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Although I do feel quite lame doing this, I’m going to do it. I talked about it a few times recently in my posts, but for those of you who are just tuning in, BEDS is my version of BEDA. The only difference is that it’s in September instead of August. I’m prepared, so I shouldn’t miss a day because the Internet went down after being struck by lightning or because I totally forgot about blogging or because I didn’t know what to blog about. …Yes, this means I have drafts all typed up and a few posts already scheduled for various days just in case anything happens. I don’t want to fail this thing, ya know? A lot of bloggers have failed these thirty day challenges, and I don’t want to be one of the bloggers that do the same thing.

Moving on, until the first of September, I won’t be blogging much. I’m currently working on remodeling one of Vicky’s theme – and only Erin knows which one this is… Good luck guessing, girl!

Whilst I’m on the topic, I’ll just ask my question: What’s so bad about using and editing premade themes? So many people are against it and will say that one’s website “would look much better” if the theme were made by the owner. What if I like editing themes and using them? Sure, there are tutorials our there. Yes, I have ideas in mind for one. No, I do not want to just make my own theme right now and use only that. I just don’t understand it. >.> I’m not committing a crime. -.-

Anyway… Recently I’ve been in love with greys… Get over it or don’t visit. πŸ˜›

Title inspired by John Reuben’s song.

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with using premade themes. If they look nice, simple, and clean, then I’m all for it! I do not, however, like the gaudy commercial layouts that are made by huge WP theme websites… they often look “cheap” …. although you usually don’t pay for layouts. πŸ˜›

I quite LOVE this layout you have up right now! It’s so nice! πŸ˜€

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog :] I agree with your post, there’s nothing wrong with editing premade layouts! Some of us don’t have enough time to start and code from scratch. Regardless, everyone adds their own pizazz to it!

Welcome! :}

Right? It took me a month just to create one theme, and a month to learn how to make one… It pretty much came out really horribly (to me it did, at least).

Haha. Thank you for visiting mine! πŸ˜›

Good luck with your BEDS…I hope it goes well. Luckily the hurricane wasn’t too bad where I live but I hope you are safe!

I am not against using premade layouts and editing them as long as you leave a link to the original one. A lot of times you like the structure of the layout but want to personalize the colors which is understandable. It all depends on whether you just like the web-graphics part of the hardcore coding.

I don’t mind greys so I like your layout XD. It is interesting…every time I visit your blog there is always a new layout lol.

The hurricane isn’t here, no worries! πŸ˜›

Thank you! This theme’s going to stay on for a while…(hopefully) πŸ˜›

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with premade layout/designs/styles. I mean, I come to a site for the content, well for the blog entries. And not for the design. And if the design happens to be a premade one (which are usually very good & simply elegant) yay for that!

September is coming in a few days- on Thursday. Just be prepared and good luck with posting every day in September :P! For some reason, when I can’t blog physically, I have some mental notes in stored. When I can, I forget what I was going to blog about -__-!

There’s nothing wrong with editing premade layouts. Just give proper credits for base codes and you’re good to go. I used to use my layouts based off of premade layouts. If people provide layouts, why not just make use of it for something you want?

I thought you always loved grey! I usually see your layout in grey from time to time and black that other time.

Take care!

I am prepared! πŸ˜› I actually write my blogging ideas down! Even if I don’t plan on writing about them anytime soon, I may be able to later on! :} Or I will e-mail ideas to myself! πŸ˜‰

I do really love grey! It seems to go with so much! πŸ˜› I use a lot of black when I’m feeling really dark… I also like reds and purples. :*

I hope you will be alright with the disaster over there. hugs I’ve heard about it but sometimes I’m not sure what to say – but you’re in my thoughts and I hope that you keep safe. πŸ™‚ I hate when the power goes out for whatever reason. You can’t do much, and it just shows how much we depend on and need electricity. I would miss the internet, but we still need electricity for light and cooking.

I blog every two days and I think that’s quite enough… if I blogged every day, I think my comments would just really clog up. Do you think every two days is alright? πŸ˜› I’ve never asked you for your opinion on it, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. πŸ˜›

I really don’t think using premades is bad. I know you’ve taken one and used it but you’ve edited it to make it your own. πŸ™‚ I think it looks FANTASTIC – I am not joking. I love it, it’s gorgeous. <3 There is nothing wrong with using premades. Some people just seem to think it shows "hey I can't code" when that is really not the case. Sometimes you don't have time to make your own or you love someone's work and want to use it and don't want to spend money commissioning someone. πŸ™‚

To me, there is nothing wrong with using pre-made themes. The blogging world shouldn’t be limited to those who can come up with a good design at all.

I think that some people are against premade themes because then your website isn’t differentiated from other websites. But if you can customize your theme, and if your website is small, then I don’t see a problem.

I hope that you can do your 30 day challenge! Good luck!

I think I’m going to do BEDS. πŸ˜€ It sounds like such a great idea, and will be a great motivator for me. Of course, I might have to skip a day or so — even though that’s against the idea — because of school starting. I will try my best though. ^^ Awesome idea, even if it wasn’t your own.

Looking forward to reading those blogs! πŸ˜€

And I love this font. c: It’s so cute and fun.

Ahah. I don’t know if it’s my idea or not, and I’m not claiming it because I don’t want to be capsed at for “stealing _’s idea”. LOL πŸ˜› I’m kind of a scaredy cat. /cat

I think it will be easier mostly because it isn’t thirty-one days — which seems so much longer than just thirty days. Haha. I’m also going to have drafts and schedule them to post when I’m unsure of whether I’ll be able to actually post on said day or not.

Thanks! :3

Oh man, I really like this layout as well. Including these fonts. They are so lovely! πŸ™‚ You always have such wonderful layouts, I am quite jealous. :/

I can never seem to blog like that. I just always blog whenever not really caring when, what, or where. You know? Just blogging whenever works for me. I with you the best with your BEDS. πŸ™‚

i don’t understand either. But really why make them if they are so bad? Maybe I dislike to code, you know? I wish people would just lay off. People have to start somewhere, right?

Haha. I’m just really good at editing them into something I want to use at the time. πŸ˜›

Thank you! I’m actually kind of nervous about this BEDS thing, because I don’t want to screw it up!

Right. Or they’ll review the website and be someone who offers premade layouts and themes and such… It’s just like, “Seriously?”

I’m kind of doing a BEDA. But for September, as well! πŸ˜› Except it’s a blog every day for a month, in only 6 words. So my site name for that is 6 words, and yours is 6 birds. XD
OMG!! I hate when people downgrade others just for using premade themes (specifically in website reviews). Like…. if it’s so wrong to use the fricken premades, why do people make them?