Dude, you’re just a kid.

There is this sixteen year old kid – boy – who is intimidating me more than I can explain in words. For one, I feel like he keeps pushing some sort of relationship with me that will never happen (for so many reasons). At work on Saturday he just waltzed right up to the register as I was checking someone out – she was getting her groceries put up on the conveyor belt – and the CSM was standing right there, getting me the change that I had needed. Once I had signed the paper thing for it, she left and this kid continued to try to get me to talk to him.

Is he crushing on me or something? I feel like he keeps trying to be ‘cool’ and impress me and crap, and it’s really just annoying the Hell out of me, and I’d really like for it to stop. I tell him to go away, and he practically shrugs it off like it’s nothing and as though I just want him to follow me everywhere. …It’s like I have this puppy I don’t even want – this aggravating, annoying, intimidating puppy who isn’t at all sweet, thinks the entire world is against him and just OH MY GOSH I WANT HIM TO LEAVE ME ALONE.

Please help me? I literally grovel every single time I see his face. I’d really like for him to leave me alone before someone gets the wrong impression and, you know, takes it the wrong way… -.-

I mean, what could I have possibly done? He’s one of those kids who thinks the entire world is against him, and that life sucks and all of this other crap. It’s like there’s nothing I can do or say that will make him leave me alone/go away. Am I supposed to tell his grandfather he won’t quit pestering me? I feel like he thinks that he and I are best friends. We’re not. It’s like he thinks I’m this really cool person, and UGH I HATE THAT. I can’t even go to this church anymore because it’s like then he’ll be there, and I really want to avoid him so he can’t aggravate/annoy/intimidate/etc, me. He’s really bugging me a lot, and I’m thinking I’m going to tell his grandparent(s) pretty soon since he hasn’t gotten any of what I have tried to tell him yet.

Now I know why they call him ‘pure trouble’. It’s like the trouble starts within the first word you spare on him. I get that he’s had a rocky life, but I’ve had a rocky life, too. That doesn’t mean you have to pester someone older than you and pretend like you’re an adult, too.

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Clearly, you’ve done nothing wrong. If a “Dude, what you’re doing is really annoying” to his face doesn’t work, then I’d go tell his grandparents.

To be fair, you do look quite young and he might be hitting on you. Does he not realize that you’re actually quite a bit older than he is?

He knows how old I am. P:

I suggest that you start using him to do things for you. “Hey boy, fetch me lunch, will you?” Use him, if he’s going to be there all the time anyways.

Is that mean? Maybe. Could it be fun? Probably!