Did you know this about me?

I’ve realized that I never really blog about certain things – ever. Maybe I have sometimes, but I just don’t ever think to include them in posts because they seem quite redundant:

  • Music – I don’t blog about my music tastes. I don’t really know why; I like a lot of different music, and it changes often. I don’t exactly have a set genre I prefer, so I hardly ever am able to answer such a question at ease, especially in person.
  • Politics – I see no point in blogging about it and making a lot of people mad at me. In the past I’ve talked about it with friends. In middle school (seventh or eighth grade?) I found out my best best friend, Sage, and I were opposite of each other as far as politics went. Her dad and I were the same, though. We didn’t stop being friends because of who we rooted for in the election that year; we stopped being friends when I had to move from Austin (literally one week after the last day of eighth grade, whatever year that was in[1. I graduated in 2009… do the math yourself if you wish.]) to Wills Point (with Mimi) for a while, and then to Forney, because my mom and lard had finally found a house. However, in high school it did ruin some friendships, so since I haven’t really talked politics with friends unless I found out that we shared the same parties because said friend(s) blurted it out once or twice, or whatever.
    However, I also don’t think it’s necessary for me to blog about. It’s basically drama, and it’s very annoying. I hear about it on the news enough already; why bring it to my sanctuary?
  • Daily ventures – Let’s face it: I don’t really have any unless you consider dancing around my room for one song knowing I’ll regret it later because of my stupid cyst that hates physical activity (even though I would love to be able to run a high school track again…[2. I wanna beat my time of 1/2 mile in 4:11 minutes that I had in…what? The summer of 2007? Or was it 2006? Either way, I’m really not supposed to run like that because of a) my knees and b) my asthma – even when I am in shape. I love to run, but doctors said that if I kept running past my limit it could kill me. ILOVETORUNTHOUGH. In eighth grade my asthma kept me from being able to train/be able to be in cross country. So did my knees. They do this thing (I forget what it’s called) to where they literally go out of place, and walking on them/putting pressure on them makes this excruciating pain wash over my body, and the way said knee(s) feel is as if they are broken. It’s quite painful, and it happens when I’m running a lot/walking long distances. …Hence why I’m really not supposed to walk long distances yet I put that I am able to on job apps anyway, and I have decided from now on that I shouldn’t because my health really IS more important.]).
  • My religious beliefs – Granted I’ll include some things in my posts here and there, but I’m not going to preach them out loud. It’s not something I want to do. Personally, I don’t believe that not preaching my beliefs to each and every person I meet each and every chance I get makes me any less of a Christian than someone who does. I’m not a preacher, and that is not my calling. If you’re a Christian and you feel as though it is your calling, then that’s great – wonderful! However, it is not mine, so I am not going to. I can only hope you’ll respect my doings as I will respect yours.
  • How I’m not a hypocrite – I go back on myself all of the time, and I can’t really help it. However, I’m also still growing and maturing. I do believe there is a difference in being a bad hypocrite and being a good hypocrite. There are differences. I’m not perfect, so I hope you’ll understand and respect that.
  • How I have my whole life figured out for me – Because I don’t, and those of you that do… In my opinion, I think your world will come crashing down sooner or later and that you’ll have this huge awakening. And people are probably going to say something about this one bullet point simply because I’m speaking my mind here a lot. And that’s fine. I may not know where I’ll be in five years, but I know where I am today – and to me, that’s all that matters right now. I’ve been through hell already growing up, and I’m trying to figure all of this life crap out. There’s only so much a person can do in a day. I think I actually post more about how I don’t have my life all figured out, especially here lately.

However, here I am… blogging about them. Is that/this considered “ironic”?

[spoiler /As an addition to your reply maybe?/ /Close/]Please don’t include just this, though; it should not be used as a form of advertising/shameless plugging. πŸ™

Anyway, feel free to throw some blogs at me I can read. I enjoy commenting on blogs as well because it makes a discussion… Yeah, I’m lame, I know. It’s just that I’ve realized a lot of blogs I used to read are closed now/haven’t updated for (almost quite literally) a year, and it’s kind of difficult to find new blogs… mostly because I don’t know where to look.

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[…] on Seek Liza I mentioned I don’t blog about religion and/or politics. This was going to be an article, and I’m not preaching – I’m merely expressing […]

I’d agree with you about all of those except the politics, but I’m an activist so it’s a bit different. I do keep all politics on a separate blog though, I know the people who come to read about my other stuff would probably be put off by it.
And I will post the odd YouTube music video I’ve liked and wanted to share with somebody. I put those on their own page out of the way though, so no-one’s forced to look at them because I’m not a fan of music blogs either,

I feel your pain about not being able to train. I’ve had major problems with my back so that I can’t run or do the martial arts stuff I used to love. It was almost like a bereavement having to come to terms with not being able to do those things anymore. I hope they find a way to fix you so that you can run again.

I’m okay with not being able to run so much anymore, like I used to. I can live without it now because I’ve had to live without it for over six years. :]

You used to live in Austin? There’s where I live now!

I blog about music if I want to talk about a concert I went to recently, but other than that, I typically don’t do it either. There are some bands and artists I really like, but I feel kind of nosy if I blogged about them.

I feel the same way about politics. Not only do I avoid blogging about it, but I avoid commenting on it when other people blog about politics. It’s fine if people can have a civilized conversation about their political views, but oftentimes, someone gets really worked up about it, which gets annoying. I avoid religion too, since people easily get defensive about it.

I think it’s fine if people want to plan out their life because it’s nice to have a goal to work towards. They just need to be prepared for changes. I think it’s fine to not have it planned out either. Sometimes it’s nicer to just take it one day at a time ^.^

Hrm… I think I remember you mentioning somewhere else that you didn’t like to preach. And I think that many of us know that you don’t have you life completely together, and really, many of us (myself included) have some uncertainty in it.

However, I can say that after reading this post, I have a lot more respect for you. You are definitely someone who is becoming your own person (if you’re not 100% your own person already), and I really like that you respect others’ points of view. (It’s too bad that people get so impassioned by politics and religion when there isn’t “one right answer” that will solve all problems in either.)

I miss being able to run the way that I used to. At one point when I was in high school (possibly spring of 2006? not sure when the race specifically was) I ran a 19:12 5k and a 5:38 mile. Since I tore my ACL and got out of shape, I haven’t been able to break a 7 minute mile, let alone that 5k pace I ran.

Whenever I blogged a lot, there were certain things I guess I never really blogged about as well… more like my personal life, though. You have really good and interesting reasons! I’ve been away from the blog-world for quite some time (eh, not THAT long, but even before I closed my blog, I wasn’t really here), so I can’t say much about your blogs, but I’m sure they’re in no way boring and are still very valuable :p You don’t have to blog about politics and religion for people to think your blog has a point!! Hahaha

Just keep doing what you’re doing! Personally, I LOVE reading blogs about different opinions, views, etc., but I know that not everyone is really comfortable with exposing themselves. And that’s perfectly fine!

Daily ventures is something I’ve alwaaaays struggled with! It’s super hard to come up with a decent blog about something you’ve done that day, but eh… sometimes, SIMPLE IS BETTER.

I think you have a great blog! πŸ™‚

@Jessica, I blog about my opinions & views and such, but I do try to be careful. xD I’m not too fond of debating, especially since there are always trolls who’ll comment on each comment simply because so and so lacks the same views. P:

Thanks. :3 I like your blog, too!

As for the daily ventures… Two summers ago (in 2010) I could kind of do it; I think it was easier when I lived on a farm & there wasn’t so much family drama!

@Jessica, And also, for me it always feels like I’ve been away from the blogging world for a while, even if I only leave it for about a week, so I totally understand what you’re talking about. πŸ™‚

I would probably be a lot more interesting if I actually wrote about… real life. I tend to censor what I write on the internet pretty heavily, and then I end up not writing anything at all as a result.

It’s a little ironic that you do talk about these topics in this post, but after all, you are simply outlining what you don’t blog about, and that kind of does need to be explained. πŸ™‚ It also helps me understand why you don’t blog about certain things, and I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to mention why. I know I don’t blog about family a great deal, but I never tell people why. The gist is just keeping family things private, I guess.

Politics is boring to me so I’m glad you don’t blog about that. A lot of people do, and often I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what sort of political views I hold either.

I blog about music a lot, as you’ve noticed, but I’m sure that even though you don’t blog about it, you don’t mind reading about it? πŸ™‚

I like that you don’t really blog about these little trivial “general” things. As you know, and also do… I only really like personal blogs, as they interest me the most.

I dont blog about music either! πŸ˜› I can totally relate. I listen to everything.. mostly indie music but I also like a bit of asian, pop, and r&b music here and there! i also get tired of listening to the same genre all the time so i must switch. ahahahha politics.. yikes, some people can get so worked up about those things -__- i agree, i never blog about that either.


On music –> Meh, me neither. No need to ever talk about it.

On politics –> My views are more “european” than traditional “left-wing liberal democrat” views of America…but I agree that if tension does come up when you find out your views differ greatly from your friends, so I don’t talk about it too much with people that are opposite of mine. I like discussions, but people tend to take things personally when they try to debate. I’m a pretty political person, so if I choose to talk about it on my site, I’d talk about it holistically, with an obvious liberal bias, but in a way that wouldn’t make people hate me because they think I’m some sort of communist (which I’m not..!!).

Example: I can’t believe politics these days. Are people really going to cry about Mitt Romney being mormon or how Obama totally wasn’t born in the US so therefore he should be impeached, or are we actually going to ask these politicians real questions about how we’re going to make this country better?

A blog like that, I don’t think, would offend any critical thinking person. I think it’d appeal to people who are greatly dismayed by American politics & how people are so retarded. Why does Snooki get more attention than other horrendous problems in the world…like Syria?!?

On Daily ventures –> Agreed…which is why I post pictures on my photoblog because it makes my life seem interesting!

On religious beliefs –> GOOD FOR YOU. I feel so alienated whenever someone starts talking about just putting all their faith in their deity & how they can’t be friends with someone who’s an atheist heathen or some bs.

On being a hypocrite –> interesting. We’re all hypocrites & you’re right about there being a difference in good/bad hypocrites..better to change your mind for the better than to do something you said you’d never do that’d harm others or yourself.

On life –> I’m not going to take this offensively because I’ve known what I wanted to do with my life since I was 3. My life is not going to come crashing down just because I got it figured out at an early age because my parents pushed me to be the best that I can be. Medical school, marriage, kids, making a good difference. Not really something that can come crashing down on me if these things are things I’m passionate about. Some people don’t know what they want to do, that’s fine, & others do. Just because some of us have figured out at an early age that we want to be a rocket scientist, doctor, engineer, anthropologist, or simple travel the world, doesn’t mean that our lives will come crashing down. It’s good to have plans, but it’s good to be flexible. Perhaps you should’ve phrased it differently because I can foresee people taking it offensively if they stumble across your blog & they think you’re being stupid…but I know that that’s not what you’re trying to say…you’re trying to say that you can’t plan everything. But you can plan for the future because eventually the present changes your future, so you might as well make plans for the future in the present.

You should always enjoy the present, however, if you don’t think hard enough about what you want to do with your life, your present will not amount to much of a life.

@Tiff, I could say something similar — “This election [in my opinion] is going to be quite difficult because both most paid attention to runners have flaws that keep standing out the most. Therefore, I don’t understand how anyone is going to get to truly ‘win’.” .-. That’s why I want to be anywhere but here. My favorite countries governmental-wise are a) London, b) Australia and c) Canada (in order). Last time I tried blogging about strongly disliking it here, well… It might as well have been a freaking political post. P: Apparently Americans are supposed to love it here, and if they don’t then they’re, well… I guess it makes them sound like communists, even if they’re really, truly not.

I have no idea. She annoys me, though, to be honest.

I didn’t mean it literally. .-. I meant the whole crashing down thing for the people who keep saying they’ve got it all figured out — they’re all over my Facebook wall. They just got ___ degree, moving into some house in ___ city/state with their new boyfriend, getting married, having a baby — and then their husband leaves them. Or boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, finds out girl is pregnant and asks her to marry him even though the baby isn’t hers — and then girl’s baby daddy comes back and boy is left heartbroken even though I told said boy that said girl had previously done this to another friend of mine, only the engagement ended when she miscarried. .-.

Hopefully people who come across my blog will know that I’m not so great with putting my thoughts and feelings and whatnot into words. /meh x.x /huh

Yeah, it’s super annoying. x.x It makes me not want to drive anymore! If it’s gonna have so many problems, I might as well walk everywhere (and get exercise!) or take BART.
Yeah, AAA can suck it!
We actually got the windshield fixed today, so w00t! ^.^

I feel the same way about music, except I’m leaning towards rap/hip hop now. I don’t really blog about it though… because I feel like people wouldn’t be interested in such things lol.
I never talk politics simply because I’m not interested in it. It’s never interested me, even when I took a civics class in high school. To be honest, that class made me want to fall asleep. But the teacher was great! πŸ˜›

I absolutely hate when people blog about their religious beliefs & they basically force you to believe whatever it is that they believe in. It’s annoying AF. Personally, I’m an atheist, but I respect what other people believe in as long as they don’t shove their religion down my throat.

Sorry to hear about your cyst though. I’m not too educated about them, but wouldn’t they usually take it out in a surgery or something? Or drain it?

@Meaghan, I don’t really like arguing back and forth to make a point with people politically; it really frustrates me because you get people who just bring every aspect of the world into it, and just… Ugh. I actually try to leave politics out of my blogs. Or if I have something to say about it, I’ll just keep it small. Unfortunately it still ends up being the most referred to point in replies. P:

I know! There are so many different version of Christianity, so when I come across Christian blogs and bloggers I have a huge, imaginary CAUTION sign on the computer screen that pretty much makes me stay alert the entire time. They’re so easy to tick off, and the younger they are the more difficult it is to explain things to them. According to one, if you were raped you had already sinned because you had premarital sex. I had replied with, “But it was rape. It wasn’t literally premarital sex. You didn’t choose it,” and they came back at me with all their troll-y friends about how said rape victim could have ran, screamed, cried, made it stop, etc. Basically if you don’t think exactly like them, you don’t belong. A few Christian bloggers have also trolled my blog within the past few months about how I’m sinning because I’m depressed. It’s like, dude, what the heck?

For some reason doctors who have never had cysts seem to think cysts that are ~2.5″ or greater will go away on their own because most people don’t even notice them. Mine keep coming back, and the two doctors I have been to keep thinking birth control will do me good even though the first time I had practically all of those symptoms. August is my dad’s insurance month to add people on or to take them off, so I just have to endure the pain until then. They’ll probably say I need surgery. I was told that since I keep getting them it’s either birth control or an oophorectomy for my left ovary (since I get it on that side the most). I already have a high possibility of infertility. There has also been a discussion of having them both removed. Either way, there are risks for whatever surgery I qualify for. If both are removed, I’ll be a twenty-one year old starting menopause.

@Liza, OH MY GOSH. That irks the crap out of me. I especially hate those really religious people who think they’re right about almost everything. They’re so narrow-minded & they never care about what other people have to say, even if it’s correct. I especially hate the ones that think being gay is a huge sin, but that’s probably a topic for another time. ;P
With the whole rape thing… they need to get punched in the face. (If this was Twitter, I’d be hashtagging that as #sorrynotsorry). In MANY situations, screaming/yelling for help or “attempting” to make it stop doesn’t even work. -__-
I honestly don’t see how being depressed is a sin. Maybe they’re the type of people that think that every person who is depressed will commit suicide? If that’s the case, then I would understand a little bit about why they said that.

How could a doctor never have seen a cyst? I feel like they’re more common now-a-days. How bad is the pain? πŸ™ I’m sorry about your high chance of infertility. 😐 I hope it doesn’t come to that. So it’s not possible to drain it?

And regarding your comment to my blog post: I used to have a theme from Georgina, but it wasn’t really what I was looking for. Thanks though!

@Liza, Oh, & I researched oophorectomy. Have you considered having a partial one?

@Meaghan, They said that even if they drain it it could still come back (since I keep getting them). Last year in the ER I had a CT Scan, and that’s when all of this happened. Doctors afterward just said it should go away. I don’t know. One doctor tried to feel for one, but she was pretty new and fresh on the block, SO…

Yeah, if I’m lucky, then they can just remove one ovary. :} I’d choose my left one, though. It’s the side that gives me the most trouble.

I can make themes (sort of). I have a ROUGH draft, emphasis on the ROUGH part. I could put together screen shots if you’d like to see if you’re interested? I dunno. .-. I need to upload them to a tester anyway because I’ll be offering them for download once dehlu.org is open. πŸ˜›

I’m so sorry your cyst gets in the way of what you want to do πŸ™ I related to the sentence about your cyst hating you dancing to one song because I have crohn’s disease and the pain from that stops me too. I think 4:11 for half a mile is really impressive, whenever you could do it! I hope one day you get well enough to run and I’m pleased you recognise it’s your stupid cysts fault not yours. Lots of people with a chronic ailment blame themselves which is sad πŸ™

I agree life is far too unpredictable to plan out. Maybe once I’m 70 I’ll have an idea of what’s going to happen but not before then πŸ˜› I agree that people who have many things planned out are going to end up disappointed. Sure, plan one think like education or where you’re going to live or something but I know people who have planned when they’ll graduate, when they’ll marry, when they’ll have kids and buy a house and it just quite clearly is not going to happen! The stress of trying to make it happen will probably get in the way for one thing πŸ˜›

I actually enjoy blogging about ‘debate’ topics. I don’t mind people giving me their opinion and having a discussion on it. It’s when people start bashing you or just being plain rude that bothers me. I’ve posted my thoughts on religion quite a lot on my blog (I even have articles on them), and I’ve posted my thoughts on 9/11 as well. I usually don’t get too much negative feedback from people because I make sure that I’m not being rude or discriminating when I talk about my opinions, which I think is important! If you act like you’re better than other people because of your opinion, then other’s won’t take you seriously.

And it’s ok that you haven’t texted! I completely understand. I often forget to text my best friend back for hours at a time. I’m horrible that way. I don’t even know why I have a phone haha.

Thank you! πŸ™‚

Ahaha. This is very interesting, and yes ironic. In my opinion those are the kinds of topics that don’t really lead to any form of discussion. There are some people that do Music Monday – granted I’ve posted songs, but only occasionally – and I’m thinking how annoying it would be to visit those blogs to listen to music that isn’t my taste. I also always feel awkward reading religious posts because I am atheist despite listening to mostly Christian rock. Topics like politics are stuff that I avoid, even in real life. My friends are from different family backgrounds than I and naturally we support the opposite political parties. And last but not least, daily ventures are the boringest type of stuff to read. There are some bloggers who can always blog about their lives in an interesting way, but most cannot.

I only read a few blogs so I’m not sure who to suggest plus I don’t know whose blog you read. If you want you can look at my links page though.

I know So many things about you right now! πŸ˜‰ But those things you don’t do isn’t a bad thing πŸ˜‰ It is what makes you unique, right? πŸ˜‰ Those things you mention are most spoken things on websites, sometimes a bit over rated!

I don’t blog about a lot of the same things. Honestly, if they don’t compel you to write about them then maybe they’re not worth sharing at the time. It all depends on what you feel like writing about. Who knows! You might have a blog post about each one in the next year or two!

Just keeping writing what you want to! I’ll be here to read it =)