My Internet sucks here. Personally I’d expect it to work considering I’m actually in what’s considered to city people “civilization” and all – plus I’m in the orangest of orange on the data/phone (greenest of green!) usage on the availability map. My phone is a little iffy, though. It’s just that my Internet is even worse than “normal”. It’s doing that thing to where it is not recognized and blah, blah, blah. -.- There’s a lot I’d like to say to Virgin Mobile about their Internet/support. I’m not stupid. I’m not an idiot. I’m not one of those teens who know absolutely nothing about Internet or an Ethernet cable or a router and so on. I know what these things are and how they work and how to use them and what the difference is between programming and resetting said object. Calling support is THE LAST thing I have on my mental to-do list as far as fixing the Internet goes. Routine or not, you’d expect support to be understanding and cooperative when you explain to them that you HAVE reset the Internet card, programmed it yet again, restarted the computer/laptop – and so on. Yet they still tell you to do these things, and they want to walk you through those steps – and this just wastes all of your minutes!! My dad is trying to figure out the password for the Internet in this house, and hopefully once I get it and actually get in I’ll have a nice, stable and steady connection.

Sorry I don’t have the pictures right now. I suppose I am sorta feeling a bit homesick or something along those lines, and it’s just kind of frustrating. I napped earlier (2ish to 5ish) for about three hours because my stomach hurt from the homsicky feeling thing. It’s just that it’s kind of really overwhelming. It’s quiet, too, but there are two other people in this house aside from me – and I’m used to there being just one. The church service they typically attend starts much earlier than normal, so I’m going to have to wake up at 7 at the latest in the morning to be ready to leave at least 20 minutes before 8, 15 minutes before 8 and the latest.

I had Erica mail me the zine I purchased from her last Sunday to the address here, so I received that today. Her zine has inspired me to make my own, and I will be selling them soon. I don’t know how many I’ll make. I suppose I can always make copies of them, and I think that for sure Grandmama still has her copy machine. Maybe I’ll make them quarterly or something. 😉 I don’t know. :L Not gonna plan that far ahead. >.> They will be in black and white for sure, because colored ink is just so costly and whatnot. If I can do it just right, then there will even be a sketch of some kind in there as well. However, this will take some time. Do you like I Spy games? There will be a Seek Me puzzle/thingy (my version of it). Crafts often make me happy; maybe this could work? If I so happen to succeed, they’ll be ready by late June/early July, and then I guess I’ll make another one around wintertime.

Ugh. You know what? I’m actually not used to my Internet being so sucky. Seriously.

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I live across the road from a major shopping complex and my net is BAD. I am in the best area just like you too and it is SO frustrating … I totally hear you there.
Homesickly feelings are horrible. I hope that subsides soon, it is no fun when you’re feeling like that /love /love
LOVE I spy games … 🙂

@Sage, Yeah, the Internet is just so… UGH! I haven’t even used up the rest of it yet, and D: I just RECENTLY paid for it because it was due today, so I restarted the month a few days ago. It’s $50/mo. and PREPAID, which is why I’m pretty much pissed off about it. ._.

My grandmother’s Internet has all bars, though. So. Not. Cool. We just gotta figure out the password for it. Once I’m connected, I can even sit outside and blog, something I’ve always wanted to do. .-.