Excuse me while I #fangirl.

I meant to get a blog in earlier, but I guess even though it is later this blog post will be alright, too.

If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably noticed that I have been freaking out practically all day long. If you know me well, you know I am a HUGE Degrassi fan. It’s similar to Gerogie’s love for Ben Jorgensen. @TheKevinAlves is an actor on Degrassi; he’s a bit new. Being a new actor on Degrassi means not many followers. Not many followers means still new. Still new and not many followers and being an ACTOR ON DEGRASSI means there’s [hopefully] a better chance in you being noticed.


[blackbirdpie id=”238290477152079872″]

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I mean, yeah, okay. So @MuchDegrassi tweeted me, too. I freaked out that day as well.

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I’ve been trying for a really long time to get followed by various celebrities. Yeah, I’m freaking out like all of those other peoples, but usually the ones that DO end up getting followed are already pretty much followed by 647875348 other celebrities.

For once, one of them noticed me.

Feb 2018 edit: This post is actually embarrassing?? Especially since I am followed by “various celebrities”?? But I attribute this post to my dissociative identity disorder for reasons.

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OMG That’s great. I’ve been a fangirl all my life so I can relate. 🙂 Haha.

The latest reply was really sweet.   How should I say this… Congratulations. Yay~

The first time I tweeted something about my fave celebrity, he retweeted it and replied. Given, he don’t have that many fans like some other celebs, I guess,because he’s an athlete. But i really felt so touched because out of all the other fans he kind of noticed me even just for a minute. I’ve been a fan of his for 8 years now. 🙂


i feel you girl. i do remember doing the same thing with TVD actors. i keep on tweeting them for like 4156781 times but sadly i’ve received not even an iota of reply from them. anyway it’s fine. they’re prolly getting loads of tweets every day that’s why they can’t find mine 🙁

I only tweeted him ONCE though. So… ’tis very cool.

I don’t know how other people actually do it though. P:

I think you could reply to something they tweet if it’s conversational. I don’t know them, though. P: I wish I could help. /: