Dream Mother

She makes me snacks and buys me things.

She doesn’t get jealous when others are motherly toward me —
     she knows it’s normal and not as odd as one may think.

She puts me first in all that she does; she left lard years ago when he first struck me.

My siblings on my mom’s side still have the same names, but their father is different.
     Their personalities are similar; lard’s qualities are missing —
          thank God.

She’s the mother I’ve always wanted but could never have.

She’s the mother I probably will never have.

But she’s in my dreams, and when I sleep I get to see her.

She tucks me in and reads me to sleep.

She gives the warmest hugs and constantly believes in me.

She never uses me —
     she compliments and praises me.

She’s everything a good mother should be.

And though it feels slightly childish of me, I like to see her when I sleep.

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Comments on this post

My mother was pretty close to this! If you ever have kids, just do exactly this and you’ll be awesome.

Childish? Nahhh. These are definitely some good qualities one would want from a mother. I felt fuzzy on the inside just reading this. >.<

This was very beautifully written. *hugs*