Declaration of You! It’s something to challenge myself with, plus it seems really fun. I need to catch up, however, because I’m a bit late to the party. ^^;

“Curb” can mean to restrain or keep in check.

I never really put focus on the things that make me happy or actually sit and think about what excites me. I blog, straighten my hair, brush my teeth multiple times a day… Those things make me feel excited. They’re small, simple things, but that’s okay, and I suppose they enthuse me.

I wasn’t sure how to approach this exactly, because each time I try to start writing, my mind just literally goes blank. I’ve seen a few of the same questions on some blogs regarding this, like Sarah’s, so I’m just going to use them. :p

Where does your enthusiasm come from?

My enthusiasm comes from anywhere an everywhere. I think that it depends on what I am doing and what my current mood is, too. I think it’s appropriate to say that blogging makes me feel enthusiastic.

How does your enthusiasm fuel you?

My enthusiasm motivates me to do more things with a certain thing. For example, with CSS-y stuff, I may feel motivated to go all out and create random stylesheets and/or put together color patterns. I could do both of those things all day long. It makes me want to be creative; I’m a really creative person. It fuels me to look at a design or a photograph and wonder how I could do it better, then attempt to do something like it, only better; it makes me want to strive to be the best at my talents that I can be.

What’s held you back from discovering your enthusiasm?

This topic is actually a personal one for me, because it’s completely relevant to a recent revelation I had: I have a low self-esteem, and that actually hurts myself in what I’d love to do. I commented on a post a month ago, and since reading that post I’ve thought about how ridiculous I sounded. I was keeping myself from believing I was am actually talented at those two things because I wasn’t “real” enough in the way that society describes success. I really admire Sara’s comment on it, though, which I only read (and saw) today.

What things are you enthusiastic about, but feel are “silly” or “wrong” for an adult to be excited by?

Cats, cutegasms, hash browns, pizza, cheeseburgers for breakfast, cold pizza, pastel colors, special things for kids that help them learn in a creative way, scenic photography, Chinese food, Mongolian grill restaurants, eating salad, not feeling like I have to go to college to succeed, dancing in my room to music on my iPod blaring into my ears at 3am, planning my wedding for when I do get married (because hopefully that’ll happen), handmade items on Etsy, Klondike following me, people complimenting my photography, copying things[1. As in using a copier. Not like plagiarizing.], scanning things, recycling, magazine clipping collages, Teddy Grahams, CSS, photography, short films, Cars movies, Sims 3…

What’s your personal declaration around enthusiasm?

Whatever makes me happy is okay. Just because it doesn’t seem “normal” to others doesn’t mean I can’t feel excited about these little things. I may lose enthusiasm for something, too, and that’s still okay.


What enthuses you?

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Comments on this post

I love this! No one is every too old for cold pizza or for famous people (or things…like Klondike) following you on Twitter. That’s what’s so great about the inet. So many awesome things to get excited about! I like your answer about what’s holding you back. I think everyone can read that and apply it to their own life in some way. We all tend to have that one (or many) thing(s) that we don’t like about ourselves, or think we aren’t good at, and we’re really just holding ourselves back. It can be hard to have a revelation like that!

Yay, I love seeing more Declaration of You posts out there. I did mine on Uniquity.

Oh man, I want Teddy Grahams! When I lived in the good ol’ States, I used to buy the chocolate ones every week. I claimed that it was the same as taking a multivitamin. I maintain that claim, actually, haha.

Enthusiasm for a hobby makes me want to improve on it too 🙂 I like comparing old works with newer ones and seeing how I could do even better. I think it’s good to feel enthusiastic about the simple things in life! It’s a nice way to stay positive. I think I’m excited by food in general, haha. I like eating too much. Cute things and my hobbies enthuse me too.

I like your personal declaration at the end. It doesn’t matter if something is normal or not, as long as it makes you happy 🙂

I am easily amused by a lot of things. 😛

Mongolian grill restaurants and Chinese food are awesome! Nothing wrong or silly with anyone being excited about them! (But I am Chinese, so my perspective is different.)