Escape From Reality Part II

It is important that you read Escape From Reality: Part I before reading this is you have not already. I had to split them because I did not want to make you guys read a 1000-word post all at once. 🙁 Been there, read that.

I’m not saying I’m not thankful for everything I have been through, because I am thankful I have been through everything I have been through. I believe everything happens for a reason, so I try to make the best of situations. Sometimes my actions are great, and sometimes they are not. When my actions aren’t so great, I learn from them. Because of what I have been through, I don’t necessarily look at mistakes as mistakes; I see them as obstacles I had to overcome to get to where I am now.

I want to be a teacher and teach others because I believe that teachers are helping hands; they play an important part in a person’s life.

My Creative Writing teacher from junior year (Mrs. Nease) taught me how to expand my writing skills and helped me overcome my fear of sharing my writing with strangers. My Algerbra II and Geometry teacher (Mrs. Castro – or Castro-Lopez, or just Lopez now, IDK) inspired me to be a mathematics teacher. Unlike other math teachers I have had, Mrs. Castro (used to calling her that!) made math fun – something I didn’t know could be done.

My escape my junior year was writing, and the third part of junior year to all of my senior year, mathematics was my escape. I learned to love math over the years, but I really fell in love with it senior year. I think that, as a high school senior, students are transforming from a teenager to an adult; they are trying to find themselves. The lucky ones find themselves between their senior year and two years after graduation. Those that haven’t found themselves yet are still searching.

I also think, that in order to be happy, you have to do what you love – not love what you do.

And maybe you have to be open-minded, and willing to accept something else as your happiness, because in some situations, happiness has to find you instead of you finding it.

I’ll return comments as I can, most likely via my phone. So please be patient with me, and know that I probably won’t blog much for the next … while. >.>

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I am glad you know what you want to do with your life. A teacher seems like such a rewarding job, that is why I’ll consider it. There needs to be more math teachers, tbh. A lot of the math teachers in my school just teach. Like it’s a chore, which it should not be. Because what you said you should do what you love. If you do not love it anymore, than you should stop. I think security is the main reason for staying there though, as a teacher. I am a junior this year and my favorite teacher is my english teacher. I never gotten an A in English, I would always end with a B+ or something like that because I never liked my freshman and Sophomore teachers. They did not care and I had no desire to try in english class. But this year I love english class. He is like 23, which is close to our age, and is just really funny and makes class fun. I wish there were more teachers like him instead of teachers who just do it. And I am starting to get who I am more, although I need to control my emotions more (but what teenager girl controls her emotions well? lol)

I wish they did not make Vanessa Hudgens apologize, I think that makes it not as genuine. I mean those pictures ARE meant for someone. So like she new what she was doing. I wish Disney could lay off of their “image”. I actually think they ruin some child stars.

I think those are great reasons to want to become a teacher! You definitely have to love what you do in life. 🙂

To me, you can only truly love what you do if you’re doing what you love.

I think that you’ve got the right idea to be a math teacher. So go for it, and be awesome!