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Today a guy customer complimented me at the register on his way out. He was leaving, and on his way away he said something along the lines of, “You should smile more. Make sure you show it off. It’s beautiful.” Awh, so maybe customers can be nice, and not all of the guys that come through my line are assholes and treat me like I’m a low class personality with a low class lifestyle. I’m middle class and conservative as far as my public self goes. I’ll get a little goofier when it’s just me and you maybe.

He’s either taken, or he’s gay. Guys here who are kind are usually either gay or taken.

So, I meant to blog yesterday but I didn’t. We’ll just pretend I planned on skipping a day or something like that. I was busy, exhausted and I had fun hanging out with my dad, evil stepmother[1. Inside joke.] Kimily and baby sister Ruby. I’d forgotten my camera, so I lack pictures from my perspective but my dad kept taking so many. -.- I’m surprised they’re not on Facebook yet, to be quite honest. But anyway, I was busy with fam and offline life.

Now that my two newest blogs[2. and] have a more organized structure as far as the categories and tags go, I feel clustered when blogging. I just recently converted some categories to tags. I might just create an “Old Categories” category and move all posts to said category or something – just so I can start over or something or… Oy, I don’t know. 6birds is just kinda really old and messy now. It kinda sucks. P:

I’m kinda annoyed with Mimi again. The backyard needs to be mowed, and I told her I can’t mow it (because of my asthma) and that I can’t just ‘pull everything up’ like she suggested it. “Would you like me to plant them for you?” NO. I WANT TO DO IT MY WAY. IT’S MY GARDEN. WHY CAN’T I HAVE MY OWN THINGS? First she makes enchiladas the wrong way with my turkey meat – making them her way – and saying that MY way is wrong. It’s really, really, REALLY frustrating and quite unfair. She had even put onions in them. The pH level of onions is too high for my body, so I cough up blood. She was hoping I ‘wouldn’t notice’. Well, if I don’t pay attention to what I’m eating, I can really harm myself. For example, nuts make my chest hurt super bad, and I get these horrendous chest pains and have trouble breathing. I’ll also break out all around my mouth. It’s quite painful, and I try my hardest to steer clear of said food items. It’s the same with my hair. This morning it was uber curly, and she was suggesting ways to make it look good rather than straightening it. She says that what I want is important, but if it really is then why can’t she just freaking ACCEPT the fact that what I want IS important? All my life people have told me how I am supposed to be and who I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to do. For once, I want to be how I want to be, I want to be who I want to be, I want to be what I want to be and I want to do what I want to do for ME. Not for others. I’m not happy with myself, and whenever she makes it clear that she disapproves of something (or even acts like it), it makes it so difficult for me to recover. D:

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[…] Some good things did go on, I suppose. Again, on rare occasions. They didn’t happen often. When they did, they only made me feel better for a little while. I’ve been depressed for a long time, but I think that during that time, the fact that the people around me who knew about it kept on saying things that just didn’t help. Yes, I am sure they were trying their best, but the fact that they wouldn’t listen when I told them it just made me much worse and more hopeless – and they continued on with saying such things – leads me to believe that they felt like I truly was being rude and horrible and mean all of the time on purpose. I was snappy because no one was listening to me. I was snappy because they wouldn’t leave me be. There comes a time when you can have too much help – it’s when that “help” becomes suffocating. But you’re apparently not allowed to tell someone they’re making you feel much worse by saying certain things; you’re just supposed to ignore it. […]

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6birds old and messy already? I thought that you just reopened it not too long ago!

I always enjoyed the nice customers, and I usually try to be nice myself. Maybe they were all former cashiers who know how much shit a cashier gets for no reason ago all.

🙁 That kind of implies (to me) that he wasn’t saying that because he really thought that; it implies that he was saying it just to be nice … or something. :L Or to make me feel better, thus taking away the special feeling I had. D: Meh.

And yeah, 6birds’ tags and categories’ve been messy for quite a while.